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Bourner Bullock


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This presentation gives an insight into the products and services on offer at Bourner Bullock.

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Bourner Bullock

  1. 1. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsPresentation
  2. 2. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsBourner Bullock● “A long-term…● …mutually beneficial…● …relationship…● …with our clients”
  3. 3. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsAbout Bourner Bullock● Established over 125 years…● …but a modern firm● Small in size…● …but larger firm expertise
  4. 4. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsAbout Bourner Bullock● 4 partners● 30 staff● Central London office
  5. 5. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsAbout Bourner Bullock● We do everything that you would expect from a leading firm of Chartered Accountants..● …and a whole lot more
  6. 6. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsInternational experience● International Services● Domicile & Residence/Non-residence● JPA International
  7. 7. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsJPA International● “Think globally – act locally”● Expertise on the ground● Like minded partners…● …in over 100 independent firms…● ...nearly 200 partners, about 1,800 staff...● …in over 45 countries…● …throughout the world
  8. 8. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsOur services● Audit & Accounts;● Business Tax;● Outsourcing;● Payroll Solutions;● Strategic Solutions;● International Services;● Corporate Finance;● Business Start-up
  9. 9. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsTaxation - Personal● Technical excellence to ensure you receive all tax breaks available to you;● Help secure your position with HM Revenue & Customs;● Keep you well-informed of issues and opportunities relevant to your situation;● Preserve and maximise your family wealth to complement your personal goals;● Being available for advice on more complex personal tax planning;● Help manage any beneficial cross-border tax planning
  10. 10. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsTaxation - Business● Help you minimise your tax bill;● Help you achieve tax compliance;● Help you manage complex international cross- border tax issues
  11. 11. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsInternational tax planning● Remuneration planning● Pensions planning● Dividend planning● Tax efficient extraction of funds● Transfer pricing issues● VAT planning● Tax investigations
  12. 12. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsBusiness development –Strategic solution● Employee incentives, reward and retention● Performance evaluation and improvement● Strategic advisory roles● Exit planning● Shareholder dispute resolution
  13. 13. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsBusiness start-up● Company secretarial● Company formation● Business planning
  14. 14. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsSpecialists in:● Owner Managed Businesses● International Groups & UK Subsidiaries● Film & Entertainment● High Net Worth● Media & Communications● Professional Practices (LLP’s)● Property & Construction● IT and telecommunications● Trusts, Charities & Not For Profit
  15. 15. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsSurrounded by expertise● All the core competences…● …a network of outside specialists to call on:
  16. 16. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsOutside experts● Fund raising● Customs duties● Complicated cross-border transactions● Highly technical VAT matters
  17. 17. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsContact us: ● Tel: +44 (0)20 7240 5821 ● Fax: +44 (0)20 7240 5827 ● Email: ● Sovereign House ● 212/224 Shaftesbury Avenue ● London WC2H 8HQ
  18. 18. BOURNER BULLOCK Chartered AccountantsOther resources● JPA International –