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Saudi arabia presentation


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Saudi arabia presentation

  1. 1. Saudi Arabia By: Brady Dow
  2. 2. Climate • Saudi Arabia is very hot and dry. The majority of the country is covered in desert.
  3. 3. Government • The Saudi Government is a Monarchy. They are ruled by the Saudi Royals. Their current king is Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The muslim religion is a big role in their government.
  4. 4. Population • 28,146,656 people live in Saudi Arabia
  5. 5. Women • In Saudi Arabia, Women are very underclass, they are not allowed to go outside of the house without there male protector, they are not allowed to drive, and must eat separately from males.
  6. 6. Religion • The Saudis are very, very religious. Almost 100% of the Saudi Population are muslim. Saudi Arabia is also the birth place of Islam and is home to the two holiest Islamic places of worship; Mecca and Medina. All of Islam prays towards Mecca and Medina, and they pray five times a day.
  7. 7. Oil • The Saudis are notorious for having a massive amount of Oil in their country. Their King was quoted of saying "Where ever we look for water, we find more oil." 90% of Saudi Arabia's exports are petroleum or petroleum based products
  8. 8. Birth Death Rate • • • • • 12.81 deaths/1000 births Life expectancy: total Population: 75.67 Male: 73.66 Female: 77.78
  9. 9. Relationship with America • We established relationships with the Saudis in 1940. The Saudis involvement in the Arab and Islamic communities, and there oil reserves, made them very valuable to the USA.