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ILEAD USA - Engaging The Next Generation of Library Users


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There are a lot of amazing concepts involving new technologies and great content to attract and retain teen users in the library. This session highlights unique services for young adult and teen patrons that librarians across the country have been implementing. Everything from new programs to new gadgets will be covered to engage your teens and attract them to your library.

Show your library as a community anchor that can provide assistance for homework, social growth, and the exploration of reading while turning them into permanent library users as they grow.

***Special Thanks to Patrick Sweeney, Justin Hoenke, Stephen Abram, and librarians from around the world for your input and conversations about ways to engage your patrons. Keep up the amazing work***

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ILEAD USA - Engaging The Next Generation of Library Users

  1. 1. ILEAD USA; Wednesday, March 27th 2013 at 9:00AM CST
  2. 2. Some Libraries successfully use social media to talk to their teens
  3. 3. Oak Park Public Library
  4. 4. Guitar Program by Branch Manager PC Sweeney of the East Palo Alto Library inCalifornia
  5. 5. Kankakee Public Library
  6. 6. Film A Zombie Movie (Cameras and some Face Paint for Your Library)
  7. 7. Justin Hoenke decorated his Portland Public Library formerly as the Teen Librarianusing art created by his patrons.
  8. 8. Teens love sharing their works to others.There is very little cost to do this!Both Film Festivals and Art Galleries are excellent ways to draw in new crowds.
  9. 9. Digital Content Curation
  10. 10. Purchase Cheap Plastic and Foam to setup Paths and fairways with felt.Have it throughout the library, engage the participants through your space.
  11. 11. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail.Be Afraid Not To Try.
  12. 12. Score Keeping, Board Projecting Score Board, Laser Tag Game!Discover New Places In Libraries Through ObjectivesHunger Games style playing.
  13. 13. Cheap TabletLocked DownSecure
  14. 14. Interactive Touch CubesNew Learning Game, Spell, Sort, and more!
  15. 15. Guide Through Library (Follow The Ball)People Approach The Ball – Curiosity
  16. 16. Simple, Drag and Drop GUI Based ProgramThere is a nation wide Lego Robotics ContestSoftware: $90.00
  17. 17. More Advance ProgrammingThere is a nation wide Lego Robotics ContestSoftware: $80.00
  18. 18. Chard Mairn, Librarian/Adjunct Professor at St. Petersburg College started a viralmedia marketing tools. Purchased cheap inexpensive flip cams.
  19. 19.  Some Require  Purchase from Laptops discount sites: › › Refurbished Items  Reach out to Twitter, are OK! ask for donations! Working with IT
  20. 20. This is perhaps the mostimportant take away
  21. 21.  Get Them Involved In Your Library › Tech › Books › Stories Get “resident” experts › Cooking › Computing › Fishing…  AND LET THE PATRONS KNOW WHICH STAFF ARE EXPERTS ON SPECIFIC HOBBIES
  22. 22. Ask these things out of the blue. Books › Ask them their thoughts › Suggestions for collection › Recommend other reads Computing › Ask them what games they want to see Programming › Ask them what programs they like. Socially › Ask how they are doing. Homework Help › Offer ways to help them on assignments. Bring them snacks and beverages. Positive reinforcement. Remind them a library can be more than just “books”
  23. 23. Place books into color themed bags. Barcode number written outside of bag.Allow patrons to check out and take them home.
  24. 24. During special holiday periods, find books that are colored the holiday colors (notnecessarily about the holiday) and place them on a stand near your end caps.
  25. 25. Link Books to E-BooksFind New Content
  26. 26. Open a new dimension in your library.Buy using an app, you can see a new “world” within your physical space.
  27. 27.  Library Lockin › Play Games, Watch Movies, Etc. Teddy Bear Lockin › Children drop off their stuffed animals, and staff take pictures with their stuffed animals interacting in the library Video Games › It draws people in…so why not do them?
  28. 28. •Askyour teens their thoughts•Get them involved in the library, not justa patron
  29. 29. Questions?What new ways have you seen to engage the next generation?