Humber trends presentation


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Presented to the Humber Refresh Social Media Conference, April 9

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Humber trends presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Trends Where Are You Taking Me?!Presented to Humbers Refresh Conference April 9, 2013
  2. 2. Who Am I?Wanted to be a writer or a journalistEnded up working online instead!• Writer/Editor at Torontoist• Online Editor at National Post• Community Manager at Huffington Post Canada
  3. 3. A Few Facts About The HuffingtonPost (Canada)• U.S. version one of the largest news sites online (39-million UVs/monthly)• Also one of the most social news sites• Founded in 2005• Founded in Canada in May 2011, First International HuffPost site• Over 4-million UVs/monthly (psst, thats bigger than the Globe and Mail and National Post btw)
  4. 4. What Do I Do At HuffPost?• Social media strategy• Come up with new social ideas for content• Keep up with best practices and social media developments• Day-to-day monitoring of our social media accounts• Train staff on how to use social media tools
  5. 5. So Wheres All This Going?• Were in a massive transition from mass media to something else...• From TV, radio, newspapers to...• Social media, fragmented media, and more• Its just starting. All of this is quite new
  6. 6. Trend #1: Mobile
  7. 7. Think Mobile First• Facebook has +1-billion users, more than 50% access FB mobile• Twitter has always been a mobile experience• Its becoming a richer experience (audio, video, games, location, and e- commerce)• 45% of Canadas cellphone users are on a smartphone
  8. 8. What Were Doing?• Apps• Mobile pages• HuffPost Live works on mobile and iPad
  9. 9. Trend #2: Video
  10. 10. More Than Just YouTube• YouTube is dominant but theres competition• Netflix, Amazon, Cable companies• Also other platforms (think Vine)
  11. 11. What Were Doing
  12. 12. What Were Doing: HuffPost Live, @HuffPostLive What is it?• 15-30 min. segments, 12 hrs/daily• Were creating conversations around the days important topics• The segments gain new life on future HuffPost stories
  13. 13. Trend #3: Think Live
  14. 14. Social Media Is Live• Brands need to adapt to this• Think like a newsroom, react quickly and when things happen• Give front-line staff leeway and autonomy• What can happen when things go horribly, horribly wrong?
  15. 15. Or Worse...
  16. 16. Trend #4: The Social Screen• Combines live and video in some ways• Twitter + Nielsen• Also think live events! Sports, award shows
  17. 17. Trend #5: Hybrid models.Advertorial? Journamarketing?• Its always existed... Advertorial sections• And now its also online• Both journalists and marketers have to be vigilant about this• The reader/user must come first
  18. 18. How We Do It• Partnerships where they make sense• A net gain for both advertiser and us• Editorial integrity is important
  19. 19. What Happens When It GoesWrong?Atlantics Scientology Scandal • Loss of credibility • Hurts your brand • Controversy and backlash
  20. 20. Trend #6 LocationSome prominent uses for it right now:• Foursquare, Yelp, TwitterWhats next? Google Glass? Something else?
  21. 21. Thanks! Questions?Follow me on twitter @boyreporterCheck out the Huffington Post Canadawww.huffingtonpost.caE-mail: