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Anna Luranc

  1. 1. CLIMATE OF POLAND By Anna Luranc
  2. 2. ◦ Poland has a moderate climate with maritime on North-West and continental on SouthEast. This is caused by humid atlantic air which collides with dry air from Eurasian over it’s teritory. ◦ The annual rainfall in Poland is 500-700mm. ◦ The hottest region in Poland is south-western corner of Poland. ◦ The coldest region in Poland is Suwałki area, however the lowest temperatures ever recorded were -41°C in Siedlce (in 1940) ◦ The winds in Poland usually blow from the west (60% of all winds), especially in summer. In winter, hovever they usually blow from the east. In the mountains there is a wind called halny. On the seaside blows sea breeze.
  3. 3. Seasons Poland has got six seasons (winter, early spring, spring, summer, autumn and early winter.
  4. 4. Winter and early winter ◦ Winter lasts three months (DecemberFebruary). Early winter is in November. ◦ In this season is usually cold and snowy. ◦ Average temperatures are -6°C to 0°C. ◦ Annual snowfall is 100 up to140 mm.
  5. 5. Early spring and spring ◦ Early spring lasts usually in March. Spring lasts in April and May. ◦ Average temperatures are from 0°C up to 15°C. ◦ Early spring and spring, you can also call a vegetation seasons. ◦ In this seasons nature slowly wakes up to life. Birds are coming home from Africa. ◦ Instead of snow it starts raining.
  6. 6. Summer ◦ Summer is a favourite season for Polish children because holidays start in June and it’s the hottest season. ◦ Summer lasts from June to August. ◦ Average temperatures are above 15°C. ◦ In Polish summer it is usually sunny, warm and dry.
  7. 7. ◦ Sometimes in summer there are extremal weather phenomena like hail, storms tornadoes and floods. ◦ In 2012 big tornadoes destroyed many villages and caused big losses. Tornado in Śrem
  8. 8. Autumn ◦ Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, because of many colours, falling leaves and also warm and shiny days. This period of time is called Polish golden autumn. ◦ Autumn lasts from October to November. ◦ Average temperatures are 15°C to 0°C ◦ In this season is usually rainy.
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention