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HBI Creates Value To Business With Variety Of Web Applications


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HiddenBrainsIndia is involved in providing web design and web development services, software design and development, mobile application design and development, Search Engine Optimization and web hosting.

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HBI Creates Value To Business With Variety Of Web Applications

  1. 1. HBI Creates Value To Business With Variety Of Web ApplicationsThe web development business is one of the most successful businesses in the world, and HBI(HiddenBrainsIndia) is the favorite place for business enterprises for the efficient as well as economicalweb application development. It focuses on building up different types of software generallyconcentrating on web application, games, website, search engine optimization, phone application andmany more.Our Range Of Services Includes: Offshore Outsourcing : Offshore Outsourcing has become a trendy word that is pushing and pulling the global economic markets. This Strategy has refashioned the divisions of Information Technology & is assisting the industries in acquiring the emulousness. It assures high grade & low cost of developing business applications for the clients world-wide.Hire Dedicated Developers : Any person or business that wants tomake money by offering a product or service will need to hire adeveloper. Hiring on-contract IT developers/programmers reduce thefinancial obligations manifold, compared to cost of maintaining full-time in-house employee. Web Development : Web Development Solutions wraps graphical- visual frame-up & blueprint, information framework & its presentation, handiness & interactivity along with accessibility & applicability. HBI maintains a right counterpoise between the crucial elements of a Website & keeps in mind the current design and usage trends in Web Development Process.Open Source Customization : Open Source is a code /applications or scripts which is created by open communityand available for free or under certain license agreement or atvery low cost. This technology is the best way to economizethe time & to initiate the development of a business atconsiderably low expenses.
  2. 2. Web Design : Web Designing is chiefly used for the development & improvement in the look & feel of Websites & appealing Web Applications, provided to the end-users through the Web enabled software or by Web Browsers.Web Redesigning : A website difficult to navigate & withoutdated content is rarely visited by guests & such websitesrequire redesigning. HBI with a team of creative Web designersprovide website redesigning services that touch up theappearance of your website with attractive & professionalgraphics along with other useful features to increase the overallapplicability & plausibility of your website. Software Development : Development of software is a well known process in the technical hub all around. The companies in this field are creating transformations to a better world.Rich Application Development : For the developmentof wide range of rich applications, we use rich internetapplication tools and various technologies to increaseinteractivity. Rich internet application development byprofessional RIA developers provides assurance of highquality web development. Mobile Application Development : Our professional mobile application services are the effort to ease the complications and to enhance the usage of modern devices according to need.
  3. 3. Web Enabled/Client Server : Secure and fast data access providespower to modern online business. This applications and n-tierarchitecture are meant to provide the needed data to different entitiesrelated to e-businesses of the modern times. BPO Services : We maintain special teams for BPO services to provide high quality services and emphasis on timely technical and non technical support to our BPO clients.Multimedia Solutions : Multimedia is widely used by the organizationsand professionals for online advertising & marketing campaign byutilizing audio & video. We have organized team of multimediadesigners and developers to provide professional multimedia service. IT Consultancy : IT consultancy extracts the hidden benefits for you on the basis of experience of professional IT consultant. Hiring a Professional IT Consultancy Company is the sensible decision in today’s competitive business environment for both entities of business like novice businessmen and experienced businessmen.Database Solutions : Rapidly growing business over internethas increased the demand of high quality database design &development.
  4. 4. Web Optimization & Promotion or SEO: Websites visibility on the popular search engines and provision of sending the appropriate business information to the concerned or potential customers is necessary. Web optimization is a jack or pulley that pushes & lifts up the websites to get into eyes of web users and the internet marketing experts are technical mechanics that use them optimally.Application Migration : Application Migration is significantto cope up with rapidly changing online business; legacywebsites are no more effective in the modern times. Migratingfrom one technology to another allows adding more effectivefeatures of the new technology in the system. Website/Application Maintenance Services : Application maintenance services provided by HBI take all essential care of the needs imposed by your business website that has numerous customized applications which are maintained pertinently.Website Testing : Testing is very significant beforeintroducing the website on the web and it needs wellexperienced QA professionals to perform all thetesting activities without error. We are expert inusing latest website testing tools. We possessknowledge of website testing methods, all testinglevels, testing process to provide high qualitywebsite testing services to our offshore clients.Through solid business sense, innovation andprofessional art direction, we help our clients in branding their company & products, launchingpowerful web brochures, dramatically increasing sales and reducing cost of marketing. To Create Strong Websites & Gain ROI, Visit :