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Inpari 16


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Distribusi inpari 16

Published in: Technology
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Inpari 16

  1. 1. DISTRIBUSI BENIH UPBS BPTP SUMATERA SELATAN NAMA VARIETAS TOTAL DISTRIBUSI (Kg) RINCIAN DISTRIBUSI (Kg) ALOKASI DISTRIBUSI Inpari 16 3.125 120 Iwan, Ogan Ilir 30 Alek, Kayu Agung 200 Hera, Bnyuasin 100 Adham 15 Digiling untuk sampel 20 Triyandar, Display 500 Hera, Muba 50 Sutriyono, Belitang 1.100 Raharjo, Banyuasin 50 Tanjung Lago Banyuasin 800 Raharjo, Banyuasin 140 Juwedi