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Career Success A to Z by Abhishek Ratna


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Career Success A to Z consists of 26 very simple but extremely powerful lessons which will propel
your career to new heights. Lessons presented in this book are short but have a very deep meaning.
Readers are expected to think hard and apply these lessons most appropriately for a great career

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Career Success A to Z by Abhishek Ratna

  1. 1. Career Success A to Z1 Abhishek RatnaCareer Success A to ZSimple Success Lessonsabhishek ratna
  2. 2. Career Success A to Z2 Abhishek RatnaCareer Success A to ZSimple Success LessonsAbhishek Ratna
  3. 3. Career Success A to Z3 Abhishek RatnaDear ReadersCareer Success A to Z consists of 26 very simple but extremely powerful lessons which will propelyour career to new heights. Lessons presented in this book are short but have a very deep meaning.Readers are expected to think hard and apply these lessons most appropriately for a great careersuccess.I wish the readers all the very best for a wonderful career!Yours Truly,Abhishek Ratna
  4. 4. Career Success A to Z4 Abhishek RatnaZ is for Zealous – Be ZealousEach of us have days when we look a lot less than our best, when we get a lot less than the best,when we perform a lot less than what is our best…the bad days!But we need to make it through these bad days… Your zeal will give you the confidence to shine inrain! Be zealous.Be ardently devoted to your purpose. Be at the peak of enthusiasm!Whenever you lose your zeal, remember the below lines:“One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful..welet what was once a miracle become common to us. We get so accustomed to his goodness itbecomes a routine..”- Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential
  5. 5. Career Success A to Z5 Abhishek RatnaY is for Yes - Say YES to NumbersNumbers are the best way to showcase your accomplishments. Learn to put numbers to money,time and amount.Number the MoneyAny organization has a concern and focus on Money! It is “THE MOST’ important thing whichmatters.To showcase your potential and achievements think about,Ways you have saved money.Ways you have earned money.Ways you have managed money.Put numbers to what you say in terms of MONEY!Number the TimeTime is as important as money. Time is Money! Efficiency is a common concern in the work world.To showcase your potential and achievements think about,Ways you have managed time.Ways you have increased efficiency.Ways you have reduced ‘time taken’.Put numbers to what you say in terms of TIME!Number the Amount‘Wrote multiple press releases’ can never have the same impact as ‘Wrote 25 press releases in 1month’.To showcase your potential and achievements think about ways in which you can number theamount you have worked on.Don’t get caught in the trap of ‘no numbers included’.Numbers are the best way to showcase yourself!
  6. 6. Career Success A to Z6 Abhishek RatnaX is for X-Factor – What is your X-Factor?Sometime it is you ability to get results,Sometimes it is your passion,Sometimes it is your connections,Sometimes it is your ability to be self motivated,Sometimes it is your ability to manage your time and yourself,Sometimes it is your implementation skills and efficiency,Sometimes it is your ability to execute faster,Sometimes it is your ability to see your goals clearly,Sometimes it is your ability to cut the clutter and focus on what matters the most,….in this competitive world, you need to develop that competitive edge which will leave your rivalsmiles behind…YOUR X-FACTOR!So what is your X-Factor?
  7. 7. Career Success A to Z7 Abhishek RatnaW is for Winning - Sometimes...Winning is Everything!Sometimes in life.....Winning is Everything...Know your game...know when winning is everything for you...and give it all you have!Very Inspiring lyrics of Winning Is Everything is a song by The Misfits:Winning is everything, winning is everything It isnt how you play the gameWinning is everything, winning is everything I want everybody to know my nameIm aiming for success, gonna do what it takes If someone gets hurt, well, thems the breaksIf you wanna reach the top, dont let anybody stop you (oh...)Winning is everything, winning is everything I aint cut out for second stringWinning is everything, winning is everything So go find another song to singWinning is everything, winning is everything It isnt how you play the gameWinning is everything, winning is everything I want everybody to know my nameIm aiming for success, gonna do what it takesIf someone gets hurt, well, thems the breaksIf you wanna reach the top, dont let anybody(oh...)Winning is everything, winning is everything I aint cut out for second stringWinning is everything, winning is everything So go find another song to singWinning is everything, winning is everything, winning is everything Winning is everything!
