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TRG Capabilities Statement 2009

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TRG Capabilities Statement 2009

  1. 1. Capabilities!Statement The Rehancement Group, Inc. 1818 Library Street, Suite 500, Reston, Virginia 20190 Phone 703.450.4176 Fax 202.403.3583
  2. 2. At!A!Glance At A Glance Summary Rehancement!Feature Your!Benefit ! Small,!Woman"Owned!Business !VA!State!Certification!No.!666570 Experienced!Workforce Experienced Workforce •Subject!Matter!Expertise •Subject Matter Expertise ! Over!30!Years!Federal/Commercial!Experience •Rapid!Response!&!Execution !PMP!Certified!Professionals •Superior!Results !Licensed!Real!Estate!Broker!– State!of!VA !Commitment!to!Client!Satisfaction Commitment!to!Training!and! •State!of!the!Art!Delivery Professional!Development •Thought!Leadership •Best!Practices Solution!Offerings Solution Offerings !Program!Management! Proven!Management! •Reduced!!Project!Risk !Acquisition!&!Contracting!Support Methodologies! •On!Time!Delivery !Financial!Analysis •Superior!Results !Logistics Robust!working!knowledge! “Pre"trained”!contractor/sub" !Public"Private!Partnerships p of!FAR!and!Government! of FAR and Government contractor!that!meets!your! contractor that meets your !Strategy!Consulting requirements tracking,!reporting,!and! !Information!Technology compliance!needs. !Human!Capital!Management CCR!Certified!Small,!Woman! Compliance!with!Small!Business! Owned!Business Participation!Goals NAICS!Codes!(partial!list) 541611!– Management!Consulting!Services Collaboration!with!Small! •Best!of!Breed!Delivery 541990!– Professional!and!Technical!Services And!Large!Business!Partners •Capability!Leveraging 561618!– Financial!Consulting!Services 561614!– Logistics!Consulting!Services 541519!– Computer!Integration!Services 531390!– Real!Estate!Activities 531390 – Real Estate Activities DUNS!Number:!!791511590 2 CAGE!Code: 4P1S2
  3. 3. Who!We!Are Who We Are THE REHANCEMENT GROUP (TRG) was established to help clients effectively apply leading process and solution strategies that enhance performance and improve bottom"line results. We are a small, woman" owned company focused on providing full service Management Consulting Services to the Federal Government. We are a trusted advisor and counselor. We offer our clients an enviable and unique combination of cutting" edge expertise in both business and technology. Our proven depth of experience and expertise enables us to p provide world"class services on"par with large firms. p g We are problem solvers with a passion for enhancing our clients' organizations. Our clients call us for direct, thoughtful and experienced counsel. They call us because they know we understand the difference between building shareholder value and enabling the mission. 3
  4. 4. Our!Solutions Our Solutions Actionable solutions require understanding an industry and organization from top to bottom. Our consultants draw upon years of direct, front"line experience in a full range of industries. TRG Consultants have an average of 13 years of experience company"wide. More than just “bright ideas”, TRG provides you with strategies and solutions that can be realized in your organization. The following section summarizes our primary solution offerings: Program/Project!Management !Resource!Planning!and!Analysis! !Risk!Management!and!Assessment! !Earned!Value!Management! !Change!Management Acquisition!&!Contracting!Support Acquisition & Contracting Support !Full!Acquisition!Life"Cycle!Support !Independent!Cost!Estimates !Requirements!Analysis !Source Selection Support Source!Selection!Support !Acquisition!Strategy !Training !Program!Management!Support 4
  5. 5. Our!Solutions! Our Solutions (continued) ( ti d) Strategy!and!Process!Improvement Asset!Strategy!and!Optimization! !Strategic!Planning! !Feasibility!Analysis!and!Assessments! !Business!Process!Re"engineering! !Appraisal!Services!(Real!&!Personal!Property)! !Enterprise!Performance!Management! !Asset!Life!Cycle!Management! !Continuous!Process!Improvement! !Portfolio!Evaluation! !Capability!Portfolio!Management! !Asset!Analysis! !Metric!Evaluation!and!Monitoring! M t i E l ti d M it i !System!Condition!Assessment! !S t C diti A t !Predictive!Modeling! !Operational!Risk!Analysis !Strategic!Financial!Structuring !Lease!Audit!&!Analysis !Outsourcing!Strategy Technology! Technology Public!Private!Partnerships! Public Private Partnerships !Strategic!Technology!Planning! !BRAC! !Application!Selection! !Utilities!Privatization! !Implementation! !Enhanced!Use!Leasing !Customization!and!Integration !IV&V Financial!Services! Supply!Chain!Management!and!Analysis !Cost!Recovery !Strategic!Financial!Analysis! !Supply!Chain!Analysis! !Predictive!Modeling! !Benchmarking! !B h ki !Cost!Benefit!Analysis! C tB fit A l i !Planning!and!Design !Economic!Analysis! !Financial/Econometric!Modeling 5
