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Final coyotes critique ppt

  1. 1. Rebuilding a TraditionComposed By: BlayreOuzts Ridding Our Area of an Invasive Species
  2. 2. Since 2006, coyotes have beensignificantly depleting the deerpopulation on our land each year.Coyotesare quick moving animalsthat prey upon baby deer. In result,leaving less fawns that grow upand reproduce and causing themother deer to relocate and thebig bucks to follow the does. On an average hunting night weuse to see somewhere around 10to 15 deer each night. However,this number has dropped to only 1deer andsometimesnone.
  3. 3. Avg. Deer Seen/DayNovember 10  Each year, fewer hunters have been returning to renew theirNovember 09 membership at our hunting club.November 08 Avg. Deer/Day  This leaves us with minimalNovember funds to keep up the facilities, 07 as well as purchase the products necessary to attractNovember 06 the deer (Such as deer corn, feeders, and supplies required 0 5 10 15 to create and maintain a food plot).
  4. 4. What can we do? Possible Solutions 1. Shoot the coyotes when they come into the hunters line of sight.After brainstorming I came up with several 2. Purchase traps for thecourses of action that we could take to coyotes, and once we catchminimize the coyote problem at hand. them turn them over to a local game warden. 3. Let nature take its course.
  5. 5. Possible References  Blogs from people in South Carolina who are experiencing the same problem.  Talk to a local game warden.  Look online for internet It is imperative I research each of articles on issues pertainingthe three solutions I came up with to coyotes depleting the deerand figure out the pros and cons to population. each of the three solutions.  Books on the lifestyle of coyotes.
  6. 6. Difficulty with this Solution  There is not a restricted Coyotes are very fast animals that season if you’re hunting the sleep during the day and come coyotes on private land. out to eat after dark. This means the animals are rarely seen  You do not have to obtain a making them extremely difficult hunting license to shoot to kill. While night hunting is coyotes within 100 yards of permitted, it is very hard to find your land. volunteers who will stay up half of the night hunting down a  Night hunting is coyote so they can kill it. It is a permitted, however, there are very difficult process that weapon restrictions. requires great skill from someone who knows what they are doing.
  7. 7. Drawbacks to this Solution  Trapping season is permitted Coyotes are smart animals and they from December 1 through will not go in a live trap. The only way March 1. to trap a coyote is to set up a leg hold trap. The drawback to this is the trap  No license or permit is is hidden in the ground so it will also catch deer and other wildlife. These required to trap a coyote traps are very dangerous and must within a 100 yards of your be set by someone who knows what home. However, it is they are doing. In addition each trap cost about $30.00 so to purchase important to know trapped several of these traps could be rather coyotes may not be relocated. pricey.  If coyotes cause damage to your property the SCDNR will issue a depredation permit.
  8. 8. This is a picture of a (closed) leg holdtrap. The trap is set on the ground, inthe woods, disguised under leaves. Thetrap is sensitive to pressure applied to asensitive lever. Once the animal stepson the lever the trap instantly closes onits leg stopping it in its tracks. Frominstinct animals try to escape the trapby pulling away from it often causingthem to lose a leg or bleed to death.The problem with these traps is deerare just as likely as coyotes to run in itspath.
  9. 9. Could this be Our Solution?  Canine Parvovirus, most commonly known asParvo, isIn the beginning of the fall of 2011, we noticed a a viral disease that is deadlydecline in the amount of howling we heard atnightonour hunting land. We talked to a local to dogs if they are notgame warden, who informed us that a vast vaccinated.majority of the coyotes died over the past yearafter catching a deadly disease know asParvo.The diseasespread rapidly amongst the  It is a rapidly developing viruswild dogs, decreasing their population on our that generally affects thehunting land by half. intestines, causing bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and often heart failure.  It is spread through feces and highly contagious.
  10. 10. Of the three solutions I presented onlyone of them is the most viable, sensiblesolution. Shooting the coyotes wouldonly be a time consuming process thatwould give us minimal satisfaction dueto the difficult process that goes into The only solution thathunting the animal. proves to be a beneficial and productive method for depleting the coyoteTrapping coyotes is a route that could be population in our area, istaken. However, there is a MAJOR issue to let the coyotes bethat invalidates this method completely. eliminated by naturalThe problem with this potential solution causes. By letting natureis that the only trap that will capture a take its course, diseasecoyote is a leg hold trap and it is just as will be the major factor inlikely to catch the deer and other the decrease in survivalwildlife. This could seriously injure and rate of this predatoryeven kill the animals we are working so species.hard to protect.
  11. 11.  of the links to the e/coyote/index.htmlright are posted at thebottom of the slide that  animal-control.aspxthey correspond with!  is-parvo.htm