25 Tips to Make You a Twitter Pro!


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These 25 tips for Twitter pros are compiled from research and experience. Review each of them to make your time on Twitter more fun and more productive.

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  • Social media includes much more than one platform. However, because a significant number of women have asked me recently about how I use Twitter, I compiled below 25 quick tips to make Twitter work for you.  Some tips are fairly obvious. Others, came from research on Twitter best practices.  
  • 25 Tips to Make You a Twitter Pro!

    1. 1. 25 Tips 2 Make You a Twitter Pro! @Lyn_Boyer
    2. 2. Social Media Strategy Women entrepreneurs believe they should use Social Media, BUT...  85% of women entrepreneurs believe social media will help their businesses, but  Only 67% say they use it to connect with customers.  Only 54% of women business owners are confident they can build a social media presence 2014 National Association of Women Business Owners
    3. 3. You have many choices ...but Twitter is one of the top THREE Social Media Platforms
    4. 4. Here are 25 tips to make you a Twitter Pro… Image Creative Commons – ND - by Jack Cai
    5. 5. #1. Clarify Your Purpose • Build your brand, increase website traffic, build your email list, etc. • Always keep your purpose in mind so you don’t get lost in the Twitter jungle.
    6. 6. #2.Content..Content..Content Create informative website content and landing pages around the purpose you identified in #1.
    7. 7. #3. Become a headline master Research what works and try different headlines for the same content. •The ideal length seems to be six words •Readers lean toward How-To content •The word “you” increases open rate
    8. 8. #4. Tweet inspiring quotes that support your brand. Keep a file and reuse your best quotes. Post some inspiring quotes each week.
    9. 9. #5. FOLLOW …… FOLLOW…… FOLLOW…. • Follow people who fit your client and colleague profile. • Search topics and hashtags for potential clients and colleagues. • Follow back most people who follow you.
    10. 10. #6. Keep Your Friend/Follow Ration about Equal 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Friends Followers Following Not-following
    11. 11. #7. Use a Friend/Follow Service Use a Friend /Follow service to remove non- followers after a week or so. I like JustUnfollow.com or FriendorFollow.com. They both offer free basic services
    12. 12. #8. Build Relationships Build relationships with potential clients and leaders in your field. Don’t focus on how many followers you have. Search industry leaders and potential clients, check their profiles, comment on their posts, retweet and send them interesting information.
    13. 13. #9. Tweet 4-5 Times a Day Usually tweet no more than once per hour. Use accepted abbreviations. Don't clutter posts with more than 2-3 abbreviations.
    14. 14. #10. Limit the Number of Characters For the most retweets, limit the number of characters in each tweet to about 100.
    15. 15. #11. Be Genuine Show humor, caring and concern.
    16. 16. #12. Be Polite Avoid filling your followers’ streams with unimportant Tweets. (Avoid rants and mundane updates about daily living.)
    17. 17. #12. Be Polite #13. Say “Thank You” for retweets of important content like blog posts or images. Avoid filling your followers’ streams with unimportant Tweets. (Avoid rants and mundane updates about daily living.)
    18. 18. #12. Be Polite #13. Say “Thank You” for retweets of important content like blog posts or images. #14. But, spread out responses and thank you Tweets so you don’t flood follower streams. (Use Direct Messages for personal content.) Avoid filling your followers’ streams with unimportant Tweets. (Avoid rants and mundane updates about daily living.)
    19. 19. #15. Tweet around Trending Topics If a trending topic is relevant to your brand, tweet about it and use the #hashtag.
    20. 20. #16. Use #Hashtags Judiciously • Make a list of #hashtags you will use regularly. • Create your own #hashtags around your brand or specific events. • Avoid more than two #hashtags in a tweet.
    21. 21. #17. LIMIT PROMOTIONAL CONTENT Tweet useful and interesting content at least 5 times more than sales or promotional content. 1.Tweet useful and interesting content at least 5 times more than sales or promotional content. Image CC by-nd MSN Style Social Designer Jack Cai
    22. 22. #18. Use Different Media Images are retweeted significantly more than text, video or audio content.
    23. 23. #19. USE TWITTER LISTS AND RSS FEEDS •Create and/or subscribe to Twitter lists and RSS feeds for leaders in your field and retweet their best content. •Most bloggers post Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Check out and subscribe to my lists of leaders and women entrepreneurs at @Lyn_Boyer.
    24. 24. #20. Schedule social media activities Create a social media schedule for what you will do each day of the week and put activities on your calendar. (i.e. Monday-write content, Tuesday and Wednesday- repost valuable blog info, Thursday- seek out new followers, Friday- post quotes and schedule content for next week.)
    25. 25. #21. POST WHEN YOUR FOLLOWERS ARE MOST ACTIVE Research is incomplete, but... • Avoid 8 pm - 6 am and after 3 pm on Fridays. • Some research says weekends are best for consumer products and services. • Early in the work day, lunch and early afternoon Monday-Thursday seem good. • Each group of followers is different. (You can use a service like Tweriod.com to see when your followers are most active.)
    26. 26. 22. USE A POSTING SERVICE Use a posting service to schedule and post your Tweets throughout the day. (I like Hootsuite.com.)
    27. 27. 23. Repurpose content Change the format of your content to use on a variety of social media sites where your audience is likely to be. (Use your blog or website content to create slide presentations for Slideshare, infographics or images for Pinterest.)
    28. 28. #24. CHECK OUT TWEETCHATS  Attend and participate in a Tweetchat to see if that format is useful for you.  Consider hosting a Tweetchat.
    29. 29. 25. MANAGE TIME-SUCKERS Learn what works and what sucks up your time. Remember #1. Always keep your purpose in mind. (For example, in my opinion and the opinion of others I trust, #FF (#Follow Friday) takes a lot of time and clogs Friday streams for little return.)
    30. 30. I Hope You Found These 25 Tips Useful You may have more. If you would like help with defining your brand or target market, organizing your time online, using online tools or online learning please contact us at Women’s Learning Studio.net Register to join our active community of women (and men) learners and leaders and also receive similar information. We look forward to working with you to expand your online success.
    31. 31. CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSING You are free to share this content with the following restrictions: • By attribution (Lyn Boyer, Women’s Learning Studio) • No Derivatives • No Commercial use Thank you. Please check out other Women’s Learning Studio content.