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Cours photo filtre - collège pilote Tunisie


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Cours Informatique : Traitement d'images

Cours photo filtre - collège pilote Tunisie

  1. 1. Unit 2: Soft wareexploitation Section 2: Image processing** Photo filter**
  2. 2. I- Introduction: A- Presentation:Activity1:1) Open a new word document2) Try to insert a picture and to delete a part from it.3) What do you remark? To modify a picture we should use an image processing soft ware EXAMPLES: pixia – picassa – The Gimp - Photofilter
  3. 3. *** Definition:Photo filter offers many image adjustments, filters,effects and a simple user interface with the visualnavigating of the system, the basic drawing, painting,retouching and selection tools.
  4. 4. B- Starting Photo filter:First method: Double click the short cut of the software in the desktopSecond method:1- Expand the start button.2- Select All Programs3- Choose Photo filter
  5. 5. C- The home page of photo filter: (P 1) 1 2 3 4 8 Work 5 area7 6
  6. 6. C- The home page of photo filter: (P 2) Object N°Title bar 1Menu bar 2Tools bar 3Color palette 4Tools palette 5Selection tools Palette 6Status bar 7New file 8
  7. 7. I- Work with Photo filter: 1- Create a new document:Activity2:1) Start Photo filter2) Choose the menu file3) Choose the command new4) We need to define the dimensions of the design: The width: 29 cm The height: 20 cm The resolution: 25 pixel/cm5) To confirm, press OK