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Manage Your Facebook in Minutes


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A quick guide for managing Facebook for librarians. Designed by Mandy Boyle and distributed to the Northeast Library District

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Manage Your Facebook in Minutes

  1. 1. Your Library’s Facebook Page Checklist Photo of the library as Facebook in 15 Minutes your user picture A Librarian’s Guide to Facebook Photos of staff Photos of books, library spaces, events 4 Reminders for Friends Address Phone Number Friend patrons/members. Friend peo- Friend others who are interested in ple living in your service area, or who your stuff. Have a local history collec- Hours of Operation are likely to use your services. Your goal tion that focuses on a certain individual is to share your stuff, your events, and or era? Friend others who are interested Websites URL yourselves with other people and organi- in the same things. This should hold Short description zations who can actually use and benefit true especially on social networks that your content in a social network. focus on multimedia, like Flickr and You- Events listing Tube. Link to Twitter (optional) If someone friends you, check them out. Look at their posts, look at their bio, and Finally, be friend-neutral. Don’t agree Custom URL (after 25) where they’re from. If they live close by, with what the person says, or don’t like friend them. Then start sharing. their content? Remind yourself that this isn’t your personal social network you’re Friend other local organizations. developing, but your organization’s net-To Create a Again, the goal is to share your stuff work. And most likely, you take allFacebook Page: with other organizations that can poten- shapes and sizes of friend connections.http:// tially partner with you, or otherwise people your way.pages/create.php SOURCE: David Lee King, Digital Branch & Services Manager—Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library The Rules of Using Social Media Be active: brand yourself / Learn how to monitor your Stay relevant and be helpful. your library brand. Give the community room to Be open: permit comments/ Learn from your brand commu- grow. feedback / tagging nity. Know youre not alone. Be social: show, interact, re- Have a game plan. Go where your users are. spond Promote, promote, promote. Be the change. Be polite and aware: privacy Allow open, yet governed ac- has changed cess for employees Questions? Comments? Contact me:,
  2. 2. Manage Your Facebook Page in What Do I Post About? Events & programs happening in your library 15 Minutes Per Day Events & programs happening in the library Log in and moderate any comments left on your page. system Check your direct messages and respond. Events in the community Check in on birthdays on the home page. Holiday greetings Respond to any comments on your wall. New collection additions Post a status message daily, something engaging or Fundraisers interesting. Post no more than 3-5 times daily. Donation opportunities Comment on a few status messages or updates. Volunteer opportunities Share at least 1 interesting update that you find. Library resources for a group, such as stu- Comment on something another page posted. dents, teachers, parents, job seekers, etc. Scan the fees and follow what others are saying. Author of the week, Local authors QuotationsADDITIONAL TACTICS REMEMBER: Create an event Post a discussion A successful library page includes regular status updates, interacting with visitors, pointing to Create a new photo album things going on in the library, Facebook events, Hold a contest and regularly adding media. Library Related Facebook Applications1. CiteMe2. Books iRead3. BookShare4. Catalog searches: COPAC, Worldcat5. Electronic resources: JSTOR6. LibGuides Don’t be alarmed if interaction isn’t strong at first! Most participants in social media are classified as “lurkers”, or people who observe mostly. Few contribute regularly, but either way, don’t fret! Keeping your page active (with fresh updates, content, etc.) in the sphere makes you more ap- pealing to friend and follow. Questions? Comments? Contact me:,