  8. 8. Career Success A to Z8 Abhishek RatnaV for Vendetta - Best Quotes from V for VendettaVery Inspiring and Thoughtful Quotes from V for Vendetta:“Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybodyhas their story to tell.”- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta“You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.”- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta“The past cant hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.”- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta“Happiness is the most insidious prison of all.”- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta
  9. 9. Career Success A to Z9 Abhishek RatnaU is for Understanding – Understand before you DecideIf you do right things, you will accomplish more and grow faster. If you do wrong things you will finddisappointment.They key difference between doing the right things and the wrong is your understanding!Do your research and investigations, ask questions but make sure you understand things fully beforeyou take action and make decisions.Often people take additional responsibilities, shift jobs, take up a new role and make commentswithout clearly understanding what they are getting into.Don’t draw your own conclusions before you understand things completely.This is especially relevant if you are asked to do something which seems foreign or is difficult tounderstand. You need to understand exactly what is being asked, so ask questions to help youunderstand the reasoning.The first step in decision making should be understanding….do you practice this approach?
  10. 10. Career Success A to Z10 Abhishek RatnaT is for Time Management - Be Ruthless in Time ManagementIn present day world, time is one of the most important assets we humans have.Given below are Three Ruthless Time Management Tricks which can help you to be more effective inyour work and personal world.Ruthless PrioritizationUnderstand, have complete clarity and then prioritize everything that falls on your plate. Notknowing how to prioritize will result in you running out of time too frequently!Be ruthless in your prioritization process. The most important things on your to do list should be thethings which give you money or pleasure! Everything is else is almost useless.Know your no compromise zoneFor managing time effectively you must know where is your zero tolerance zone. In most cases it willbe that activity which is the most important for you or that time of the day when you are mostproductive. Ensure that no one eats away this important time of yours…including yourself!Group it!Make a laundry list of your major activities in a month. Include all activities which take considerableamount of your time. Now try and group these activities so that it can be done faster! For example,you can choose to respond to your emails only during certain hours of the day. You can also chooseto pay your utility bills in one go on a certain date.Last but not the least, protect your time the way you protect your life!
  11. 11. Career Success A to Z11 Abhishek RatnaS is for Self Improvement - Seek Self ImprovementIt is very common to find people with the desire for self improvement; it is equally common to findpeople trapped in in-actions and excuses!Self improvement start in your mind and it is your mind which needs to change first for you tochange anything else.George Bernard Shaw rightly said, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”Tune in your mind for the change you seek. Change is possible. Most certainly!Have the burning desire to make the most of yourself. Work to be better than what you are.Dream Big. You deserve more!Get rid of negativity and your self-created limits. Learn from others.REMEMBER:“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and thats your own self.”- Aldous Huxley
  12. 12. Career Success A to Z12 Abhishek RatnaR is for Reinventing the Wheel – Reinvent the WheelGeneral notion is that ‘Reinventing the Wheel’ is duplication of effort in doing something which isalready been done and optimized.But how certain can we be, that something is perfectly optimized?How can we be sure that there is no scope of doing ‘it’ better?Who can guarantee that there is no other way of doing the same thing with much more valueaddition?Certainly, choosing not to reinvent the wheel has a flip side.Every time we choose not to reinvent the wheel, we save time, we save effort, but at the same timewe miss on the opportunity of value addition. Like any other assumption, this assumption too canprove to be dangerous!In his bestselling book REINVENTING THE BOOK, award winning entrepreneur Chris Zane emphasizeson the importance revisiting the basics to create lifetime customer experiences.Reinventing the wheel may sound against the flow and counter-intuitive but this exercise certainlyhas the potential of creating something unique and achieving something never thought of!Challenge the status Quo – Go Reinvent the Wheel!
  13. 13. Career Success A to Z13 Abhishek RatnaQ is for Q.E.D. - Q.E.D. ExcellenceQ.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, originating from theGreek analogous hóper édei deîxai, meaning "which had to be demonstrated". (Source - Wikipedia)Excellence is not ‘Excellence’ till demonstrated!Striving for excellence is an integral part of professionalism in any career, but for success just strivingis not enough.Excellence has to be demonstrated!You might be excellent in your work, you might be excellent in your ideas, You might be havingexcellent skillets, but until and unless you demonstrate it you cannot claim credit for it!What shows..sells!"Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, training with a spirit of endeavour, andaccepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations. Progress is built, in effect, upon the foundationsof necessary failure.This is the essential paradox of expert performance. When these conditions are in place, learningtakes off, knowledge escalates, and performance soars. You are on the path to excellence."(Taken from "Bounce", by Michael Syed)Demonstrate Excellence! Q.E.D.
  14. 14. Career Success A to Z14 Abhishek RatnaP is for Praise - Praise PearlEveryone is worthy of praise; everyone has something good about him/her.Great manager know this secret and use it to the fullest to produce excellent result.Kenneth Blanchard & Spenser Johnson in their number one bestseller book THE ONE MINUTEMANAGER, say:People Who FeelGood AboutThemselvesProduceGood ResultsTo get great result make people around you feel good. Do no miss a chance to encourage or praise!Praise is like a pearl which never loses its value. Praise People to Produce Great Outcomes!
  15. 15. Career Success A to Z15 Abhishek RatnaO is for Ownership - For Success Take OwnershipBe Courageous enough to take ownership of your Identity,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Faith,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Actions,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Thoughts,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Time,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Relations,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Neighborhood,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Reputation,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Skills,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Health,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Excuses,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Happiness,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Problems,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Development,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Work,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Comments,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Emotions,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Spirit,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Mistakes,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Growth,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Experiences,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Expectations,
  16. 16. Career Success A to Z16 Abhishek RatnaBe Courageous enough to take ownership of your Learning,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Past,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Present,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Future,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Career,Be Courageous enough to take ownership of your Life!
  17. 17. Career Success A to Z17 Abhishek RatnaN is for Narcist Boss - Nine signs of a Narscist BossYour boss will always play a critical role in shaping your career. A good boss will help you learn,develop your skills and grow. A bad boss will pull you down and restrict your growth.The worst comes when you have a Narcist Boss!You surely need to save yourself from a narcist boss and here are nine signs of a narcist boss:1. A Narcist Boss will never be satisfied with your performance.2. A Narcist Boss will take credit of your hard work and brilliant ideas.3. A Narcist Boss will always be inconsistent in his words and ideas.4. A Narcist Boss will force you to work as per his terms and conditions.5. A Narcist Boss will send you on personal errands.6. A Narcist Boss will often have impossible demands.7. A Narcistll Boss will be suspicious of your action.8. A Narcist Boss will enjoy withholding your leaves.9. A Narcist Boss will blame you for his own mistakes.So is your boss narcist? If yes, act your career!
  18. 18. Career Success A to Z18 Abhishek RatnaM is for Me-Too Product -You cannot afford to be a me-too productWhat makes you special?What is so different about you?What is unique about you?It is a no-brainer that you need to be pleasantly unique and stand out from the crowd if you want tobe a success in your career.You cannot afford to be a ‘me too product’.A copy is always a copy and anything unique and original always has much higher value.There are a number of ways in which you can make yourself unique:Have unique style of communication but be pleasant!Have unique work style but Positive! Have unique skills.Have unique experiences to share.Have unique dressing style but ensure that it is a ‘fit’ with your workplace.Have unique attitude. A strongly positive and to do attitude is rare!Have unique creativity.Have unique personal and professional goals. Seek to do more and be different!Have unique aspirations.Have unique thought process.But remember being unique also requires unique effort! It is not easy…nothing worthy in life is easy!
  19. 19. Career Success A to Z19 Abhishek RatnaL for Low Hanging Fruits - Develop an eye for Low Hanging FruitsSimply put, in the corporate world, low hanging fruits mean easy gains or easy wins.While it is important to have big goals, chase impossible dreams and challenge yourself with thetoughest problems, in order to maximize your potential it is also very important to develop an eyefor easy wins.You need to ensure that you do no miss out on these simple gains which require least effort andresources.Opportunity is everywhere. But in our endeavour for MAXIMUM we tend to ignore the simple, easythings we can do which will help us in achieving more in the long run.Everyone wants to have a great career. There are few very basics and relatively easy steps we allmust take for that dream career. For example, keep yourself updated with what is happening in yourindustry and your immediate environment, network, guard your reputation, keep developing yourskills, etc.These are low hanging fruits for your dream career and you have full control on these!Another example of gathering low hanging fruit – If you are in sales, ensure that you are prompt inresponding to your customer queries, follow every potential lead you get, do no miss onopportunities to cross sell and if possible loop back to prospects with a more compelling offer!Keep an eye, there are more and more low hanging fruits within your reach!
  20. 20. Career Success A to Z20 Abhishek RatnaK is for Keen - SUCCESS is YOURS…if you are KEEN for it!If you are keen to toil hard,If you are keen to learn smart,If you are keen to try new ideas,If you are keen to execute fast,If you are keen to overcome your fear,If you are keen to work on your weaknesses,If you are keen to capitalize on your strengths,If you are keen to boldly face honest criticism,If you are keen to command the appreciations and respect of others,If you keen to adapt,If you are keen to give people more than what they expect,If you are keen to be a self-starter,If you are keen to stop blaming others and take responsibility,If you are keen to be positive and enthusiastic,If you are keen to bring out the best in you,If you are keen to settle for nothing but the best,If you are keen to fail and fail till you succeed,Success is YOURS!
