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10 Alternatives to PowerPoint


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PowerPoint is a powerful presentation tool, but it doesn't have to be your go-to visual aid every single time. Here are 10 alternatives...

Published in: Design
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10 Alternatives to PowerPoint

  1. 1. Alternatives to PowerPoint (and Keynote and Prezi)
  2. 2. Models
  3. 3. not this kind this kind
  4. 4. They’re easier to animate and de-construct… …and unlike a slide, models can sit in front of the audience all day long!
  5. 5. Sticky Notes
  6. 6. Instead of just giving your audience a bullet- pointed list of a process or a ranking… …Why not challenge them to put a bunch of sticky notes in the order they think the process or ranking should appear?
  7. 7. Handouts
  8. 8. There’s no need to squeeze everything you want to say or every figure and graph you want to show onto a single powerpoint slide.
  9. 9. That’s why handouts exist!
  10. 10. Workbook
  11. 11. A collection of facts, figures, information, a space to take notes, journal, fill in the blank and brainstorm ideas on how to apply content from your session will be a much more powerful take- away than a printout of your slides.
  12. 12. PollEverywhere(
  13. 13. It’s free and gives your audience a chance to get involved by texting their responses to your questions
  14. 14. Gallery Walk
  15. 15. Spread your visual aids around and allow your audience to explore a roomful of “precious artifacts”
  16. 16. Poster Session
  17. 17. Why not allow your audience to make their own visual aids?
  18. 18. Flipchart
  19. 19. Flipchart can be more personal and more dynamic than a series of slides…
  20. 20. and if you’re creative enough, you can even “animate” when information is revealed!
  21. 21. Board Games
  22. 22. With a little creativity, it’s very easy to convert a traditional board game (like monopoly or life) into a learning activity… …and it’s much more engaging and meaningful than watching someone click through an entire slide deck.
  23. 23. Guided Visualization
  24. 24. Reading a scenario and allowing your audience to craft their own mental image can be more powerful than any stock photo (or clip art) you can offer
  25. 25. Want more information, tips, tricks and ideas on instructional design, visual aids or the secret to true happiness (hint: it has to do with learning and development)? Check out the Train Like A Champion blog (