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Reviews on book "Hidden Story of Cancer"

Brian Peskin discovered the singular prime cause of cancer and this book Hidden Story of Cancer provides the simple, cost effective solution to that prime cause so that you never contract cancer. Know what the users think about this book by watching this presentation.

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Reviews on book "Hidden Story of Cancer"

  1. 1. Reviews on book Hidden Story of Cancer By Brian Peskin
  2. 2. Hidden Story of Cancer Prof. Brian Scott Peskin builds on the remarkable work of Nobel Prize-winner in medicine / physiology Otto Warburg, MD, PhD - the top biochemist/physiologist of the 20th century. He discovered the singular prime cause of cancer and this book provides the simple, cost effective solution to that prime cause so that you never contract cancer. Written expressively for physicians yet understandable to those without medical training.
  3. 3. This has got to be one of the heaviest books I've ever reviewed, but the nearly 600 pages are chock full of some of the most surprising, eye-opening information you will ever find out there on the subject of cancer. Nobody ever enjoys hearing a diagnosis of the "c" word from their doctor because it's almost always a certain death sentence to people who get it. But Professor Brian Scott Peskin says he has found there is a "simple plan" based on the research begun way back when by Nobel-prize-winning Dr. Otto Warburg in Germany that addresses the primary cause of cancer head- on without the need for dangerous chemotherapy radiation treatments. Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Man
  4. 4. I really enjoyed this book and especially learning the history about Otto Warburg, M.D. & his premise that all cancer is due to a low oxygen environment in the cells. There seems to be a lot of truth as our great grandparents didn't get cancer, they ate mostly farm fresh foods, not overly processed, hydrogenated foods and margarine. There is a lot of technical information in the book that I really feel pertains to physicians only, but maybe that was the idea. This book is a 2nd chance to grasp Otto Warburg's discovery, and apply simple substances to the diet that may prevent ongoing health abnormalities. Brian also supplies "food for thought" regarding a low carb diet for longevity. The information supplied in this book far supersedes any opinion of style. Thanks Brian for bringing some truth back that may have once been lost. Mark Twain
  5. 5. Soon I shall observe my 87th year. This book is the most valuable purchase I have ever made after a lifetime of following "Popular Wisdom“ nutritional advice. Applying the author's recommendations for about 18 months I have benefited surprisingly. Am in better health than at 40. All medical tests confirm this. Vitality and mental functions OK. Even my dry, flaking, itchy discolored skin is clearing and dandruff is gone! Nice dividend! Get the book! Milton J. Green
  6. 6. A must read for anyone who has cancer or wishes to remain cancer free. It gets a little technical and may seem redundant, at times. But the author simply covers his bases to address a broad and, no doubt, sometimes skeptical audience. The book was a game-changer for me. Irol Iksalup A must read for anyone that wants to understand how to be healthy; and documented research behind what is said. Kricket
  7. 7. The information in this book is long overdue. The Hidden Story of Cancer reveals not only the primary cause of all cancer but what you can do to avoid the possibility of contracting it. It also exposes as myths and fallacies many of the things you have been led to believe as true...such as causes of cancer, the dangers of certain foods and supplements. I urge you, if this interests you, to not wait for this book to show up on book selling websites as it may not, but to go directly to his website and get this book! The website also has very useful and valuable information on it. I wish I had known this information long ago, it would have kept me cancer free...that I truly believe. Zahara
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