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Creating Great Content for Library Websites


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A presentation on taking a professional approach creating and maintaining content for library websites given at the Seminar on 25 Oct 2011.

In this presentation I talked about what libraries can learn about improving their content from the web design industry.

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Creating Great Content for Library Websites

  1. 1. Creating Great Web Content for Libraries
  2. 2. Seeing the light or, the getting of wisdom picture credit: The light /La luz by SantiMB on Flickr
  3. 3.
  4. 4. why have a website? picture credit: Close up of the thinker by marttj on Flickr
  5. 5. Goals picture credit: 85/365: In Soccer We Trust... by Socceraholic on Flickr
  6. 6. Objectives can be measured picture credit: FAIL by amboo who? on Flickr
  7. 7. Sign up n  new members online each month Raise the usage of electronic resources by n % Offer an online alternative for  all in library services generate 100 likes on our face book page by November 2011
  8. 8. Don't leave your audience out in the cold to meet your goals picture credit: Waiting in the cold by David Hofmann on Flickr.
  9. 9. how do people use the web? picture credit: Eyetracking test from Feng-Gui on
  10. 10. Focus on the action picture credit: Crosshairs by e53 on Flickr.
  11. 12. 2 simple questions picture credit: Questions by Oberazzi on Flickr
  12. 13. What is being offered?
  13. 14. What is being offered? How do I get it? 
  14. 15. apple
  15. 22. a 3rd question for good luck
  16. 23. do we really need this page? a 3rd question for good luck
  17. 24. Human Beings will use this picture credit: Ohio University's Alden Library Alice Catalog, 1983 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! by Ohio University Libraries on Flickr
  18. 25. many images used in this presentation were obtained from under a creative commons license. many thanks to all who make their photos available to others to build upon. This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License .
  19. 26. Questions?  Contact me... Thank You @boycetrus [email_address]