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Two must skills for corporate success


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Two must skills for corporate success

  1. 1. Thursday, December 29, 2011 Abhishek Ratna Two MUST skills for Corporate Success I’d like to add that negotiating is not something to be avoided or feared - it’s an everyday part of life. - Leigh Steinberg 2. Diplomacy - Diplomacy has been said to be the art of getting what you want from someone who doesn’t want to give it to you, and having them thank you afterwords.... The best corporate leaders are the best when it comes to diplomacy. Handling humans in more important for corporate success than handling business process or balance sheets!!! So if you want to have a fast tracked corporate know what you should focus on! Going up the corporate ladder is full of twist and turns, challenges and uncertainties. No one can de- fine an exact winning formula in corporate world. Click here to send your feedback The very fact that it involves ‘humans’ makes it very dynamic and dependent on a number of factors. Yet there are two skills which are definitely a MUST for corporate success. Think of any big name in the corporate world and you will agree with me that they have these two skills. These MUST to have skills are: 1. Ability to do ‘HARD NOSE NEGOTIATION’ - Alljoliprint those who are successful in corporate world are capable of doing a hard nose negotiation. It is this skill which help them in getting their ‘way’ in the corporate jungle. Printed with The below quote summarizes this point: Page 1