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Powerpoint slids' made for sef


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Published in: Education
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Powerpoint slids' made for sef

  1. 1. “An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life.” Educating a child is like carving thoughts and feelings in his mind. It is a great art to contact the heart of a child and build good character with lasting effect. Children should grow into good citizens, with a great admiration for everything good in life, they should know how to preserve their ancient glories and treasure them as national pride. They should be taught to think before acting, to be prudent and useful to the society. Education should teach the young minds to do useful service in their trade or profession and to manifest the power of work in the human mind.
  2. 2. Superhouse Foundation was founded in……………under the able guidance of the chairman Mr.Mukhtarul Amin. The name was chosen because of its association with Superhouse Limited, one of the largest leather manufacturing company’s in India. Superhouse Foundation has established a fine academic record with a curriculum based on the pattern of Central Board of Secondary education. The curriculum caters for the holistic development of all its pupils and emphasizes the importance of leading a well balanced life. Currently there are eight schools and an Engineering institute in Northern India in the cities listed below: Kanpur •DPS Kalyanpur •Allenhouse Public School •Allenhouse Institute of Technology Lucknow •DPS Eldeco •DPS Jankipuram •DPS Indiranagar •DPS Gomtinagar Bareilly •DPS Bareilly Saharanpur •DPS Saharanpur In the coming years there would be many upcoming schools added to Superhouse Foundation..
  3. 3. As the Chairman of Superhouse Foundation, I am bestowed with the monumental responsibility of leading the rich heritage of Superhouse. Our rise to fame is engendered not from high rise concrete structures or from technological proficiency, but from intricately intertwined human resource, which has stood strong through the thick and thin all these years and I am confident that this will certainly be one exciting journey to embark upon! “ At times the ladder of success appears insurmountable. The field of flowers was created seed by seed, blossom by blossom and step by step” Sir also believes exhibiting integrity often requires nothing more than showing a respect and trust in your concience - Mr.Mukhtarul Amin
  4. 4. Chairman Mr. Mukhtarul Amin, Chairman and Managing Director of Superhouse Group is a true baton carrier of family business i.e. saddlery and leather. . In 1986, he established his own company, Super House Limited and took the company to public which later went in for first public and became first leather company to have such a recognition. In…he laid down the foundation of Superhouse Foundation, which is growing day by day - Mr.Mukhtarul Amin
  5. 5. Vice Chairperson Mrs. Shahina Amin is the Vice Chairperson of Superhouse Foundation. She has with her insight given a lot of strength to everyone. She believes –everyone should work quietly and with devotion Her magnanimity endears her to one and all. With her presence there is a lot of reassurance and confidence. “ Many people see discipline as the absence of freedom when infact is the source of freedom”
  6. 6. Director It is my vision to see that we impart along with education; moral values .The children of today who are the citizens of tomorrow should be able to discern what is right, after they have imbibed the strong values which we impart to them “When you wish, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you” - Mrs Nausheen Shadab
  7. 7. 1. Scholarship Awards’11
  8. 8. 2. Superhouse Education Awards’11
  9. 9. 3. Interschool Competition-Alankar’11
  10. 10. Institutions under Superhouse Foundation 1. DPS Kalyanpur 2. DPS Eldeco 3. DPS Jankipuram 4. DPS Indiranagar 5. DPS Bareilly 6. DPS Saharanpur 7. Allenhouse Public School Allenhouse Institute of Technology
  11. 11. the changing trends in academics –the teaches’ are also trend to deal with Students’
  12. 12. Vision / Mission “Student apart, every student an emperor”
  13. 13. Feedback
  14. 14. Contact Us