Unilever (Malaysia) Aviance Sdn. Bhd.Chesebrough-Pond’s (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Level 34, Menara TMJalan Pantai Baru, 59200 Ku...
Get ready to be a partner with                                          2010 turnover 44,300 million EURO*GLOBAL          ...
Empower you to be a                                            MULTI-                                            MILLIONAI...
Our Compass                                                                       Unilever Compass                        ...
Get to Know aviance                       aviance is a business of high-end products born out of Unilever’s global strateg...
Passport to Millionaireship                         Building on the strong, global platform of Unilever, aviance under the...
Enjoy Business Opportunity                                                        aviance is here to help you start an ent...
Enjoy Business Opportunity                                  Business Associate                                  This membe...
Beauty & Wellness                                                                                     Premium Health and B...
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Business introduction of Global Unilever


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Global Unilever Malaysia

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Business introduction of Global Unilever

  1. 1. Unilever (Malaysia) Aviance Sdn. Bhd.Chesebrough-Pond’s (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Level 34, Menara TMJalan Pantai Baru, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  2. 2. Get ready to be a partner with 2010 turnover 44,300 million EURO*GLOBAL • Unilever products are sold in more than 180 countries. • 2 billion consumers use a Unilever MARKET LEADER product on any day World leader on research and development Nearly 1 million Euro invested in R&D each year • More than 600 R&D professionals INNOVATION • 167,000 employees across the world UNILEVER • We meet everyday needs for nutrition, • 270 manufacturing sites worldwide • At least 250 new patent applications filed hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good with state-of-the art products each year and get more out of life. • Integrated R&D from 6 strategic R&D labora- tories & 31 major development centers * 2010 data delivering groundbreaking technologies & product innovations Result-proven products offering BEAUTY & WELLNESS that make dramatic differences in the lives of people Through stringent working with Unilever worldwide research & development networking, aviance offers a wide prestige product range from personal care and cosmetics to weight management and nutrition supplements. We have a strong commitment on CIP product philosophy: customization, innovation, and professionalism. With the world’s best ingredients such as French caviar, and latest technology such as MicroSponge, and Nobel-prize-winning Cellular Water Channel, our revolutionary products promise you… visible beauty and vitality results. Don’t miss avian ce your lifetime opportunity to join Unilever maximizes our wealth of knowledge and international expertise to reach more consumers via a direct selling channel with “aviance”. This is to empower aviance business associates to have better lives with international business opportunity and state-of-the-art products. by UNILEVER ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 2 I SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 3
  3. 3. Empower you to be a MULTI- MILLIONAIRE and the sky is your limit You can enjoy irresistible aviance offers you a lucrative international compensation plan. Our simple and generous compensation plan with very modest start-up costs was designed to give you residual income from LIFE your high-retention customers and organization. REWARDS all the way to success at the top aviance entrepreneurship benefits are not all about money, but far beyond. Your efforts and business performance will win you exclusive reward trips all over the world, special business seminars, and special bonuses. Success here is a journey, not a destination. You can enjoy various benefits of success all the way Unlock your potential to be to the top. TRUE LEADERS with the leadership development compass from aviance academy Your better future One of the most essential elements of success is competent leadership. aviance Academy has been established to be the learning center of leadership development in three modules – skill, leadership, and character – for aviance is starting business associates during all stages of your NOW. success path. Be true leaders with dynamic but sustainable growth. ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 4 I SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 5
  4. 4. Our Compass Unilever Compass We will create a better future every day. aviance GREAT Compass We will empower people to fulfill their dreams. William Hesketh LeverAbout UnileverWhen founding Unilever, Lord William Hesketh Lever promised,“We shall make cleanliness an omnipresent matter. We shallhelp make light the household chores of the ladies, promotegood health, make people more attractive and their lives morepleasurable and fulfilled.” And from the humble beginning ofSunlight soap in the 1980’s, Unilever has now successfullylaunched and marketed over 400 products from 14 categories G - Give to Growwhose breadth encompasses household cleansing, personalhygiene and food. No other company has touched the lives of somany people in so many ways as we do. R - Respect, Trust and IntegrityUnilever has enjoyed growth upon growth for longer than a hundred E - Empower with Love and Happinessyears. Thanks to our outstanding product quality, we are the leaderin all fields in which we chose to engage. Our brands are recognised A - Appreciate the Differencesthe world over. The trust placed in us by consumers of variouscountries has further cemented our position as one of the world’s T - Team Unitylargest consumer goods companies. ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 6 I SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 7
  5. 5. Get to Know aviance aviance is a business of high-end products born out of Unilever’s global strategies of pioneering new channels and reconnecting with consumers. This is a platform towards millionaireship which comes complete with all the support you will need to succeed. Unilever has branched out from the retail market into the direct sale industry in 2000. We have positioned ourselves as Thailand’s first network marketing and multi-level marketing company in a market with high direct sale growth rate, inviting interested “Business Associates” to join our group as independent entrepreneurs. Everyone is offered the chance to grow their wealth to the millions through aviance branded premium beauty and wellness products. This vehicle of opportunity has created a solid foundation of consumers and wellhess around the world and made real the promise of boundless returns on one’s efforts. With the trust Unilever has earned from consumers globally over the course of a century, you can be sure that we are the best business partner you can have. One who is not only visionary but also financially secure. One who is ready to introduce this direct sale business to all markets of the world with a strong presence of Unilever. aviance is a member of the direct selling association of the markets in which it operates. We are also a member of the World Federation of Direct Selling Association. ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 8 SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 9 I
