Bowel problems


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Bowel problems

  1. 1. Author: Sandie BrokerMany people daily bear the stomach upset. It fills as if you are living in abandonand you sometimes get so irritated that you actually feel like ripping yourstomach apart. These are followed by some unpleasant symptoms likeconstipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramps, inflated stomach, acid eructation etc.This kind of tribulations for your stomach is gifted by the colon dysfunction due tothe bad lifestyles. It may also be because of malabsorption of lactose and othersupplements, or bacterial and parasitic infestations in the colon. Othercharacteristics that confirm bowel problems are chronic abdominal pain, vomiting,alteration of bowel habits, flatulence etc.The management of bowel problems is quite simple but the catch is howregularly you obey on it. Medication such as use of laxatives and antispasmodicsare a good way for curing them. Apart from that regular intake of fibers rich dietis a must. For those who are constipated, intake of soluble fibrous food isrecommended. However, the soluble fiber can reduce the digestive problems butnot the pain. To refrain from pain medicines are preferred.Some herbs can be helpful for reducing the digestive problems. These herbsinclude peppermint oil, iberogast, and cannabis. Peppermint oil comes in entericcoated capsules, and has been suggested to have relief from bowel issues inadults as well as children. There is a good evidence of cure with these capsulesbut mind you, while consuming, do not try to chew them even by mistake; directswallowing is advisory. The reason is this may cause the gastro esophageal refluxdue to sphincter relaxation.
  2. 2. Other helpful agents for the digestive problems are acupuncture and yoga.Good yoga exercises daily can help you out for better relief from the problem!Another one is probiotics. The consumption of probiotics can be highly beneficialfor solving the bowel irritations. Taking 10 to 100 billion bacteria per day isrecommended for better results. Yogurt is made from probiotics that may easethe pain to a great extend.So before you end up taking any sort of curing materials, first a consultancy withyour physician is seriously advised as every body is not alike there may becomplication for some and not for the others. Out of all these the best advice isthat to change your lifestyle as well so as to get rid of these regular boweltroubles.We may be getting more and more futuristic with respect to the technology, but itseems like we no longer specifically concern our health and the food quality hasalso degraded as the result of which our delicate systems is fast diluting andvarious toxic stuffs tend to form and deposit in our bodies. Incidentally,detoxification is a natural process that takes place in our body on a regular basis.However, with the help of the fundamental internal detoxifying body organs likethe colon, liver and intestines, all the toxic and unwanted matters deposited inthe bloodstreams and tissues are cleansed out.
  3. 3. But what is the proper answer to overcome this problem? Of course, it is to starttaking detoxification or detox diets. However, half the world does not understandjust what a detox diet is. A detox diet plan is a short term eating or fasting planthat cleanses the body’s systems of impurities while allowing the user to lead ahappy, healthier life. A detoxification diet consists of proper food quality andmay be worthwhile to limit for a shorter period of 3 days; staying on these plansfor an extended period of time can prove extremely unhealthful. Be certain tofollow the instructions to the letter when using a detoxification diet, to be surethat your health is protected.Finding a detoxification diet is very simple, due to their increasing popularity.Almost every magazine you pick up will have at least one free detox diet planwithin the pages for its readers. Using a sample diet from a magazine is awonderful choice for those who just want to see how these plans work. Anothergreat way to find a free detoxification diet is by searching the internet. Here youcan find many different sites with wide-ranging diet recipes, as well as reviews ofwhich types of recipes for such a diet are the best. The extra information hereallows you to compare many different plans and find which will work the best foryou.There are hundreds of detox diet plans to choose from in accordance with thereasons. One of the most popular at the moment is the lemon or lemonade detoxdiet. This plan has been used by many celebrities when preparing for roles,allowing them to drop excess pounds in a matter of a couple of weeks. The liverdetox diet is a good choice for those who have recently given up alcohol, as it canremove the impurities that have stored there for years. For a very short-termsolution, find a three-day detoxification diet. No matter whether you choose a 3or 21-day detox diet, your body will become healthier once you have completedthe plan.Detoxification is a proven old process that is quite helpful when it comes toeliminate or rinse the harmful toxins and chemicals out of the body. Detox dietshave been around since the dawn of mankind. In days gone by, an ideal personwould follow a similar diet to prepare themselves for worship, high holy days, or
  4. 4. simply to do so in keeping with social obligations. These days, the detox diet isone of the many highly sought-after diets that circulate on the Internet. Detoxdiet recipes range from the lemon Detox diet which stipulates that only lemonjuice mixed with maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper may be drunk, whileone recipe for the liver detox diet calls for the painstaking preparation of severalherbal drinks that are supposed to flush out poisonous remnants.We may be many miles advanced in terms of technology, but it seems like wedisregard our health on the name of food quality. A detoxification diet is inclusiveof ideal food quality and may be worthwhile for a shorter period of 3 days, andrecipes for such clinically recognized diet may be found at your physician’s officeor even on the websites of nationally renowned health organizations. Yet if youare looking for recipes for a detoxification diet that is not undertaken inconjunction with