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Green-N-Fit Rebuilding Together in Springfield MA 2013 NRD


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Hospitality guidelines and information for volunteers at the April 27, 2013 Green-N-Fit National Rebuilding Day Cluster Rebuild, on Tyler Street in Springfield, MA. Visit us:

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Green-N-Fit Rebuilding Together in Springfield MA 2013 NRD

  1. 1. National Rebuilding Day 2013Saturday, April 27, 2013
  2. 2. Set-up• Hospitality Manager is Charlene Valentin. Area Site Manager is JohnChristopher.• Please arrive by 7:00am• Tables and Tents delivered and set up by Day & Night Rentals and place apiece of blue painter’s tape under the tables and chairs.• Add plastic Rebuilding Together plastic table covers to registration tables.Place 6-8 bouquets of balloons around area. 2 bouquets in front of 163 Tyler.• Supplies include clipboards, sharpies, t-shirts, painter’s tape, registration listand pens• Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Truck and car to park along side Chase Glass onHancock. We will also be bringing hot coffee.• One First Aid Tent managed by AIC• One Media/VIP/Donation Tent
  3. 3. Registration• Registration Signs – “A-M” and “N-Z” to hang from tent w/clips• There should be 4-6 tables at registration with 8-10 peoplechecking in ALL volunteers• There will be volunteer waiver forms, clip boards, sharpies,painters tape and pens.• Volunteer list will be sorted by company name and then by lastname. Make a check mark. There will be people who have notregistered. That is OK. Have them sign the form.• Ask all volunteers to sign the waiver forms even if they did on-line. Ask them to please print CLEARLY.• Assign them their House Number or specific assignment.
  4. 4. Registration
  5. 5. Registration• After they have registered ask them to move to the side and tellregistration what size t-shirt they need. Anyone working at 171and 201 Tyler will receive a “Heroes at Home” t-shirt. All othersreceive the regular Rebuilding Together t-shirt. Extra t-shirtsshould be put away under the tables. VOLUNTEERS – White Ts,HOUSE CAPTAINS – Green Ts, EVENT STAFF – Yellow Ts.• Give the volunteers painter’s tape to write their names andhouse number with a Sharpie. Have them put the name tags onthe t-shirt, not covering the Rebuilding Together logo.• Ask them to then have coffee, munchkins until the welcomeintroduction. Some will receive street maps or direct them tolarge posted map. Volunteers may go to their assigned home-site or project after welcome introduction.
  6. 6. After Registration• After the bulk of the volunteers have left for theirassignments. Consolidate volunteer check-in to two tables.• Transition tables and chairs for volunteers creating housenumbers, painting flower pots and face painting.• Direct media and VIPs to appropriate tent.• Clean-up volunteers should be continuously picking upgarbage at home sites and putting into garbage dumpsters.• Water bottles should be put in the Recycle Dumpster.• Check that volunteers are practicing safety. Direct any toFirst Aid Tent if need be.
  7. 7. After Registration• Keep food stations replenished all day. 5-gallon SherwinWilliams paint drums will have ice and bottled water. Therewill also be another 5-gallon Sherwin Williams paint drum forpower bars.• The American Red Cross will have a Hydration Truck in theVolunteer Check-in area to replenish the tables.• Please replenish food station tables throughout the day.• Building material supplies are at each home site or at one ofthe 4 Lowe’s 1-800-Pack Rat Pods. If volunteers needsomething that we do not have. Lowe’s will have runners togo to the store.
  8. 8. Lunch• Various church groups will be delivering brown baglunches (sandwiches & chips) at 11:30am. Event staffwill distribute to each food station on the street. Somelunches will be held in the Volunteer Check-in area.• The volunteers can get water from the food stations orAmerican Red Cross Hydration Truck.• Remind volunteers there is one garbage can for trashand another for plastic bottles.• Event staff clean-up and place items in appropriatedumpsters.
  9. 9. Cleanup• Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Truck and Car will depart at 1:00pm• At about 2:00pm – clean up food stations. Bring all left-oversto 154 Tyler Street. Return all tables and/or chairs toVolunteer Check-in area.• Pack up Volunteer Check-in area and bring to 154 Tyler.Volunteer Registration forms will ALL be given to CharleneValentin.• Close up Media/VIP tent and Red Cross Hydration Truck. FirstAid can close up at 3:00pm• Remind House Captains to have their volunteers cleanup ifthey are done or close to done. Bring ALL materials at eachhouse back to 154 Tyler.
  10. 10. Goals for National Rebuilding Day• Engage media, government officials, and civicleaders in Rebuilding Together’s message• Share our need for support, 1-gallon SherwinWilliams paint cans will hold any donation.• Tell the homeowner’s story and why our work isimportant
  11. 11. • Media List• Press Release• Follow Up Phone calls• PhotosMedia
  12. 12. What kind of photos should I take?Capturing the day’s events is a critical component of anygood project.Photos should include:– Groups of volunteers at work– Individual volunteers at work– Shots that include signs and branding with volunteers at work– Shots of the homeowner– Shots of the home with the homeowner– Before shots of specific work areas– After shots of work areas– Volunteers with the Homeowner– Key attending Government officials or Sponsor Reps– Group photo with homeowner, volunteers, RT banner in front of home!
  13. 13. Examples of Good Photos…Homeowner hugging volunteerwith proper signage, home inthe background…
  14. 14. Volunteers with propersignage and home inthe background…
  15. 15. Volunteers properlybranded with andvisible heavy work…
  16. 16. Volunteers at work…
  17. 17. Our homeowners withproperly brandedsignage…
  18. 18. What should be in my event day press kits?Good Idea to include:Copy of the press releaseCopy of the Fact SheetCompelling Homeowner BioParticipating Sponsor InfoBasic information about your affiliateContact information to reach you should the reporter have questions
  19. 19. What should I tell my volunteers?Morning Pep Rally and Safety Briefing• Tell the volunteers a bit about your local Rebuilding Together and that you arepart of Rebuilding Together, a national non-profit with 200 affiliates and 21 yearsin the city of Springfield• Also, a good time to remind them to engage in social media – Facebook“Rebuilding Together Springfield” & Twitter: @RT_Spfld #GreenNFit
  20. 20. How can social media help on National Rebuilding Day?• Drive fans to projects and build excitement for the big day– Post/tweet before photos “this is what you will be fixing…”• – good if you have a blackberry or iphone• Post information on what your Affiliate is doing and how you are helping– Number of homes– The neighborhood• Information about your sponsors– “Did you know that Sears is helping to rebuild our community…”• Post event follow up– “Look what we did…”
  21. 21. Facebook UpdatesSocial Media
  22. 22. THANK YOU!!!Without all of YOU…we could not improve the quality of lifefor homeowners and their families in need!A Safe & Healthy Home for Everyone!