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Talk on Using Cloud Apps for improving Staff Development and internal workflows

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  1. 1. Communicator Wiki High Touch/High Tech: Moving Library Staff Training and Services into Beatrice Pulliam the Cloud Heather Williamson October Conference Dartmouth College 9 October 2009
  2. 2. Content Slide Title Goes Here High Touch/High Tech @ PC Who We Are - Institution o Private, liberal arts Catholic institution founded in 1917 o Primarily undergraduate o >5000 students o 49 major areas of study and 11 graduate programs Who We Are - Library o Staff: 13 Professional staff, 20 Support staff, ~20 Students Most staff have been @ library > 10 years Majority of staff in tech and access services < 5 years o Open 117 hours week
  3. 3. High Touch/High Tech @Here Content Slide Title Goes PC Our Library+ Commons o Integrated, Technology-rich Services rich o Multiple Points of Access In person Three desks - Reference, Circ, InTeLeR Station Online Website and Libguides Email IM SMS (coming soon) o Academic and Social o Collaborative Learning Spaces
  4. 4. High Touch/High Tech @ PC PC... 2007: D. Russell Bailey develops PC's Library+ Commons doc Commons cross-training model begins with student staff training Staff introduced to add'l commons concepts at training 2008: IT develops Self-Help Wiki 2009: Include attainable technology development in staff goals Select staff enroll in 23 Things LibGuides subscription purchased Staff begin applying 23 Things concepts to library projects More cross-training ensues Beta pilot of tiered research assistance begins Development of public service training modules using LibGuides & wiki
  5. 5. Cloud Resources… “Scalable, virtualized resources provided as a service over the internet…”, Wikipedia “The PC age is giving way to a new era…the utility age” – Nicholas Carr, in The Big Switch, on the changing of computing
  6. 6. high touch/high tech @pc... "The Tragedy of the Cloud?" The Library at University of Victoria, Wellington NZ
  7. 7. define :: fail whale • Visual error message that appears when Twitter has an outage or its server is down due to 'too many tweets'
  8. 8. High Touch/High Tech @ PC Fail Whales....We've all had a few.... 2005 - Phillips Memorial Library News Blog on Blogspot (13 Posts 2005-2006) 2007 - (Relaunch) Library Blog on Wordpress.com (47 posts 2007 - 2008) lesson :: learned - it can take a village to grow a blog. - evaluation of betas, pilots should be ongoing - don’t be afraid to ditch something that doesn’t work
  9. 9. Content Slide Title Goes Here High Touch/High Tech @ PC March 2009 - 23 Things o Initial ((soft)) goal: build awareness of emerging technologies Free online training provided by RI's Office of Library & Info Svcs. (OLIS) Great option for departments with varying staff schedules 10 week commitment, but no staff time required to develop training
  10. 10. High Touch/High Tech @ PC Tools used for Training • LibGuides with questions o http://providence.libguides.com/aecontent.php?pi d=69006&sid=510224 • Use Wiki to upload answers • Can monitor progress and areas that need further development
  11. 11. High Touch/High Tech @ PC ACRL standards as guide • Concerning lifelong learning • Standard Four*: "The information literate student, individually or as a member of a group, uses information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose" • Flexibility/adaptability to new technologies • Sharing/Communicating result with others *Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, ALA
  12. 12. High Touch/High Tech @ PC Internal Workflow and Communication • Campus IT Self-Help Wiki o Disorganized shared network o Had separate private area created for Access Services Model implementation for rest of library Can be accessed ANYWHERE in the library o Migrated updated policies and procedures Plan to put task-oriented tutorials here oriented Jing/Captivate/Camtasia/YouTube o Track and update hardware and software inventories o Allows staff to collaborate on projects
  13. 13. Access Services Intranet
  14. 14. High Touch/High Tech @ PC Internal Workflow and Communication (cont.) • Conducting Process Review (NERCOMP 2009) o Microsoft Office Communicator Server - IT Pilot, ommunicator cloudlike o Microsoft Outlook Total Workday Control o NOT a conspiracy group! ☺ o Leveraging existing Task Function to track ILL requests o Workaround - Too many systems that don’t play well together
  15. 15. Task Form to Track ILLs (blank)
  16. 16. Task Form to Track ILLs (populated)
  17. 17. Borrowing Request Tasks at a Glance
  18. 18. PC New Book Area LibGuide created by LCA
  19. 19. High Touch/High Tech @ PC TIPs for Planning Staff Technology Development • Get staff buy-in and solicit input for training suggestions in • Training should be ongoing. Grow your skills. • Training should be FUN. Give staff time to play with new technologies • Teach staff to be "change ready" • Don’t be afraid to DITCH something that didn’t work.
  20. 20. High Touch/High Tech @ PC Some Final Thoughts Keep current with CE opportunities offered by your local, consortial and regional library organizations. Many offer free training opportunities •Seek out your natural partners on campus! Can be Seek especially important if new technology use requires approval… •Leverage the resources you currently have, and use them Leverage in a NEW way •Offer to “pilot” a new technology/service….good way to Offer grow expertise in house. Evaluation/Metrics should be ongoing…
  21. 21. Survey Cloud Responses
  22. 22. THANK YOU!! Beatrice Pulliam: bpulliam@providence.edu or twitter: beatricepulliam Heather Williamson: hwillia2@providence.edu Presentation: (http://slideshare.net/pulliam/octconf09) slideshare.net/pulliam/