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  1. 1. The multiple ways I use this device for work, personal and getting organized!
  2. 2. Bridget is an extension myself and my office
  3. 3. she wakes me up!
  4. 4. Bridget reminds meabout a lot of veryimportant things!
  5. 5. Walt calls out! – Text Zac
  6. 6. This one?Email Nick these pictures! Or this one?
  7. 7. I get questions inmeetings and get theanswers during them.Bridget gives meinstant answers, noneed for my regularPC
  8. 8. Thanks Bridget!
  9. 9. Classroom? Boardroom?I am able toshowexamples toclients withBridget. Theater Style?
  10. 10. GPS App!
  11. 11. Lauren is always at a bar!what happened to Debbie?
  12. 12. To avoid another one of thesein my building!
  13. 13. Communicate with staff, contacts, supervisorLets me emailText/BBMNavigates for me to off campus meetingInstant communicationListRemindersDown time
  14. 14. Documents To Go® BlackBerry BalanceCreate and edit Word, With BlackBerry®Excel and PowerPoint Balance™ technology, yourdocs, and view PDF docs work and private livesanywhere, anytime with never mix—so you can dothis free, mobile document it all on one device.suite. Social Feeds Stay up-to-date with your social networks and receive the latest news and information from your favorite blogs and websites.
  15. 15. ―75 million people using our BlackBerry servicesevery day, and we have 55 million customersembracing our unique BlackBerry socialexperience of BlackBerry Messenger‖ THORSTEN HEINS, PRESIDENT, CEO, RESEARCH IN MOTION LIMITED
  16. 16.  Chicago inspectors embrace BlackBerry  ObjectWave Corp. installed its Mobile Electronic Ticketig system  Cost-cutting moved replaced laptops for BlackBerry smartphones  Laptops not as mobile  Could not take pictures  Employees already had smartphones  Have GPS to pinpoint locations  Can take notes  email Urgent Communications April 11
  17. 17.  Legal static over issuing smart phones to workers  ―Chicago Police Department has handed powerful new tools to officers in the field -- BlackBerry smart phones‖  Officers want overtime that they claim to earn using their smartphones off the clock  FLSA [Fair Labor Standards Act]  "Clearly theres a tremendous benefit to being able to access work remotely," says Howard S. Lavin, an attorney "Its a fabulous tool. The problem is when you take technology and apply it to longstanding laws, there are unintended consequences."
  18. 18.  Smart Work  Northern Eagle Beverages Inc., headquartered in the town of Oneonta, which delivers about 800,000 cases each year. Its main suppliers are Anheuser-Busch, Heineken and High Falls Brewing Co., makers of Genesee Beer and others  The entire staff is now armed with Blackberry phones and Panasonic  Employees leverage the latest mobile technology to work more efficiently while seeing strong growth in the distributors beer portfolio Beverage World 130 no5 51-3 My 15 2011
  19. 19.  Karson Langenfelder says…  Lighter  Battery last longer  Alarm clock is better  Faster/more efficient email  BBM  One touch dialing  Voice quality is better  Business leader tools And last but not least the reason BlackBerry is better……..
  20. 20.  a&hs=D3Z&sa=X&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&biw=1015&bih=570&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=xGgYbMk0ckdmdM:&imgrefurl=http://bui effect&docid=2OhY0zxhoPcdrM&imgurl= 2011-12-29-37-PM.jpg&w=788&h=536&ei=V59CT- CLL8Pr0gGU_JHIBw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=653&sig=112383630721975064213&page=2&tbnh=115&tbnw=15 9&start=8&ndsp=22&ved=0CMkBEK0DMB0&tx=63&ty=58 Picture of fire building woman on the go Roberts, M. (2011). Chicago inspectors embrace BlackBerry. Urgent Communications, 29(4), 12. Moltenbrey, K. (2010). Which Flavor Are You?. Computer Graphics World, 33(10), 2-46. Research in motion limited conference call to discuss management changes - final. (2012, Jan 23). Fair Disclosure Wire, pp. n/a. Retrieved from Heller, M. J. (2010). Legal static over issuing smart phones to workers. Workforce Management, 89(9), 8-10 Holl, J. (2011). Smart Work. Beverage World, 130(5), 51-53. Interview with Karson Langenfelder Director of Study Tours and Conference Services