  6. 6. Our!Qualifications Q The!Logistics!Civil!Augmentation!(LOGCAP)!IV!!Acquisition!!and!Contracting!Support As a subcontractor, TRG provides technical, financial, and logistics support to Army contracting professionals in their oversight of the multi"billion dollar LOGCAP IV program. LOGCAP IV uses private sector contractors to provide a broad range of logistics and support services to U.S. and allied forces during combat, such as those missions now under way in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to other contingency, peacekeeping, humanitarian and training operations. TRG support includes: cost monitoring, economic/cost report analysis and review, requirements analysis, work document control, independent cost estimates, change order management, l i ti support, and t h i l analysis. t logistics t d technical l i Enterprise!Level!Acquisition!and!Contracting!Support As a subcontractor, TRG is providing acquisition and contracting support at the enterprise level for a major Army command. TRG provides world class solutions for administration of a world" wide, wide multi"million dollar contract touching multiple mission critical operating domains within the Command. TRG professionals interface directly with the COR and functional Task Monitors (TMs) to help prepare requirements packages, performance based work statements, contract modifications, independent cost estimates, funding requests, and other mandated documents. Privatization!Policy!and!Programmatic!Support TRG is currently providing support for policy and guidance in the management and monitoring of the DoD’s Utilities Privatization Program. Utilities privatization is a method by which military installations can obtain safe, technologically current, and environmentally sound utility systems, at a relatively lower cost than they would under continued government ownership. To help the Military Services analyze the costs and benefits of privatization, TRG principals developed the Utility Privatization Economic Analysis Support (UPEAST) tool. UPEAST was designed factoring in all laws, authorizations and guidance and is the required economic reporting platform used in presentations to Congress. 6
  7. 7. Our!Qualifications! Q (continued) Business!Case!Analysis TRG is currently working with a NAVSEA site in framing a business case analysis (BCA) to help transform its operations. NAVSEA continues to face material pressure on its per unit revenue pricing ( t bili d rate), th t i causing it t f i i (stabilized t ) that is i to focus aggressively on cost reduction i l t d ti measures. Next to human capital related costs, real property and energy costs represent the most significant line item in the organization’s expense portfolio. TRG is working with NAVSEA to frame a “way"ahead” incorporating factors such as: 1) Evolving mission requirements; 2) Changing technology and large installed equipment; 3) Campus consolidation; 4) Renewable energy 5) Changing engineer and scientist populations; 6) Public Private Partnerships (ESPC, UESCO, Privatization; 7) Space utilization; and 7) Other efficiency strategies. Asset!Transformation/!Information!Technology DoD's business leaders and warfighters require access to integrated, consistent, and complete real property data for decision making. To improve the accessibility and consistency of real property data across the Department, the OSD Business Enterprise Integration office (BEI) created a strategy to assign real property unique identifiers (RPUIDs) to its nearly 1 million global real property assets. TRG principals led implementation efforts to digitize Real Property artifacts world"wide, and catalog them in a Beta Real Property Unique Identification Registry (RPUIR) (RPUIR). Chief!Financial!Officer’s!Act! Our principals supported the DoD in the valuation of balance sheet assets for the purpose of complying with the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act. We conducted statistical samplings using probability proportional to size with a 90% confidence interval. Assets p g gp yp p % were valued using net book value, along with benchmarking resources to establish original and fair market value. 7
  8. 8. Our!Qualifications! Q (continued) Mission"Centric!Capital!Planning Our principals supported the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in developing a strategic capital allocation model that measured key financial metrics and their linkage to the Navy’s i i th N ’ mission. Th results hi hli ht d capital areas t optimize along with strategic The lt highlighted it l to ti i l ith t t i approaches for disposing, enhancing, cultivating, and maturing NSWC assets. Public/Private!Partnerships Our principals supported the Army Corps of Engineers in Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) by providing feasibility / market analysis, financial analysis, source selection support, and program management. We provided key contract negotiation support with the selected developer, to include market value, shared revenue, and in"kind consideration. Human!Capital!Management Our principals supported NASA Langley in the study of its Technician workforce. Over the past decades the role of NASA Technicians had evolved to more closely align with the KSA’s of certain NASA engineers. Utilizing sophisticated on"line survey tools and on"site interviews, our principals help Langley senior management frame key transformation steps to align their organization with their planned future state state. 8
  9. 9. Client!Organizations!&!Affiliations Client Organizations & Affiliations Rehancement!Group!principals!have!provided!client!service!to!the!following!organizations: Rehancement!Group!principals!are!also!affiliated!with!the!following!organizations: 9
  10. 10. Contact!Us Contact Us Jean!M.!Baker CEO THE!REHANCEMENT!GROUP,!INC. Office:!703.450.4176 Cell:!703.850.3111 E"mail:! David!S.!Baker,!PMP D id S B k PMP President THE!REHANCEMENT!GROUP,!INC. Office:!!703.450.4176 Cell:!!703.850.1480 E mail:! E"mail: dbaker@rehancement com Benton!L.!Polzak Vice!President THE!REHANCEMENT!GROUP,!INC. Office:!!703.450.4176 Cell:!!240.432.4220 E"mail:!! 10