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Kubernetes Cluster Wide Security Policy Configuration


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Container meetup 4th March 2017, Bangalore

Published in: Technology
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Kubernetes Cluster Wide Security Policy Configuration

  1. 1. Kubernetes Pradipta Banerjee @pradipta_kr
  2. 2. Kubernetes Components
  3. 3. Kubernetes Authentication and Authorization
  4. 4. Container Security Policies • What ? • Can the container process run as ‘root’ user ? • Can the user run a ‘privileged’ container ? • What ‘capabilities’ should be allowed for the container ? • … • How ? • How the cluster admin can enforce container security ? • Kubernetes provides Pod Security Policy for enforcing cluster wide security policies.
  5. 5. Example Policy Don’t allow process(es) inside the container to run as the ‘root’ user POD should meet the following criteria: • The POD container image(s) should have USER attribute defined OR • The POD YAML file should explicitly specify the non-root USER ID as part of securityContext noroot.yaml pod.yaml
  6. 6. References • • • podsecuritypolicy