cleansing the body but instead is used for rapid weight loss, youmost likely will not find them on the reputable websites.The reason being is the fact that while a 3 day detox diet, inclusive of lemonadeserves a number of specific wholesome purposes for a person’s health likerelieving in frequent headaches, insomnia, sudden memory loss; it also worksexcellently in weight loss, constipation, psoriasis and many others. Incidentally, adetoxification diet is never meant to be observed for long periods of time, oryou will seriously impair your body’s function, may decrease your lean musclemass, and you may suffer the effects of a heart attack. And it does not matter if asupplement manufacturer will give you free detox diet recipes or a similar plan,the truth dictates that the specific diet you often find online – the one involvinglemons – is nothing more than what is commonly referred to as the mastercleanse. Staying on it as part of a 21-day long diet will seriously harm your body,
  5. 5. your nerve functions, and generate various other problems. Thus, before youbegin following a detoxification diet recipe, please be sure to discuss it with yourdoctor!Most of the diseases with regard to digestion start with the colon. Most of thefoodstuffs that we consume have preservatives in them and other chemicaladditives and artificial ingredients. The food stuff that is available in supermarketsis refined, processed, and low in fiber content. These food stuffs contain animalfat and along with an erratic lifestyle and lack of exercise it all leads to commondigestive problems.It has been observes that many of the digestive problems actually go unnoticedas we hardly pay any heed to common digestive problems. A person often suffersfrom as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, and malabsorption. Apoor bowel system can lead to deposition of toxic faecal matter in our body. Thisleads to intoxification which leads to further problems. Many suffer fromdigestive tract disorders. To keep digestive problems at bay we should use acombination of herbs and fibers to keep our intestines healthy so that theyfunction properly. Some of the herbs that help us in proper functioning of ordigestive system are aloevera, capsicum, black walnut, plantago psyllium seed,senna pod and garlic. An individual with digestive problems can start with oneteaspoon of the following in the morning for proper digestion. If an individualsuffers from gas and bloating then we can take the help of enzymes after everymeal which will help us to digest our food better. Wheat Grass juice, spiraling andChlorella are all enzymes that aid proper digestion. Try to have lots of green saladduring any meal and drink plenty of water to keep your system hydratedWe often feel tired and lack energy all the time. We often suffer from body painsand digestive problems. Skin problems could also be one of the symptoms. Allthese could signal that the body needs a complete detoxification. The Chinese andAyurvedic branch of medicine has always considered that detoxification of thebody to be very important. Detoxification means cleaning the body of impuritiesand also nourishing it from within the body. Detoxification process is all abo
  6. 6. purifying our blood. The impurities are removed by the liver where toxinsaccumulate. If the impurities are not properly removed from our bodies it leads toa host of problems. Many people often fast to detoxify the system while otherstake the help of nutrients for detoxification. It is necessary to go fordetoxification of the body at least once in a year. One can always opt for brownrice with plenty of green vegetables in the diet to facilitate detoxification.Food quality is a term applied to food substances that are rendered fit forconsumption by the consumer. Any kind of food substance is characterized byshape, size color and texture .A food item also has to adhere to certain federalgrade standards.There are certain Food Safety Act that are enforced by the legislation. There areoften cases of food adulteration and it is the duty of public analysts to carry outroutine checks in the marketplace and collect samples for testing at labs todetermine the quality of food. Maintaining food quality is of outmost importanceto the food manufacturing industry. It has often observed that consumers havefallen ill after consuming certain packaged food items. So the food industrymaintains strict quality control policies in their factories. The consumers of todayare also aware about the processing standards and the dietary and nutritionalbenefits of a particular food item. There are varieties of food stuffs that areavailable in the market which caters to a diabetic or gluten intolerance patientTo ensure food quality it is important to find out whether the factory has proper
  7. 7. environment so that the food that is packaged to the consumers is safe.Traceability is another aspect of food quality as the supplier and the ingredientcan be brought under the scanner in case of any emergencies.The bowel comprises of the small and large intestines. However the term bowel isused to refer to the large intestines that also has colon, rectum and anus. Bowelproblems are common in today’s world. It affects the digestive tract of anindividual. Many suffer from constipation and diarrhea and poor bowel syndrome.Some individuals suffer from an inability to control their bowel. Rectal prolapsealso occurs in certain cases the rectum tries to come out. Bowel problems can beeasily treated with proper medication and exercise. Pelvic floor muscle traininghelps in correcting bowel problems. If bowel problems are ignored at the onsetthey can also lead to cancerous growth in the colon which is also known ascolorectal cancer. Serious bowel disorders also include inflammatory boweldiseases, such as ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease and diverticulitis.Bowel problems are treated depending upon the symptoms of the patient.Measures are taken so that the general health of the bowel is improved throughproper medication. It is important to take a balanced diet with plenty of fluids tokeep the system hydrated at all times. It is necessary to cut down on caffeine andalcohol as it dehydrates our system. Contact 198 Palm Harbor Blvd.S. Palm Harbor, FL 34683 (800)830-4778