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BPM-Club 15.02.2017 in Köln: Design Thinking bei Uniper


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Während des BPM-Club-Treffens am 15.02.17 in Köln referierte Peter Boldt, Head of Market Data & Regulations, Uniper Global Commodities SE in Düsseldorf, über "Design Thinking für innovative Prozessideen". Fast 50 Teilnehmer verfolgten den spannenden Erfahrungsbericht zum Einsatz von Design Thinking im Rahmen des Prototyping bei Uniper.

Lesen Sie hier die Teilnehmerstimmen:

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BPM-Club 15.02.2017 in Köln: Design Thinking bei Uniper

  1. 1. Design Thinking Peter Boldt und Alex Buchkremer 1
  2. 2. – Oren Harari „The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.“ 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Uniper‘s business portfolio 4 Power Generation Uniper owns and operates a sizeable portfolio of power plants located across Europe and Russia, encompassing the full range of generation technologies (predominantly hydro, gas as well as coal and oil). Global commodities Uniper’s commodity trading business is active in power, emission certificates, natural gas, LNG, coal, and freight. Energy storage Our gas storage facilities in Europe help ensure the reliability of the gas supply. We also operate power-to-gas facilities. Energy sales Through our sales organizations in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, we market a wide range of electricity and gas products to industrial customers, municipal utilities, and energy partners. Engineering Services Our engineering and technical expertise enable us to provide a broad range of engineering services, from pre-investment surveys right up to decommissioning. Third Party Services We provide flexible, bespoke services for the construction and operation of power stations, for fuel (coal, natural gas, LNG, biomass) procurement, for energy and commodity trading, and for energy marketing.
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. – Prof. Dr. Falk Uebernickel „Design Thinking is an innovation method, that produces costumer-oriented solutions for complex problems, based on iterative processes.“ 6
  7. 7. Design Thinking ist iterativ 7
  8. 8. Design Thinking und Business Analyse 8 Business Analysis Brainstorming • Ein Toolset um Informationen zu extrahieren. • Das Ziel ist Anforderungen zu bestimmen und Lösungen zu definieren. Design Thinking Observation Prototyping
  9. 9. Design Thinking und Business Analyse 9 People Technology Business Experience Innovation
  10. 10. Design Thinking - Doppelter Diamant 10 Problem Solution
  11. 11. • Hot Topic unserer Lieferanten • Hot Topic in unserer Business Analysten Community • Teil der IT Strategie (!) Uniper und Design Thinking 11
  12. 12. Design Thinking Workshop 12
  13. 13. Kritische Sicht 13 Machen wir wirklich Design Thinking? Können wir die Methode adaptieren? Ist es der beste Weg für uns?
  14. 14. 14 Quelle:
  15. 15. 15 Quelle:
  17. 17. Erfolgsfaktoren 17 Die Menschen Der Fokus auf den Kundenerfolg! Die Umsetzung, davor & danach!
  18. 18. Diskussion Design Thinking / Uniper 18