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5 Ways to Start a Webinar for Maximum Engagement


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This slide deck offers five "ice breaking" ideas for professionals looking to include more interactivity into their webinars. Any of these ideas can be used as participants are logging on in order to allow them to become more familiar with the tools you'll use for interactivity.

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5 Ways to Start a Webinar for Maximum Engagement

  1. 1. Ways To Start A WEBINAR F o r MAXIMUM Engagement
  2. 2. Interactivity keeps people paying attention to your content during a webinar… (Remember: If your webinar is straight lecture-based, you may as well just tell your audience to go check their email or play Words with Friends while you’re talking)
  3. 3. …but what happens if your audience doesn’t know how to interact? (Not everyone knows how to use the text tool or the drawing tool or many of the other interactive features that come standard with most web conferencing platforms)
  4. 4. What in the world is the “Text tool”?! I don’t get it. Oh, look at that! I got a new email…
  5. 5. That’s why it might be helpful to have your audience practice using the interactive tools while waiting for others to log on
  6. 6. Here are five webinar “ice breaking” activities to engage people as soon as they long on (And at the same time, they’ll get practice using your tools!)
  7. 7. Using the Drawing Tool
  8. 8. Welcome! We’ll begin promptly at 9:00am. In the mean time, you can get warmed up by practicing with one of the tools we’ll be using throughout our webinar today. Click on the “Marker” tool Draw a circle around every “c” on this slide Once you’ve drawn a circle or two, you may want to stop circling so that other folks have a chance, too. In the mean time, thank you for coming on time. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee or send one last email message. Once we commence, this webinar will be so interactive that you won’t have time to multi-task until we conclude. By the way, how many “c”s are on this incredibly cool slide? Feel free to count them and type the number into the “Chat” box.
  9. 9. Using the Text Tool
  10. 10. WEB LIBSA Webinar Warm-up Activity ADJECTIVE VERB NOUN NUMBER NOUN VERB VERB PLURAL NOUN ADJECTIVE ADJECTIVE While you’re waiting, select the Text tool, then click above one of the lines on the right, and help us with a word for our opening activity.
  11. 11. Using the Marker/ Stamp Tool
  12. 12. We’ll begin in a few minutes. As you’re waiting, use the “Stamp” Tool in order to mark where you’re joining us from today!
  13. 13. Using the Polling Feature
  15. 15. Using the Text Tool (yes, again… this tool can be super helpful in having your audience generate content that you can build upon throughout the webinar!)
  16. 16. Before we begin (at high noon Pacific time), use the TEXT tool to type a word or phrase in response to each of the questions below
  17. 17. Find more tips, tricks and ideas for webinars and all sorts of presentations at: