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Open Library Data


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A presentation given at the Reference @ the Metcalfe Seminar 2012.A written version of this argument with more sensible notes is available on my blog at

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Open Library Data

  1. 1. Open Library Data
  2. 2. Digital December Digitising the collections of cultural institutionsCreating the metadata to describe those objectsOpening up those data sets to world to build upon
  3. 3. NYPL Map Warper
  4. 4. library hack
  5. 5. Talking Maps
  6. 6. WHY? People can see our stuff on our website... I dont know where to start... I have so much other stuff to do...We dont have any programming expertise...
  7. 7.
  8. 8. You simply cannot imagine the cool thingsother people can and will do with your data
  9. 9.   Join the discussion Share your ideas
  10. 10. This work is licensed under a Cr t e Commons Atibut ShaeAike 3 Unpored L eaiv tr ion- r l .0 t icense.
  11. 11. Thank YouQuestions?  Contact me... @boycetrus