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Tech4Good: Email marketing for nonprofits


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According to AFP ( non-profit professionals who have had email marketing training have a measurably improved response rate, especially to permission giving email.

Too many emails, too much information, too many things to do, and I’m out of time . . .

The reality is that this is a problem for all of us. So, how do you get people to give your communications the attention that they deserve? We have some answers for you. At this month’s Tech4Good SWFL meeting we can help you stay on top of your email outreach to existing donors, supporters, members, friends and connect with others who may be checking to see what you do.

“No one wants to talk to a 501(c)(3)” – Kivi Leroux Miller

“The general public is not a target audience. They don’t have an email address”

– – Tony Kopetchny #16NTCdataframeworks

Personalization and segmentations are two keys to successful email outreach. At our June 7th meeting you will learn how to make your messages relevant to your recipients. We will learn about first steps to make your email message more personal, how to set-up segmentation of your email list, and how to modify your message to successfully stay in touch with your supporters. We will also discuss transactional emails and how to use them as second touch points with first time donors and connect existing donors with the good work that they help you do.

Learn how to find out what your readers like to read by looking at the click rates in your email campaigns. You are able to be more focused on interest, rather than shooting in the dark.

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Tech4Good: Email marketing for nonprofits

  1. 1. Email Marketing for Nonprofits Personalization and Segmentations Tech4Good SWFL w/ Birgit Pauli-Haack
  2. 2. Agenda Dinner Introduction NPTech News Email Marketing 4 Nonprofits Q & A The End.
  3. 3. NTEN
  4. 4. Submit a session proposal for the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference! • Have a topic you’d like to present (or see presented) at the Conference next year? Share your ideas! Take the 2016 Technology Benchmarks and Staffing Survey • Complete the survey and you’ll be entered in a chance to win a $500 VISA gift card. Write for us! • Share how you’re using technology for social change by writing for Connect, our blog and monthly newsletter. @NTENorg |
  5. 5. Techsoup / Netsquared News
  6. 6. NetSquared Global Network • 50 groups • 20 countries
  7. 7. #Storymakers2015 - Voting until June 15 Public Voting until June 15
  8. 8. Tech4Good SWFL Upcoming Events in Naples July 5th, 2016 - 3 Year Birthday Party! August 2, 2016 - Google Analytics For Nonprofits September 6, 2016 - Getting ready for #GivingTuesday #SWFLGives Suggestions?
  9. 9. Resources
  10. 10. NPTechProjects: Workshop June 16 $15.00
  11. 11. Email Marketing for Nonprofits
  12. 12. Assumptions Email marketing Using an Email Service Provider (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, Drip) Permission based emails (Opt-in) Semi-automatic process of subscriptions These are not other people. They gave you permission to be in their inbox. Main purpose? Communicate with people you know and want to learn more about. Make friends, 2nd asked, long time supporter.
  13. 13. What do people want? Source: Abila Donor Loyalty Study
  14. 14. Subscriber on Your Engagement Ladder Here example: Facebook 1)How does this look for people coming through Website, or through Twitter, or Snapchat? 2)What happens after subscription?
  15. 15. Segmenting during sign-up process What can various segmentations be? Zip Code Interests What else?
  16. 16. eNewsletter: Reporting Format: Headlines / Teaser / Link One column With call to actions on bottom Example: NPC
  17. 17. eNews - voting for content via mouse/touch What’s high performing content w/ our loyal subscribers? Segmentation overtime via interest?
  18. 18. Subscriber Activity Rating 1 Star: Negative activity score (-5 to -1). This recipient has either unsubscribed and resubscribed, or soft bounced in the past. 2 Star: No activity (score of 0). This recipient is most likely a new member, or a previously engaged member who's gone dormant. 3 Star: Limited activity (score of 1). This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns but is either not consistently engaged or hasn’t been on your list long enough to have earned a higher rating. 4 Star: A moderate amount of activity (score of 2 to 5). This recipient often opens or clicks your campaigns when you send. 5 Star: A high level of engagement (score of 6 to 14). This recipient opens or clicks your campaigns very consistently. Segmentation by Activity: 2 campaigns 1) Active one 4+5 star 2) Inactive 2+3 stars = increase open rate
  19. 19. Benchmarks
  20. 20. Frequency
  21. 21. Benchmark - Unsubscribe When do people unsubscribe? Bad Content + Bad Frequency