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Neighbourhood Watch News Review june 2011


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The Brookmans Park and Little Heath Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for June 2011.

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Neighbourhood Watch News Review june 2011

  1. 1. Brookmans Park and Little Heath NEWS REVIEW June 2011 ARE YOU SAFE AND SECURE ? AND AIM TO STAY THAT WAY !Feeling safe and feeling that our property is secure is something we all expect.Hertfordshire is a safe county; continued efforts by Herts Police make it so. Butwe all have an important part to play by being responsible for our own securityespecially against the opportunistic thief. (See over for reminders) Your Newsletter and Crime PreventionBrenda Harris, our Ward Neighbourhood Watch The Newsletters have thus become the majorco-ordinator, has Minutes of the Crime Prevention channel of NHW communications to eachGroup of November 1982. It was that group of household.residents with a representative from the Police, The Watch Liaison Officer, who had beenwhich extended into South Hertfordshire the printing our Newsletters, has been madeNeighbourhood Watch (NHW) system we have redundant and the budget for printing futuretoday. copies no longer exists, so we are looking at ways NHW is the communication arm promoting to restore this useful (you tell us) method ofcrime prevention in the community. For nearly 30 communication. Editorial production is localyears we have had Newsletters printed centrally from now onward.for all residents in each Neighbourhood Watch This will be the last printed Newsletter usingarea. Door-to-door distribution was carried out on the present system and we are extremely gratefula street by street basis by someone who lived in to Andrew Ward for offering to print 1500 copies,that locality, who gave their time. Some have been and distribution will be by the same team asdoing this since the start – Thank you. previously. The OWL (On-line Watch Link) NetworkWe would encourage all residents with access to This is why we want more local residents to signthe internet to join the OWL scheme. OWL is a up to OWL, a quick and simple matter from yourvery sophisticated and safe “group emailing computer. Almost needless to say, the system issystem.” Much Police work has gone into making robust and kept secure with password protection.the system quick and precisely targeted. The Crime Prevention Group CPG hope that inSubscribers’ email addresses form a group in your this way those with the OWL connection can passprecise locality, usually based on borough wards, relevant information to neighbours who are not onwhich is also the basis of the allocation of local the internet. Information on OWL has included;community policing. the activities of “dodgy” street traders, theft from The real advantage is that police information homes and vehicles and watching out for missingcan be circulated quickly and then acted upon, persons such as the elderly who may be in the earlysometimes bringing results within minutes. stages of Alzheimer’s disease and immigrants, who Our Newsletter will continue to be published have absconded from protection and who do notthree times a year as a pdf on the Brookmans Park speak English. These are all recent cases, whenand Little Heath OWL-NHW network. OWL members have been alerted and have reacted. Importantly please use the pdf attachment as a Please sign up to the OWL scheme by loggingmaster to print copies for your local street on to then follow the on-screendistribution. instructions.We are very grateful this News Review has been sponsored by . . Parking at the Vet College The RCVS has been permitted to open up extra on-site parking and double yellow lines in Hawkeshead Lane means that the way through should be Tel: 01707 649779 35 Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park AL9 7QR Fax: 01707 664857 E-mail: clear. But please remember to respect the 30mph speed restriction.
  2. 2. Our Community Team Louise Luxford (left) and P.C. Gemma Kinealy with their police vehicle on Bradmore Green. Gemma, usually with the local intervention team, has been covering for P.C.Nick Roll, who has now returned to full duties with our community team. He has been recovering from a knee problem and receiving recuperative care. Messages from Louise Luxford, our PCSORecently we have been lucky enough to experience some to your garage and take items, or lean into your carlovely sunny weather. When we get weather like this, it and steal whatever is on display. When leavingmakes us feel more energetic and more willing to do your house, please ensure all windows are secure asthose little jobs that we have been meaning to do for a an open window is an open invitationwhile. Holiday Precautions Good Weather – great opportunities for thieves If you are going on holiday, you can notify me On my recent patrols, I have noticed an increase in and I shall make a note of your holiday dates. PCthe number of garage doors being left open, windows Nick Roll and I will keep an eye on your propertybeing left open and car windows left open. This is on our patrols. This is not a guarantee nothing willburglar heaven! At the very least, you are showing happen, but if we are aware your house should bepotential burglars the goods you have, letting them see empty, and if we see movement or lights inside,what it is they could come back for another time. A vast we shall know this is unusual and can investigate.majority of burglaries are made by opportunist burglars The information we need is holiday dates,and they absolutely love weather like this for the reasons contact numbers and any key holder details.mentioned above. Send these to: I know I say it year in and year out, but please louise.luxford@herts.pnn.police.ukensure you keep these windows closed when you are not or phone me on 01707 806944 or Nick 806947using them. It only takes minutes for someone to walk in Happy Summer!" Louise. Crime Statistics for Brookmans Park and Little Heath Common False 2011 Burglary Theft Robbery # Comments # Assault Alarm (#1) From motor vehicle.January 11 1 (#1) 11 (#2) (#2) Includes NorthawFebruary 2 2 (#3) 1 (#3) At train station (# 4) From motor vehicle. March 1 (#4) 1 (#5) 2 (# 5) Assault at house party (# 6) Ipod taken from school changing room. April 2 1 (#6) 3 (#7) (# 7) False due to power cut. Brookmans Park and Little HeathCONTACTS Community PC Nick Roll email: Police Team PCSO Louise Luxford email: louise.luxford@herts.pnn.police.ukEmergency 999 OWL network - Ward Co-Coordinator Brenda Harris email: 0845 33 00 222 Editor News Review Nigel Bain email: News Review is published by the Neighbourhood Watch Committee for Brookmans Park and Little Heath Ward C2011 June 2011 issue printed by Andrew Ward, 149 High Street, Potters Bar EN6 5BB