Blogging tips- Providing Valuable Content


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Blogging tips- Providing Valuable Content

  1. 1. By Adam Boyd
  2. 2.  I wanted to make a powerpoint to show you some blogging tips that I think could help you rapidly increase the traffic you are getting to your blogs. Here are some advanced tips for after you have everything set up so you know what areas to focus in.
  3. 3.  First, I want to talk about the big picture here... the goals that we have for our blog and why exactly we should increase our traffic. The main three reasons for me are:1. To Generate Leads2. MLSP Sign Ups3. Primary Company Sign Ups The three main things you are going to need to accomplish these goals are valuable content, quality traffic, and an offer or opt-in box.
  4. 4.  First you need to think about what we will be blogging about. A few ideas for you could be to write about real live stories from your life that are relevant to your target market, in my case, other network marketers. Through these stories you need to display higher value so that people know they can trust you and that you are someone they would want to work with. (Dont brag, but place spikes in your articles that show that you deserve to be followed.)
  5. 5.  Some other blogging tips include writing articles that are inspirational or motivational. You can do product or service reviews, how-to articles or tutorials, case studies, industry news and updates, answer FAQs, write essays or tutorials, etc. The main thing is to make sure you are writing about things that are getting searches in the search engines (you can check out googles keyword tool to make sure). I usually go for no less that 400 searches.
  6. 6.  Just make sure you are blogging often so that the search engines know that you are committed to providing information. Youre not going to rank for Blogging Tips if you dont have other relevant content on your site, updated regularly. I recommend writing 3 killer posts every week and a couple posts in between to fill the gaps. I bet you are asking "Are you serious? How am I supposed to write that many articles?"
  7. 7.  The answer is simple, outsource. In the beginning for me, I didnt have a lot of money and actually liked writing so I write all my articles but for many people blogging is not fun for them. You can always go to or any other outsourcing company where you pay people to write an article, just make sure they know what theyre doing and you give them an outline on what you want to be covered in the article.
  8. 8.  As I said, make sure you write 2-3 "killer" posts per week, the posts that are going to define you and your blog. Fill in these other posts so that there is always new content for your followers to read. Trust me, I know its hard...but the more you write the easier it becomes. You can also research things that interest you, and the easiest way to learn something is to research and write about it. Just make sure you are improving your self development everyday, then just write posts about what you are learning.
  9. 9.  Thank you for reading, I hope these blogging tips have been able to help you in some way. Head over to part 2 of this mini series on blogging tips here. I will show you how to create social buzz and drive quality traffic.
  10. 10.  For more blogging tips and lead generation techniques, fill in your information on the right side of my MLM Success blog so you can get access to your free marketing training.