IL13 - Design My Library Space Workshop


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This interactive workshop shares what libraries have done to renovate their spaces, and participants are expected to share their experiences. It discusses the reasons to renovate and change, different innovative methods to do such things, uses statistics, and facts about why and how changing and renovating spaces can improve the collection including forward-facing books shelves, remapping layouts/moving furniture, the need for sitting, and the need for fab labs or hacker spaces. Bring photos of your library, and help us brainstorm ways to improve and change our structures, hopefully all at low costs!

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  • Allow your patrons the ability to build things. Fab Labs/Maker Spaces
  • With the idea of an open play environment; people will discover new and exciting things on their own.Fact: You remember things that you discover on your own better than things told directly.
  • Collaboration allows people to get together to discuss common interests to gain new knowledge. People will collaborate naturally if centered around something FUN!
  • Interaction will allow your patrons to learn and grow.Interaction is necessary to maintain interest in your library’s programs, collection, etc.
  • Innovation must be an original disruptive act.Innovation is the embodiment, combination, and/or synthesis of knowledge in novel, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services
  • Little rolly ball toy that you can control with your smartphone. You could roll one of these little things up to people you want to engage with—maybe an easier way to approach people than walking up to them.  Attracts attention, people want to talk and know about it.  A great way to break the ice with kids and teens.
  • Little rolly ball toy that you can control with your smartphone. You could roll one of these little things up to people you want to engage with—maybe an easier way to approach people than walking up to them.  Attracts attention, people want to talk and know about it.  A great way to break the ice with kids and teens.
  •  Purchase different colored paper bags o Each bag is for a different genre of book o Place Barcode number outside of bag  May have to write it o Place book inside bag, and staple it close  Gets your circ numbers up!
  • We need YOU to help hype YOUR library! We are planning to video record student testimonials regarding the librarys resources and services and would love your input and/or testimonial. And take the video camera away from us! Record your own tour, conduct your own interviews, or do whatever you want to help hype YOUR library.
  • Take Aways:Communicate On Their Own LevelUse The Tools They Use To TalkThese are your #1 Marketing Tools!
  • IL13 - Design My Library Space Workshop