  21. 21. Career Success A to Z21 Abhishek RatnaJ is for Joyous – Make yourself Joyous at Work"Find a job you love and youll never work a day in your life." Said Confucius.While it is easy to say so, it is extremely difficult and sometime practically impossible to find a jobwhich you love to do. But that doesnt mean you cannot love the work you are doing now and behappy at work!An important key to successful career is the ability to make yourself joyous at whatever work youare doing.Being joyful or sad is a conscious choice each one of us makes through our thoughts and actions.Control your thoughts and actions so that you ensure that you are joyous at work to the extentpossible.Truly know what small things give you happiness in your day to day life, especially at work and thenfocus on doing these things more. Choose to be Joyous!When you are Joyous - It helps to tap all your energy.When you are Joyous – It helps to keep up your enthusiasm.When you are Joyous – It helps to be more content at work.When you are Joyous – It helps to increase your creativity.When you are Joyous – It make you more productive.When you are Joyous – It brings out the BEST in YOU!JOY JOY JOY!Tap the Joy in you and around you!
  22. 22. Career Success A to Z22 Abhishek RatnaI is for Ignore– Learn to IGNORE.FOCUS HARD on what really Matters!Learn to Ignore the unimportant mails.Learn to Ignore the loud chit chat across open office layouts.Learn to Ignore the unnecessary comments.Learn to Ignore the negativity around you.Learn to Ignore the unproductive involvements.Learn to Ignore social media and other website not related to work when you are at work.Learn to Ignore last minute requests.Learn to Ignore unproductive meetings.Your resources are finite. And in today’s work environment there are infinite number of things whichcontinuously demand your attention and in turn your limited resources.Given this scenario, to have a great career it is utmost important that you learn how to IGNOREthings and focus your resources to achieve and exceed your goals.Focusing is a very difficult thing and it requires the mindset, immense effort and willingness to befocused.Nothing great can ever be achieved without GREAT FOCUS.Take Action – Take Care – Take it Easy – Learn to IGNORE – FOCUS HARD on what really Matters!
  23. 23. Career Success A to Z23 Abhishek RatnaH is for Hammer Syndrome – Hammer Syndrome is deadly for yourCareer!When I was in Class 10th our Class Teacher showed us the picture below and asked every student inthe class to quietly write down the age on the lady in the picture on a page of paper and submit it tohim.To our surprise the class had given answers which ranged from 16 to 67!How is it possible?Each one of us thought that the class is full of insane minds who don’t even know how to guess agecorrectly!Each one of us was more than convinced that we will be very close to the correct answer...thecorrect age.Then came even bigger surprise – Our teacher said there is no right answer!It took us some time to digest the fact that this picture had two ladies in it and the one you will seewill depend upon your perception and biases!This was a big lesson for me.
  24. 24. Career Success A to Z24 Abhishek RatnaEvery individual has biases. We feel we are absolutely right and other person is wrong. We fail tounderstand the perspective of other and this harm us.In corporate world it is important to understand different perspective and different biases.For a truly successful career one cannot hold on to a rigid mindset.This is where Hammer Syndrome comes in.Abraham H. Maslow talked about it as:I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.Similarly Abraham Kaplan said:I call it the law of the instrument and it may be formulated as follows: Give a small boy a hammer,and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.The last thing you can do in corporate world is be a hammer and treat every issue as a nail!People are different. So are issues.Hammer Syndrome can be suicidal for your career…..Avoid it!
  25. 25. Career Success A to Z25 Abhishek RatnaG is for Glorify - Glorify your Work, Glorify Yourself!For a Glorious Career you need to Glorify your work and Glorify yourself!There is competition out there. There is fierce competition out there. Only talent and hard work isnot enough to get you that desired success. Success will come to that talented and hard workingperson who is best able to glorify himself and his work.The better you glorify the more successful you would be.Majority of us are by default not programmed to Glorify. We rather prefer to be quiet.You need to develop the mindset to glorify your work and yourself.You need to aspire to glorify.You need to be able think of creative ways to glorify.You need to be ready to behave even insanely or stupidly if required for glorifying your work.Glorification is no more a choice. For SUCCESS in todays world glorifying is a MUST!This lovely poem on net Shiloh Sophia by is certainly inspiring, to be Glorious!To Be GloriousToday, I choose myself.I choose to be the Queen of my own domain. To name myself as the one who governs my life. I shallnot wait for the approval of others.I will act on my own behalf and inner knowing. I choose to listen to this great heart within me. Tohonor what it wants, needs and longs for.I shall no longer allow the sacred parts of myself to feel worthless, fragmented and isolated.I choose to take up space in this Universe.To inhabit this vessel of self, which is my holy temple. I shall not keep my gifts hidden any longer orallow fear to keep me from my greatness. I choose to be as wonderful as I truly am.To explore just who I might be, after all these years. I shall not judge myself for where I have notjourneyed yet, or the ways I have been untrue.
