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Smart Business Cloud-Coming soon

  1. 1. CellThis24x7-Smart Business Cloud:Smart, Secure & Ready for business. Optimize your work loads, your budget and yourself. For midsize business looking to control IT cost, often the best solution is run all or part of their infrastructure in cloud-the BQ Smart Business Cloud. It means you don’t have to manage server room assets. It gives the flexibility to allocate computing resources based on business need, and easily scales up as your business grows. It eliminates upfront investments. And it allows you to mix and match services across your entire value chain.· Increase productivity: IT without boundaries radically improves services delivery and connectivity throughout the organization.· Effectively Utilize Resources: Choose who can use which resources and work loads. Complete transparency to identify problems before they occur.· Reduce IT Costs; Cut licensing, capital expenditures, licensing fees and maintenance by up to 50%.A New Kind of Business Network For Business Owners, Professionals and ManufacturesAutomated coupon distribution, automated announcement, automated mobile marketing solutions (Patent pending) to provide sellers/service providers of every size, in every city, with inexpensive, effective ways to promote their businesses.
  2. 2. Business Quest network should give its members more than just an occasional referral; it should give them the tools they need to help them increase sales. That’s why it’s now introducing a new kind of business network with an innovative, patent pending marketing method that ties together cell phone voice, text messaging and the internet. It includes:• A dedicated toll free number and extension (Studies show that shoppers want to get as much information as possible before talking to a salesperson. Now you can give them what they want.)• Automatic “text to speech” conversion, allowing you to create instantly changeable audio descriptions of products and services that callers will hear when they dial your toll free number and extension (Easy to use and included in this special offer at no extra charge.)• A dedicated, hosted webpage on the network website—its address matches your toll free number and extension (More and more people are carrying web-enabled cell phones. Now you can send them directly to your BQ network webpage where they can get more information about the products and services you want to feature.)• The ability to immediately change your webpage by simple "point & click" actions so you can change your webpage as often as you want, without technical support (Really! If you can use a mouse, you can change your webpage.)• Instant notification of every call and the ability to respond to every call you receive by automatically sending the caller a customized “opt-in” text message containing a link to your BQ webpage, coupons, special offers, product news and more.Allows the customer to define workflow, specify user roles and manage events with an automatic e-mail notification system, ensuring proper order placement, review and approval
  3. 3. Who can be part of CellThis24x7 “NETWORK”? • We work with start-ups as well as running businesses. • With start-ups, we help right from the ideation stage all the way to execution stage, almost working like a co- founder. • With running businesses, we help them scale using innovative solutions to their challenges. Connect, Share and Market! Take advantage of the BQ-Network effect to accelerate your BUSINESS. More and more companies and experts conduct their day-to-day business with "BQ-CellThis". A worldwide network of suppliers, job shops, consultants, manufacturers, and designers make "BQ-CellThis" solutions a standard for rapid product promotions/selling/development and innovative design. Automobile dealers, realtors, merchants, physicians and other medical professionals, clinics, lawyers, landlords, restaurants, municipalities, civic organizations, schools and school organizations, agencies and others who choose to participate in the programs of "Business Quest Technology" are referred to as "Network Members". BQT is an innovative marketing company that marries cell phone and Internet technologies to offer a new and exciting way of providing readily available information about stores, vehicles, homes, equipment, motorcycles, manufactured homes, antiques, mall space, apartments, medical services, legal services, menu items, furniture, clothing ... and much more. "Every business aspires to grow and they will, they only have to find a way of doing it sustainably!" . For more details visit our website or call us at “9451704450” Neeraj Srivastava Business Quest Technology (9451704450) WWW.CELLTHIS24X7.COM
  4. 4. How it works? • Member Registration • Manage Member’s Profile/Organization update • Manage CellThis24x7 products • Manage Advertisement • Manage Promotions • Manage Leads • Manage Store • Manage Telephony • Manage CellThis24x7 account. The mission of CellThis24x7is simple: to allow Realtors, automobile dealers, sellers of other products, professionals, organizations, municipalities and others to provide buyers and others with the detailed, up-to-date information they want - quickly, easily, accurately and inexpensively. CellThis24x7 has a virtually unlimited number of applications, from providing buyers with information about homes, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, general merchandise and other items for sale, to providing patients, clients, parents and other interested persons with information about charities, churches, shelters, civic organizations, schools, doctors, lawyers, dentists, hospitals and every other conceivable business, organization or profession. Using its unique, patent pending process, CellThis24x7"marries" cell phone voice and text messaging with dedicated pages on the internet to make it simple for our customers to provide detailed, always current information about their products or services, and it makes it quick and easy for buyers and other interested persons to get that information quickly and easily. Buyers and others can also save money by dealing with CellThis24x7Members, because our Members frequently distribute coupons and provide special offers to people who call their CellThis24x7toll-free number. If you have products or services to market, or information to distribute, please give us a call 9451704450 or email , and well show you how easy and inexpensive it can be for you to do so. Or if you are a buyer who is shopping for almost anything, or someone who is in need of almost any kind of service, watch for the businesses, organizations and others displaying the distinctive logo and tagline of The CellThis24x7Company (it looks like the one at the top left of this page). Youll be glad you did!
  5. 5. What Buyers WantDo you have what buyers want?• Would you like better relationships with your business clients?• Do you want a bigger share of your customers business?• Are you an account or sales manager looking for a better training tool?• Would you like to have a better understanding of your customers and why they act the way they do?• Are you a sales professional that would like to take your career to the next level?If youve answered yes to any of these questions, then CellThis24x7 is for you!What do Buyers Want?Yes, buyers want a product or service that works, but more important, many want freedom from pre and post-purchase hassles.CellThis 24x7 provides the buyers;“The information you want………, the way you want it!”Testimonial:“CellThis 24x7” really filled in the gaps from the sales training Id received in the past. My sales are going up and I believe your strategy is the reason why! Thanks for all the new insight and ideas that I have been able to deploy in my day to day contacts with new and existing buyers."The team was very helpful and proved to be an excellent choice mainly because my own ideas were well translated and their experience kept the project grounded. I am really pleased my website maintains a sense of cohesion in the presentation.Join us and share your CELLTHIS24x7 experience at
  6. 6. Features of CellThis24x7
  7. 7. Who we are?