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ILEAD USA - Emerging Technologies


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There is a lot of great technology being created and developed everyday. This session provides an overview of some of the "hot-topics" within the emerging tech field, what trends to watch, and what can libraries do with these emerging technologies. We will uncover everything from where touch-based computing and gesture-based computing. Most importantly, we can uncover ways libraries can create new technology, driving down our own technology costs and increasing overall benefits for our libraries.

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ILEAD USA - Emerging Technologies

  1. 1. EmergingTechnologiesBy Brian Pichman of theEvolve ProjectILEAD USA, June 18th 2013
  2. 2. Technology As An Evolution 1990 – 2000: Internet Burst 2000 – 2010: Value Adds to Technology 2010 – 2020: Technology Burst
  3. 3. Future of Technology To discover and curate information Value adds (efficiency, reliability) To build or discover new “things”
  4. 4. Future of SearchHas ChangedSearches based off of visualsinstead of keywordsClicking Images rather thanentering in words
  5. 5. General Themes Touch-Based Gesture-Based Object Orientated Mobility/Connectivity Open Source Hardware
  6. 6. Touch Based People want to touch everything Discover Through Touch Search Through Touch Learn Through Touch
  7. 7. Gesture Based Communicate with Technology HandsFree Uses multiple cameras to detectdepth/movement Microsoft Kinect Sites to Explore: Microsoft Kinect PrimeSense Evoluce
  8. 8. Wearable Gesture BasedComputing
  9. 9. Object Orientated Use Objects to interact with surfaces
  10. 10. Have You Considered… People are more mobile / moreconnected than ever before Social Networks Email SMS (Texting ;) ) How does this translate to libraries? Constant Connection to Information andDatabases
  11. 11. Back To Searching Technology is becoming more “visual”orientated Whether it be from touch, gesture, orobjects Search Dynamics are changing
  12. 12. Gamification
  13. 13. Interactive Library Cards Put a “Reward System” into the library card Badges Prizes Exclusive Programming / Event registration Low Tech: Print new more colorful library cards, allow patrons tocustomize their card with different and increasingly moredesired badges – based off books read, programsattended, etc. High Tech: Create Library Cards with screens Send Messages to card when they are in the library(wirelessly connected) Display “reading level” or “badges they own”
  14. 14. Libraries Can Do This Too We are in a time of new inventions andgreat technological achievements Put together groups to build newideas, concepts, and technology Open Source Hardware / Software Build New Staff Transform the way you work, play, andcollaborate.
  15. 15. Future Concepts People watching TV can point and clickto buy content (clothes, cars, etc) Predictive searches (Amazon does it now)
  16. 16. Places to Watch Mashable Engadget TED Talks ( Crowd Funding Sites (ex Kickstarter) CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
  17. 17. What Things Do You See?
  18. 18. Contact Me Twitter: @bpichman Email: Cell: 815-534-0403 Slides will be posted