    1. 1. Design My Library Space Internet Librarian 2013, Workshop #14 Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project @bpichman
    2. 2. Agenda  Main Themes around Engagement  Design Concepts  Interactive Technology  Fab Labs & Maker Spaces  Promotion of New Space  Funding
    3. 3. Take Risks! It’s a “Pilot Program” or “Beta Test”
    4. 4. We All Have Creative Potential
    5. 5. Building a Public Value Libraries can no longer be just about “books”; instead they must position themselves as community anchors; providing for general needs as well as the endless learning possibilities.
    6. 6. What Does Your Community Ask For?  Study Rooms / Homework Area  Open Areas  Tech (Computers)  Business Centers  MakerSpaces  ?Others? What do these things have in common?
    7. 7. Engagement Your new space must allow for the ability for patrons AND staff to engage with each other and the space.
    8. 8. Libraries Have To Be Engaging  Encourage Creativity and Invention  Allow Discovery  Increase Collaboration  Generate Interaction  Foster Innovation
    9. 9. Libraries need to find ways to engage their patrons…a redesign of your library is one way to accomplish this.
    10. 10. Creation and Inventions Oak Park Public Library
    11. 11. Discovery
    12. 12. Collaboration
    13. 13. Interaction
    14. 14. Innovation
    15. 15. If you build it they will come
    16. 16. Key Design Concepts  Adding Color  Art  Have Open and Modular Areas  Furniture  Modularity
    17. 17. Adding Color  White = Boring  Think about Parks (typically colorful)  Painting walls is an inexpensive redesign  Use Fun Colors    Be Bold! Children Areas should use bright attractive areas. Get your community and staff involved   Having a painting party! Color alone can make a space look bigger and brighter
    18. 18. Art  Have patrons create the art    Donate it to the library Mix it up as often as you like. There is no cost. Patrons (often younger ones) will feel like their work has been “published”  Sense of ownership with the library  They will become marketers for your library
    19. 19. Open Areas  Open Space !   Tables   Seating Multi Functional Areas Remove rooms that are used only for specific events:    Activity Rooms, Meeting Rooms, etc Make these rooms open all the time with something going on all the time Larger, open areas allow you to rearrange your space much easier
    20. 20. Furniture  Fun Colors  Use lightweight furniture (easier to move)  Encourage your patrons to rearrange the space to fit their needs.
    21. 21. Modularity  Allows you to always change your environment  Put things on wheels    Desks …No Need For Shelves To Be On Wheels Don’t fasten furniture to floor…  no one will be stealing a desk
    22. 22. Collection Concepts  Rotating Collection   Provides an “always new” environment Child Friendly Shelves  Bin style shelving, so children can “flip” through books  Props to show collection (not books)  Interactive Book Ends  Allow children to find, discover, and hear reviews of books, all via a touch screen computer mounted at the end of a the shelf
    23. 23. Workflow Concepts  Self Check Out Units   Mobile Check Out / Catalog Units   Even children are highly receptive to the ability to do things on their own and utilize technology Allow people to use an iPad to either search or check out material Standing “Help Desk”  Have one or two people at a single circulation desk   The rest are out on the floor to offer suggestions, help, and guidance Head of department should be in an accessible area so children can interact comfortably
    24. 24. Interactive Technology Fill The Space With Fun Interactive Technology Allow People to CHECK THINGS out
    25. 25. Sphero Ball …. MSRP: $130 Guide Through Library (Follow The Ball) People Approach The Ball – Curiosity
    26. 26. Kurio Tablet …. MSRP: $150 Affordable Tablet Locked Down Secure
    27. 27. Sifteo Cubes …. MSRP: $130-$200 Interactive Touch Cubes New Learning Game, Spell, Sort, and more!
    28. 28. Lego WeDo’s …. MSRP $130 Simple, Drag and Drop GUI Based Program There is a nation wide Lego Robotics Contest Software: $90.00
    29. 29. Lego Mindstorm …. MSRP $300 More Advance Programming There is a nation wide Lego Robotics Contest Software: $80.00
    30. 30. Tiggly Shapes…MSRP $30.00 Uses soft and strong rubber shapes to teach younger children about shapes in a fun and interactive way, using an iPAD (coming soon to Andriod).
    31. 31. Gaming Stations Wheeling and Dealing Game Stations!
    32. 32. A redesign for a public library See a virtual tour at
    33. 33. I Have All This Tech… …Now What Your environment can have all the best tech toys and cool fablabs but it could still fall short. It is up to the frontline staff to ENANGE their audiences. A friendly hello goes a long way. Allow the staff to play with the tech, get them involved to reflect that excitement to the patrons.
    34. 34. Staff Communication  Get Them Involved In Your Library   Books   Tech Stories Get “resident” experts  Cooking  Computing  Fishing…  AND LET THE PATRONS KNOW WHICH STAFF ARE EXPERTS ON SPECIFIC HOBBIES
    35. 35. Engagement Ideas   Ask these things out of the blue. Books   Suggestions for collection   Ask them their thoughts Recommend other reads Computing   Programming   Ask how they are doing. Homework Help   Ask them what programs they like. Socially   Ask them what games they want to see Offer ways to help them on assignments. Bring them snacks and beverages. Positive reinforcement. Remind them a library can be more than just “books”
    36. 36. Ways To Engage Your Space This Can Also Be Used To Promote Space
    37. 37. Sphero Ball …. MSRP: $130 Guide Through Library (Follow The Ball) People Approach The Ball – Curiosity
    38. 38. Ubisoft Laser Tag Score Keeping, Board Projecting Score Board, Laser Tag Game! Discover New Places In Libraries Through Objectives Hunger Games style playing.
    39. 39. Miniature Golf Purchase Cheap Plastic and Foam to setup Paths and fairways with felt. Have it throughout the library, engage the participants through your space.
    40. 40. Zombie Movie Film A Zombie Movie (Cameras and some Face Paint for Your Library)
    41. 41. Mystery Grab Bag Place books into color themed bags. Barcode number written outside of bag. Allow patrons to check out and take them home.
    42. 42. Other Cool Activities  Library Lockin   Play Games, Watch Movies, Etc. Teddy Bear Lockin  Children drop off their stuffed animals, and staff take pictures with their stuffed animals interacting in the library
    43. 43. Fab Labs and Maker Spaces
    44. 44. Evolve: A Library Playground  Fab Lab / “Hackerspace”  A location where people with common interests (usually in computers, technology, science, or digital or electronic art) meet, socialize and/or collaborate.  Can be viewed as open community labs incorporating elements of workshops and/or studios where people can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things and ideas.  Combining the positive & fun aspects of schools, museums, and playgrounds into one “entity”.
    45. 45. Types of Learning Spaces Collaborative Areas (Either Network Based or In A Room) Provide Tools (Hardware and/or Software) Learning Labs or Training Centers
    46. 46. Music / Graphic Design / Video Editing / Programming
    47. 47. 3D Printing
    48. 48. Allen County Public Librar
    49. 49. Multimedia Room  Room Set Up Features:  Clickers  Allows for jeopardy style gaming   Full DVD/BluRay/Sound System   Smart Board (interactive white board) Easy to use and start (Touch Panel System) You Can Use This Room For  Jeopardy  Movie Nights  Presentations / Interactive Style Board Game Night  Create a Business Plan, Project Plan, etc
    50. 50. Virtual Tour
    51. 51. Promotion
    52. 52. Video Marketing Chard Mairn, Librarian/Adjunct Professor at St. Petersburg College started a viral media marketing tools. Purchased cheap inexpensive flip cams.
    53. 53. Social Media
    54. 54. Funding
    55. 55. Sell Your Idea
    56. 56. Twitter  Use Twitter to ask vendors or product manufacturers for help
    57. 57. Crowd Source Funding
    58. 58. Donations and Grants  Ask for donations to the project   Name Rooms after Business who sponsor parts of renovation Grants
    59. 59. Volunteers  Ask People To Help Build Area  Manual Labor  Paint  Move  Set Furniture Up Computers or Furniture
    60. 60. Contact Me Brian Pichman  @bpichman  815.534.0403 