  26. 26. Career Success A to Z26 Abhishek RatnaI choose to forgive myself and release the old stories to make space for new stories, legends even, toemerge. I shall not forsake my dreaming and visioning or allow others ideas to crowd my own. I willthink my own thoughts.I choose to fall in love with who I am, as I am, right now. To embrace the messy and the marvelouswithin me.I shall not diminish my light, one day longer. Hear me now. I release the shadows. Open hands. Openheart. Whoosh.I choose to see myself, and to be seen by you, too.To find you and dance with you and let you know I see you. I choose to see myself as whole, holy,worthy and wildly me.And Oh! So much more than enough. I choose to be outrageous! Being glorious is not a default. It is achoice. Hear me now.Are you ready for this? I am. Today, I choose myself. I choose to be glorious!
  27. 27. Career Success A to Z27 Abhishek RatnaF for Flexible: FlexisuccessThe world we live in is like an erratic monster which is capable of challenging us with unexpectedhindrances without any notice!Your ability to adapt, your ability to react positively, your ability to survive and thrive in an everchanging environment…in short your ability to be FLEXIBLE gives you the edge to be successful inyour career.You need to be flexible because many a times you will have to follow the course set by someoneelse, with no choice.You need to be flexible because you will keep learning and keep getting new insights which willpresent opportunities to make things better.You need to be flexible because you will have new experiences and you will realize that things arenot the same as look at face value.You need to be flexible because things change and so do people.Three key things you can do to become more flexible are:1. Keep a close track of changes happening around you. Talk to the people involved constantly.2. When you get new insights or new ideas do give it a meaningful consideration and if itdeserves a chance DO GIVE IT A TRY.3. Be willing and eager to change and upgrade your skill sets as and when required.Be Flexible: Be a SuccessFlexisuccess!
  28. 28. Career Success A to Z28 Abhishek RatnaE for Execute: Execute EffectivelyThe best strategies, the most detailed and well thought plans, the best teams….DO FAIL!The reason? Ineffective execution.All managers are trained to plan, very few know how to execute. Execution is independent ofplanning. Absolutely independent. Execution takes much longer than strategy formulation.Execution involves people and working with people in step by step manner over a considerableperiod of time.….and that is why, Effective Execution is the key to success in whatever you do. It is the most criticalfactor which determines success.Plans will fail if there is improper communication to the stakeholders.Strategies will have no impact if people are reluctant to change or make a change.Human behavior, Internal culture, external environment, conflict of interests… there is an endlesslist of factors which can make the best ideas FAIL.It is the ability to execute effective which helps in overcoming these challenges and make ideas, areal possibility!Execution is the key to success at every stage of your career. Remember, making strategy work ismuch more difficult that making strategy.
  29. 29. Career Success A to Z29 Abhishek RatnaD for Dream: Dream BIGDreaming big is not about having your head in the cloud.It is about becoming fulfilled.It is about becoming more.It is about achieving more.It is about acknowledging that you have options and you can choose what your true calling is.It is about new possibilities.It is about new energy, great focus and bigger goals.It is about becoming the true YOU.The lyrics of my favorite song will surely inspire you to dream BIG!When you cry be sure to dry your eyes Cause better days are sure to comeAnd when you smile be sure to smile wide Dont let them know that they have won And when youwalk, walk with prideDont show the hurt inside Because the pain will soon be goneAnd when you dream, dream big As big as the ocean blueCause when you dream it might come trueWhen you dream, dream bigWhen you laugh be sure to laugh out loudCause it will carry all your cares awayAnd when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself And itll help you feel okayAnd when you pray, pray for strength To help you carry on
  30. 30. Career Success A to Z30 Abhishek RatnaWhen the troubles come your wayAnd when you dream, dream big As big as the ocean blueCause when you dream it might come true When you dream, dream bigWhen you laugh be sure to laugh out loud Cause it will carry all your cares awayAnd when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself And itll help you feel okayAnd when you pray, pray for strength To help you carry onWhen the troubles come your wayAnd when you dream, dream big As big as the ocean blueCause when you dream it might come true When you dream, DREAM BIG!Jazmine describes her inspiration behind this song:"My journey was not an easy one. There were people telling me I wasnt what the industry wanted.So I had to persevere and stay determined to live my dream. I wrote this song to encourage peopleall over the world to dream big despite the road blocks."
