Best practices of emerging tools


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Best practices in emerging tools for use in the open distance learning

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Best practices of emerging tools

  1. 1. Best Practices of Emerging Tools for Learning B S Bhullar HK
  2. 2. Outline• Emerging Technologies for Learning• Best Breed Tools• Our Understanding of Best Practices• About the course• Emerging Edu Tech for HBSC 1103• Challenges
  3. 3. Emerging Technologies for Learning• Technical innovations• Contemporary advances in IT How can we leverage on the above in learning?
  4. 4. Best of Breed Tools 2011 by C4LPT• Social networks and community platforms• Twitter - micro-sharing site Facebook - social network LinkedIn - prof social network Edmodo - edu social networking site Google+ - social network Yammer - private microsharing platform Ning - private social networking platform Buddypress - social networking software• Blogging• WordPress - blogging tool Blogger/Blogspot - blogging tool Posterous - blogging software Edublogs - educational blogging tool Weebly - website/blog software
  5. 5. • Wiki tools• Wikispaces - wiki tool PBWorks - wiki tool Google Sites - wiki/website tool• Photo-sharing and editing• flickr - photo sharing site Picasa - photo organiser• Animation tools• Adobe Flash - animation authoring• Audio tools• Audacity - sound editor/recorder iTunes and iTunesU• Video creation and hosting tools• YouTube - video-sharing tool Animoto - videos from images TED Talks - inspirational videos Vimeo - video sharing site iMovie - Video editing software Khan Academy - learning platform TeacherTube - edu video sharing site
  6. 6. • Screen capture and screencasting tools• Jing - screen capture tool Camtasia- screencasting tool Snagit - screen capture tool Screenr - screencasting tool Screencast-0-matic - online screen recorder• Document creation and hosting tools• Google Docs - collaboration suite (incl Google Forms) Word - word processing software Scribd - document sharing tool OpenOffice - office suite Etherpad + clones - real-time text collab• Presentation creation and hosting tools• Google Docs - collaboration suite (incl Google Forms) Prezi - presentation software Slideshare - presentation sharing site PowerPoint - presentation software Voicethread - collaborative slideshows OpenOffice - office suite
  7. 7. • Mindmapping• Mindmeister - mindmapping software bubblus - collaborative mind mapping tool• File and resource sharing• Dropbox - file synching software LiveBinders - 3-ring binder for the web• Social bookmarking and annotation tools• diigo - social annotation tool Delicious - social bookmarking tool• Email• Gmail - web-based email service Outlook - email client• Live communication and conferencing tools• Skype - instant messaging/VoIP tool Adobe Connect - web conferencing tool Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate - web conferencing BigBlueButton - web conferencing Fuze meeting - web conferencing
  8. 8. Our understanding of … Cloud Free User- friendly Purpose Best PracticesAccessible Engaging Meaningful
  9. 9. About HBSC 1103 A course under the Bac. Of Teaching majoring in Sc. (with Honours) Fundamental of the teaching and learning of scienceFoundation for teachers to plan effective science lessons
  10. 10. Emerging Educational Technologies for HBSC 1103 Content Sharing of Experience voki HBSC 1103Din Studio You Tube Course (blog) Dropbox Slide Share Interactive Community Learning Building facebook Polldaddy Twitter
  11. 11. Emerging Educational Technologies for HBSC 1103• Voki ( )• You Tube ( )• Dropbox (• Din Studio (blog) (http://• Polldaddy (• facebook (
  12. 12. voki - Tutor’s Avatar An introduction to HBSC 1103 • Concept of Science • Behavioural Learning Theories • Cognitive Learning Theories • Constructivism Learning Theories • Inquiry Learning Approach • Problem-based Learning Approach • Experiments, discussion, simulations & projects
  13. 13. voki -How can it be used?• Gain attention• Introduce a course• Tell your instructions to the class• Insert it to your blog/fb/web/ etc… for student to access it
  14. 14. You Tube – Show Me• Learning outcome: Apply Skinner’s theories in the teaching of science• tPk&feature=related
  15. 15. You Tube -How can it be used?• Create and upload video for sharing• Search and view ready made videos• Demonstrate the concept for enhancing understanding
  16. 16. Dropbox – Share It-Pull It
  17. 17. Dropbox-How can it be used?• Upload digital content for storing and sharing – Notes – Slides – Video – Etc…• Leaners can “pull” content according to their needs
  18. 18. Din Studio (blog)- Learning Journal
  19. 19. Din Studio (blog) -How can it be used?• Learners record & share their experience with their peers and tutor• A life journal of their learning experience• Tutor will know the extend the content is being applied by the learners
  20. 20. Facebook - Discussion
  21. 21. facebook –how can it be used?• For updating information• Discussion on issues/concepts in the course• Sharing of ideas & information• “Facebook killer”
  22. 22. Polldaddy – Topical Quiz
  23. 23. Polldaddy – How can it be used?• Create surveys, polls, and quizzes• Collect responses via your website, e-mail, iPad, Facebook, and Twitter• Generate and share performance reports
  24. 24. Challenges• Conceptualisation of learning instructions• Search of appropriate materials & emerging technologies• Familiarisation with emerging educational technologies• Motivating learners in believing/participating in educational technologies
  25. 25. Thank you