“We are all Media!" #WVUCommMOOC


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Day 2: “We are all Media!"
Tuesday, 5 February 2013
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For our second day, we will continue the discussion of communication technologies as devices used to attain specific goals, including goals related to sharing and obtaining information, building relationships, persuading others (or persuading ourselves) and entertaining others (and ourselves). From this, we also discussion the notion of social media as a shared space, and highlight some of reasons for – and the tools used in – playing in that space.

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“We are all Media!" #WVUCommMOOC

  2. 2. FOR TODAY• Tools• Internet as Shared Social Space• The Tools of that Space
  3. 3. RelationalTOOLS Information• CMC technologies are tools to help us meet our communication goals Persuasion Entertainment
  4. 4. TOOLS• Let’s pull an example of a CMC debate
  5. 5. TOOLS Facebook is Bad Facebook is Good• Students are distracted • Students have a• Time displacement persistent classroom• Social noise • Students connect – With material – With each other – With their instructor
  6. 6. TOOLS What are your thoughts? How might you apply this beyond an educational setting?
  7. 7. TOOLS “There was a battle going on with peace protesters, who were trying to break into their machines. But it was not machines that were evil, he said, but the minds of the top brass behind them. A machine could do no more evil than a violin, or a camera, or a pencil.” ~Colum McCann Let the Great World Spin (pp. 101-102)
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA AS SHARED SPACE• If it’s all goal-driven, how can be trust anyone?
  10. 10. ENGAGE• For the discussions online, consider: – Do you feel more or less connected online? – How do you use communication technologies to meet goals in • Personal life? • Professional life?
  11. 11. ENGAGE• Do you (want to) live in a shared space? “I might suggest that we already do live in a shared space, and perhaps we always did. But now, space and time have collapsed and we are aware of everybody – their individual thoughts, beliefs, and even behaviors. But, how are we coping with this?”
  12. 12. ENGAGE• Let’s chat more! Share your answers and bring your own questions and commentary: – @bowmanspartan with #WVUCommMOOC – WVUCommMOOC discussion forum• 6 February 2013: Tweet-Up – 1pm to 3pm EST (GMT +6)