  31. 31. Career Success A to Z31 Abhishek RatnaC for Courage: Your Courage Shapes Your CareerIt is very common to find people who are afraid to make a leap and live their dream!This restricts their careers forever.For a great career you need great courage.Your courage plays a defining role is shaping your career.Be courageous enough to inspire others…so that you become the leader and they feel confident tofollow you!Have the courage to do away with that unproductive weekly meeting at work.Have the courage to drop that impossible client who is eating up your valuable resources.Have the courage to own up you mistakes and take corrective actions.Have the courage to stay emotionally stable in those critical demanding and testing situations,especially when things start going wrong.Have the courage to say it like it is.Have the courage to challenge the norms.Have the courage to break or change the rules which need not be there.Have the courage to let go things when needed.Have the courage to stand by your decisions in those defining moments.Have the courage to take responsibility of your actions.Have the courage to take the bold actions towards your dream career.Have the courage to sweat it out to get the best.Have the courage to strive for nothing less than the best.Have the courage to be what you want to BE.Have the courage to say NO.
  32. 32. Career Success A to Z32 Abhishek RatnaHave the courage to push the limits.Have the courage to do what is never done.Have the courage to conquer your fear.Have the courage to stay calm when things start falling apart.Have the courage to be yourself.Have the courage to fight for your rights.Have the courage to fight against injustice.Have the courage to live your dream life.Great Career demands Great Courage!
  33. 33. Career Success A to Z33 Abhishek RatnaB for Basics: To Excel, be close to the BASICSThe most beautiful, the strongest and the best buildings are built on basic building blocks. Thesebasic building blocks are the key to stability and longevity of the building and let you enjoy thecomfort of a great building for a long time.Like buildings, great careers are built on strong foundations which are the basic building blocks. Asone progresses in career and tastes success after success there might come a moment when theperson tends to forget the basics. The same basics which made him or her successful, tends to gofurther and further away. And this leads to a career crisis!…because you can’t go very far away from your basics and be successful.The deepest secrets of career success are in these basics. These basics which define you.These basics which are your key strengths.These basics which you need as a lighthouse throughout your career to be on the right track.These basics which will help you in your testing times.Even something as complex as our universe is made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and other BASICingredients of life.There is immense power is the basics.Some of the most complex problems have their solutions in very basic facts!Something as basic as a wheel is the key to some of the most amazing inventions mankind has everknown!So STOP and take account of your basics.What are these BASICS for YOU?Identify these basics as clearly as possible and then keep coming back to these repeatedly.I promise you that these basics will keep showing you the way……for BASICS never FAIL!
  34. 34. Career Success A to Z34 Abhishek RatnaA for Amazing: Be Unceasingly AmazingNo matter how old you are… No matter what work you do…No matter what you have done in the past…No matter what others think about you…No matter how much criticism you have faced…No matter how many times you have tried and failed…From this moment promise yourself that you will be unceasingly amazing!You will be unceasingly amazing in the way you think about yourself.You will be unceasingly amazing in the way you think about the world around you.You will be unceasingly amazing in the way you treat yourself.You will be unceasingly amazing in the way treat others.You will be unceasingly amazing in whatever work you do.You will be unceasingly amazing in the way you dream.You will be unceasingly amazing in each and every action of yours!..because to have an amazing career you need to be amazing at everything…from your thoughts toyour action!Just be AMAZING.......UNCEASINGLY AMAZING!
  35. 35. Career Success A to Z35 Abhishek RatnaAbout the AuthorAbhishek Ratna is a member of Mensa International (an IQ of 156 on castle scale), an alumnus of IITMadras, an MBA in finance and marketing with extensive corporate experience, an active member ofAssociation of Business Communicators of India and a certified Image Management Coach.Abhishek is gifted with keen observation skills and is passionate about Coaching for Success.He loves travelling and has been to over twenty countries across the globe for work and pleasure.Connect with Abhishek:Twitter - @abhishekr79Facebook - –