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Culminating Project

  1. 1. Mental Illness By: Emily Boyles
  2. 2. Introduction• Emily Boyles• Senior at Capital High School• Part time student at South Puget Sound Community College
  3. 3. Why I chose this Topic...• Interested in Psychology• Career in Criminal Psychology• Discover more information o Education o Job Outlook o Schools
  4. 4. My Plan for This Project• Explain the definition of mental illness o Psychology:  Education/Schools  Job Outlook• Interview with a Field Expert
  5. 5. My Plan for This Project • Research: o Mental Conditions o Therapy o Medication o Life Expectancy
  6. 6. Research
  7. 7. Education Needed• Bachelor’s Degree• Doctoral Degree• On-The-Job Training• Pass Licensing Exam• Sub-Field
  8. 8. SchoolsSouth Puget Sound Community College o 2011 Mottman Road, SW Olympia, WA Alliant International University o Associate in Arts98512-6292 o 10455 Pomerado Road San Diego, CA 92131-1799San Diego State University o Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) o 5500 Campanile Drive and Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) in Clinical San Diego, CA 92182 Forensic Psychology o Bachelors Degree in General  Doctoral Degree PsychologyWestern Oregon University o 345 North Monmouth Avenue Monmouth, OR 97361 o Psychology Major
  9. 9. Job OutlookThe Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment for psychology jobs is expected to grow faster than average over the next ten years. (22%)
  10. 10. What is Mental Illness?
  11. 11. Mental Conditions:o Autism Spectrum Disorderso Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disordero Bipolar Disordero Dissociative Disorderso Substance Abuse Disordero Eating Disorders
  12. 12. Mental Conditions:o Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)o Panic Disordero Borderline Personality Disorder
  13. 13. Treatment: Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Interpersonal Therapy
  14. 14. Treatment: Medication• Common Antipsychotic Medication: o Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) o Haloperidol (Haldol) o Perphenazine o Fluphenazine o Clozapine
  15. 15. Treatment: MedicationAll Medications have side effects: • Drowsiness, dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, agitation, dry mouth, bladder problems, rapid heartbeat, sensitivity to the sun, skin rashes, persistent muscle spasms, tremors, restlessness, and weight gain
  16. 16. Mental Illness: Life Expectancy• Serious mental illness can take up to 14 years off a persons life vs. someone without a mental illness.
  17. 17. Schizophrenia Biography Meet Phil, hes had Schizophrenia his whole life.
  18. 18. Schizophrenia Biography• Phil is goes to therapy regularly:• Psychotherapy• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  19. 19. Field Expert Biography• Rachel DeLateur o Licensed Mental Health Counselor o Bachelors in psychology o Masters in community counseling o Attending school for PhD in physical psychology o South Puget Sound Community College- Associates o Tennessee- Bachelors/Masters o Walden University- PhD (attends now) o Providence St. Peter Hospital
  20. 20. Field Expert Interview• What is the most common medication?• What type of therapy do you offer?• What are the biggest challenges of Schizophrenia patients?• What additional services are people with mental illness offered?• What common mental illnesses do you see?
  21. 21. Lessons Learned and Reflection
  22. 22. The Future...
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