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  1. 1. Mission vs. RealityBrittany S. Perkins
  2. 2. Our Purpose“Saving people money to help them live better was the goalthat Sam Walton envisioned…” ( Call “Wal-Marts mission is to help peoplesave money so they can live better.”
  3. 3. All in there sloganand all around their stores
  4. 4. But do they have the lowest price? $1,398 Low Price?
  5. 5. Comparing PricesStore Product Their Price Wal-Mart Savings PriceTarget Dove Damage $4.99 $4.98 $0.01 Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo 25.4ozHome Depot Scotts Turf Builder $21.98 $19.44 $2.54 14.29 poundsBest Buy Adele 21 $11.99 $11.88 $0.11 Compact Disc
  6. 6. Ad Match Guarantee Wal-Mart says they will match any lower priced item from another store backed up by a Advertisement such as a circular MUST HAVE ADVERTISEMENT! In order to receive the lower priceBack To School
  7. 7. Live Better What Wal-Mart means to “Live Better” is by giving their customers the opportunity to buy things they wouldn’t normally be able to buy because of the cost of everyday items Dear Wal-Mart
  8. 8. Realization Yes! it is true Wal-Mart does have lower prices on everyday items that you can buy at other retail stores Wal-Mart does strive to give you the lower price within reason so you can live better
  9. 9. 3 Basic Beliefs and Values Respect for the Individual Service to our Customers Striving for ExcellenceHow does Wal-Mart demonstrate these 3 Beliefs and Values?
  10. 10. Respect for the IndividualWal-Mart recently has added a provision in their Employee Non-Discrimination Policy for transgender individuals This will safeguard workers from discrimination and harassment based on both gender identity and gender expressionWal-Mart Stores will double the money it spends with women-owned businesses and put more money toward training women in the company After a lawsuit won in June against discrimination against women employees
  11. 11. Service to Our Customers Wal-Mart has teamed with T-Mobile to offer a unlimited 4G prepaid plan in stores and online Free shipping on items
  12. 12. 10 Foot Rule It is also stated on Wal-Mart website that employees must use the 10 Foot Rule At 10 feet employee makes eye contact with customer Greets them Ask if they need help
  13. 13. This is what I experienced Picture From
  14. 14. Stores I have Visited and the 10-foot Rule Store Location 10-Foot Rule? Hightstown, NJ No Princeton, NJ No Flemington, NJ No Gettysburg, PA Yes! North Brunswick, NJ No
  15. 15. Overall Wal-Mart does strive to demonstrate its mission statement of having low prices for their customers in order to save money so they can live better Wal- Mart also strives to meet their 3 Basic Beliefs and Values Wal-Mart as a whole organization does not demonstrate the 10-Foot Rule consistently in all stores but in some of their subcultures
  16. 16. Plus Wal-Mart communicates to its customers their low prices with comparison to what they were before “Rollback” signs Able to keep up with the times and change their policies when necessary
  17. 17. Delta Customer Service, hold weekly meeting with staff to remind them of the 10-Foot Rule and have them to voice any ideas for better service Have comparison of prices from each store Better up keep of store Show ways that they strive for excellence
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. References Logo Picture – Employee picture - /30walmart.html T-Mobile Logo - facebook-many-others-support-t-mobile-s-bid-t- mobile