  6. 6. Passport to Millionaireship Building on the strong, global platform of Unilever, aviance under the luxury division of Unilever is the one and only business opportunity you should look for. We are ready to embrace anyone with the spirit of an entrepreneur with business tools called Multi-Channel Business Solutions with which you can develop your team, business and revenue stream. We also have a system through which training and learning center, coaching can be provided by upline partners, as well as aviance Academy learning center, to help bring out the leadership in you and unlock your potential to be a millionaire. Innovative Business aviance MCBS or Multi-Channel Business Solutions offer all business associates the chance to grow to the fullest of their potentialc and make unlimited income through all 4 business tools that serve people from all walks of life. Premium Products Unilever’s world-class research and development network has been very efficient at identifying highly efficient ingredients and at applying the latest scientific breakthroughs. aviance premium products are clinically proven to work. aviance Academy As a 360-degree learning center, aviance Academy is conceived to ensure all-round success of business associates by bringing out the leader in them. aviance Academy has the collaboration of the country’s top training institutions and agencies. Financial Rewards and other Incentives Business associates stand the chance of receiving limitless income and dividends in return for their efforts. This is a business of great prosperity your children can inherit with ease. Plus there is a chance of luxurious trips to domestic and overseas destinations as well, depending on your business performance. ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 10 I SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 11
  7. 7. Enjoy Business Opportunity aviance is here to help you start an entrepreneur business where you are rewarded for your performance and dedication. It is one which is so sustainable that you can pass on to your children later in life. To be your own boss. aviance gives you the opportunity to transform your life into what you dreamed it to be. Having a business of your To create a secondary income . own gives you the financial freedom and the time flexibility you have always longed for. Start from step one and make your way to that goal of boundless revenue. Education, occupation, gender or age cannot hinder you in this attempt. Plus there are the teams of aviance professionals and the corporation that is Unilever standing by to support you. Your better future is starting Now! onal Naticutive Exe iness Busociate Ass 9 l iona Regcutive Exe iness Busociate 8 Ass Area utive Execness i Busociate 7 u p e Ass Grocutiv Exe iness Busociate 6 Ass utive Execness Roadmap to be a Millionaire Team ess in Ass i te Busocia 5 4 Busociate As s Unitiness 3 Busociate Ass Key iness 2 Busociate Ass or Seniiness 1 us ciate B o Ass s ines Busociate Ass ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 12 SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 13I
  8. 8. Enjoy Business Opportunity Business Associate This membership is designed specifically for those who are looking for strong entrepreneur business opportunity. The enrollment fee is 80 RM. Benefits • Get 10%-25% discount on product retail price • Own a big opportunity to build your independent business across the world with your worldwide organization. • Earn a lucrative income in forms of commission, bonus, incentive trips, and other attractive rewards. • Eligible for personal & leadership development via business workshops, product trainings, special seminars by aviance Academy. ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 14 I SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 15
  9. 9. Beauty & Wellness Premium Health and Beauty Products Innovation and From the original status of leader in personal care products, Unilever has stepped up to the next level by offering premium health and beauty products realised from the best ingredients and the latest technology. Unilever’s global Scientific products are clinically proven to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. aviance has a full-range of products to serve as your beauty and health solutions. Excellence Our skincare, haircare, food supplement, body shape, hygiene and home products make things better for you, your loved ones and the environment in which we live. We are well aware of the fact that, in order to introduce Face care products satisfactory products, we must first develop a correct Given the expertise in the realm of skin and beauty, aviance has not understanding of the consumers’ needs and how the latest only introduced noticeably better skin type-specific products but scientific advancements can be applied. Unilever is also given due attention to proper skin analysis, using advanced constantly investing nearly 1 million Euro in research and programs to help identify the most appropriate products for each development. We have over 700 scientists and experts skin type. This approach relieves you of the concerns you have and from diverse fields and countries working at Port Sunlight, gives you that beautiful, forever-youthful skin. England. They work in unison with other Global Technology Centres (GTC’s) in the Netherlands, the United States, China, and India, as well as other Regional Technology Body care products Centres (RTC’s) to realise innovative and globally viable Shield your skin from heat, chemicals and pollution, your skin can products. be lacking in moisture, causing it to be less mild. aviance has now stepped in and stepped up to develop the latest range of inspiring Additionally, Unilever has established the SEAC or Safety body care products. Choosing the appropriate aviance body care and Environmental Assurance Centre as an independent line for cleaning, scrubbing and moisturising will ensure your skin stays tender and soft always. unit reporting directly to top-level management. SEAC is responsible for the safety assessment of all Unilever products beginning from the process of development. Hair care products They work with product research and development aviance hair care products pamper your hair from the root to the tip. centres with the sole aim of ensuring safety of consumers, Our Micro Cream Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to employees and the environment. improve the health of your hair from the first application. Other treatment products are also available to help improve your hair even further. SEAC analyses the product formulas submitted by their worldwide offices and looks deep down into the origin of the raw materials to ensure that the environment is not Hygiene products affected, despite the assurance of our suppliers. This Cleanliness is a matter you can never overlook. aviance homecare stringent care is the proof of our concern for what may products are developed from highly intensive, biodegradable happen to consumers in the long term. substances, leaving no residual contamination on the surfaces. ISUCCESS BLUEPRINT 16 SUCCESS BLUEPRINT 17 I