Strategy vs tactics


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Strategy vs tactics

  1. 1. Good strategy is not without its challenge. FOUR MYTHS OF STRATEGY Myth No. 1: Content Is King Myth No. 2: Consensus Equals Success Myth No. 3: Exclusion Is Efficient Myth No. 4:Communication Creates Commitm
  2. 2. Habit #5 Habit #1 I like to have a number of Have clear goals success mantras; Habit #2 Habit #6 Be a constant learner, change Be Fit. and evolve as required. Habit #3 Habit #7Sense of urgency wins. Study time management Habit #4 Habit #8 Set a pace that you can Nurture a network. maintain forever. Habit #9 Fail often, fail fast, fail cheap.
  3. 3. WTDN
  4. 4. THE END…THANKYOU!!! : ) ESAP
  5. 5. What to do next: -In order to have the implementation of our strategies… both marketing and managerial strategies, we must challenge our selves to strive hard and me, as in the position of accounts receivable assistant, must have the eagerness and the drive to motivate the people within the organization especially in the SBU to be more competitive in collections and sales.
  6. 6.  - We should also be more cooperative in building ideas and imposing those that will create good strategies and tactics. - We must be very observant of the competitive worlds. So we are aware of what’s new, what’s in and what we will keep abreast upon.
  7. 7.  - We must be very vigilant in hiring and training people. As what I have learned, it is not about the finding the perfect group size, it’s all about gathering together the right people. - Each of us must get anything important done. By replacing a bad habit with a good habit, in order to have the balance needed to be successful.
  8. 8. The substance of the strategy must be composed ofrealistic objectives and the most accurate and validinformation.In their quest to create a strategy that can crediblystand up to the scrutiny of these criteria, companiesoften employ outside experts, such as consulting andmarketing firms, to analyze, research and benchmarktheir industry, competitors and markets. They use toolssuch as a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunitiesand threats) analysis to help create objectives thataddress both the past performance and currentcircumstances of the company.
  9. 9. In the eyes of many leaders, theultimate level of strategic plan issimply consensus. Everyone in theorganization must have theunderstand their shared values andgoals. There must be a broadagreement on all issues, decisions,reasons and purpose.
  10. 10. Executives often believe that thefewer people involved in theprocess, the easier it will be. Assuch, they often limit participationto a small group of business unitheads or the strategy developmentgroup.
  11. 11. Only by listening to what workers aresaying ( through both their words andtheir behavior) the leaders will becomeaware of and will able to address theissues that are preventing them fromembracing the company’s strategicobjectives. Actions taken, commitment tothe strategic plan follows suit.
  12. 12. Habit #1Have clear goals The clearer you know where you want to go and what your goals are, the more likely you are to get there. Have a vision. Everything happens first in the mind.
  13. 13. Habit #2Be a constant learner, changeand evolve as required. This means attending seminars,reading, and listening to audio books. Bymaking learning a habit, this could beone of your competitive advantages.
  14. 14. Do it now; have a propensity for action; make decisions quickly. I have found in business that the successful people are those who have a huge sense ofurgency. They always want to getit done sooner and now cultivates the habit of doing it now.
  15. 15. you need to figure out what gives you strength and energy.
  16. 16. Habit #5Success Mantras;Get your head in the gameSteady your reactions. Narrow your objectives. Know and stick to your moral compass.
  17. 17. Habit #6Be Fit. fitness gives energyand energy is what allows us to get things done.
  18. 18. Habit #7Study time management. OK - aplug for my ebook, book and cd. We all have the same amountof time; it is a matter of how weuse it and how much we getdone.
  19. 19. Habit #8Nurture a network. Reviewing the address book,keeping in touch with people andtrying to add value to them. Themore we nurture this company,the more we can get things done.
  20. 20. Habit #9Fail often, fail fast, fail cheap. In order to move forward,sometimes we have to fail.Dont let failure stand in theway of trying to move forward.You are not a failure if you fail;you are a failure if you don’t try.
  21. 21. Think about and decidewhat your success habitswill be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
  22. 22. Strategy is the thinking aspect of Tactics are theplanning a change, meat and bread organizing of the strategy. something, or They are theplanning. Strategy “doing” aspect lays out the goals that follows the that need to be planning. Tacticsaccomplished and refer specifically the ideas for to action. achieving those goals.