Downloaded from The St.Lucian Patriot            -                                          ...
United   Workers   Party                               ASECURE                                     FUTURE                 ...
This analysis done by a writer from The Choiseul Powerhouse      ITS TIME TO REVIEW...
INDICATOR 4   Hurricane Tomas      :      0% recoveryINDICATOR 5  Employment & jobs:           21% overall; 40% youthEtc, ...
EZIEKEL JOSEPH        D+   Passed the first year; showed some good                           signs at first; but allowed h...
ALAN CHASTENET      F+       The appellate Court rendered him unfit for                             public office and he s...
GAIL RIGOBERT                Fail   Brilliant academics seldom cheat but she is                       guilty of cheating r...
DODDY FRANCIS   F+   He doesnt deserve the position of                     Governments chief legal advisor and he has     ...
Letter from the Political Leader               3Foreword by the Party Chairman                 4Our Mission Statement     ...
foreword by the party chai.rmanEver since the electorate voted                                                The enthusia...
.          .                                        ml5510n                           st at emen                          ...
economic                         growth                                sustain~ble development                            ...
SOLUTIONS NDER                       U     UWPThe United Workers Party believes            We must place greater emphasis ...
SOLUTIONS NDER                   U     UWP                                                      I                         ...
[jJ    SOLUTIONS NDER                   U     UWP                    I                    II...                           ...
.      OURGOALA United Workers Party government willseek to develop an economic environmentsuch that the optimum welfare o...
.            rlcu ure · The UWP will encourage farmers back to agriculture and banana cultivation. We will do this by enco...
OURPLANS    ANDPROGRAMMES·   Increase banana production and yield per        ·   Provide incentives for fishermen to enter...
environment         OURGOAL                                             OURPLANS                                          ...
tourism· The UWP will encourage the development of a mix in thetype of hotels on the Island. This will spread the benefits...
· Establish a fully equipped hotel training                                                                    school of i...
trade                                              commerce     OURGOAL                                         ·   Provid...
-                             .                  sCience                              technology                      · Th...
·   Review the levy on used vehiclescommunications,                                       .   Address the needs of the min...
unemployment                                                            OURPLANS                                          ...
relationsThis initiative started under the          OURGOALUnit~d Workers Party workingtogether with the International    ...
chapter               human, ocial                    s and                                                               ...
education· The UWP will seek to improve                         · Training at SALCC will be greatlydiscipline in schools s...
OURPLANS        ANDPROGRAMMES    ·   Set up an inter-Ministerial Committee for          ·   Review the Education Act to al...
The UWP will:                                        OURGOAL· Initiate community programmes to helpprevent critical health...
·        Establish an Interministerial Committee                products and help industrialize these as                 f...
OURGOAL                                                           · The UWP will instil in Saint LuciansA United Workers P...
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
Uwp Manifesto 2006
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Uwp Manifesto 2006


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Implementation = Next to NIL

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Uwp Manifesto 2006

  1. 1. Downloaded from The St.Lucian Patriot - ....... This document is no longer available on the official UWP website. United Workers Party What are they trying to hide? .. 2006 Sir John G.M.Compton Political Leader MICOUD NORTH 1:.4 tr~ LenardSpiderMontoute Dr.KeithMondesir GuyMayers Dr. Ulric Mondesir Marcus Nicholas Dr. Keith St.Aimee CASTRIES EAST VIEUXFORT SOUTH OENNERY NORTH LABORIE DePUtyPolideal Leader Deputy Political Leader GROS ISLET ANSE LA RAYE & CANARIES. .A SECURE FUTURE: . .. . _~_ -__ .,,1 " . "~_
  2. 2. United Workers Party ASECURE FUTURE A Development Agenda SaintLucia for A UWP Administration will: · Achieve high rates of economic growth . Create 7,000 new jobs particularly in the information technology sector and reduce the rate of unemployment below 10% within five years . Introduce strong measures to combat crime and improve safety and security . Eliminate financial mismanagement and waste of public funds, thereby reducing Governments annual recurrent expenditure by $300 million . Re-establish a National Development Bank and create a Unit Trust Company to encourage investment by Saint Lucians . Put economic power in the hands of Saint Lucians . Revitalize Agriculture with special emphasis on linkages to tourism . Consolidate the various Banana Companies into one. strong entity · Keep WASCO in the hands of Saint Lucians . Promote home ownership especially for young persons . Introduce a system of Universal Secondary EDUCATION which caters for the talent of every child according to his or her ability and re-introduce the Transport Subsidies and School Feeding Programme . Upgrade Sir Arthur Lewis Community College into a full fledged university . Introduce National Health Service which is comprehensive in scope and train nurses and other personnel to support the health service . Provide study leave with pay for public servants and pay salaries to teachers and nurses during their training . Pay gratuity to civil servants prior to retirement upon giving maximum .q!Jalifying service . ,R§(tuqe consumption tax on basic food items and commodities .- Undertake a complete review of duties and consumption taxes with a view to reducing them within one year . Give allowances to parents of challenged children and provide social security coverage for all challenged persons . Make Castries, Vieux-Fort and SoLifriere duty-free shopping destinations and divert all commercial cargo to a new commercial port to be built at Cul-De-Sac . Establish new yachting marinas in Vieux-Fort and Soufriere and build new tourist berths in Castries, Vieux Fort and Soufriere . Build a new Terminal Building at Vigie . Upgrade Soufriere, Dennery and St. Jude Hospitals . Provide social security coverage for farmers and ,fishermen . Introduce a Single Mothers Employment Programme . Provide internet access to all communities and computer training in all schools within five years . Review the working conditions of households, domestic and part- time workers and the working environment of shops,stores and persons in the hotel industry ,
  3. 3. This analysis done by a writer from The Choiseul Powerhouse ITS TIME TO REVIEW THE REPORT CARDS . . . It does not matter how much the Flambeaus dress King up; it does not matter how much fluff that SCL wraps around him; he will be always be a dismal failure. King will go down in our political history as St. Lucias biggest failure, weakest PM - and so will the men and women around him. King is also an exceedingly "daft" PM and only a daft PM would call General Elections in the midst of a Hurricane season, forgetting about Tomas. We still have a month to go into the season and suppose we were to be struck by a major disaster now, what leg would we have to stand on. With Parliament dissolved, and only a caretaker government in place, what authority would we have for any legitimate action? King is the direct anti-thesis of "Midas". Everything that the legendary Midas touched turned to gold; but everything king touched resulted in failure as is evidenced by the performance of the economy and the astronomical rise in crime, etc. Lets look briefly at five indicators of performance. INDICATOR 1 RESULT Economy : 4.4% statistical (rebase) growth (Kings magical figure); - actual is less than 2%; - no outputs; no signs of growth - In other words nothing to show for the growth even after borrowing 1.5 billion dollars. INDICATOR 2 Crime : Highest homicide rate ever; (and we are on course to break that record again) INDICATOR 3 Manifesto : 2% implementation rate
  4. 4. INDICATOR 4 Hurricane Tomas : 0% recoveryINDICATOR 5 Employment & jobs: 21% overall; 40% youthEtc, etc etc, etc . . . . ad infinitumIn short, King failed in every sphere and "in every minister". Therefore, whywould the SCL glorify him? Why are these guys insulting our intelligence? Ihave never felt so badly insulted in my life.Lets take a case-by-case look at the results!CANDIDATE RESULT RECOMMENDATION/REMARKSSTEPHENSON KING Failed Excellent Karaoke Prime Minister; He now tries to sing like Martin Luther King Jr and Bro George Odlum. Both men must be turning in their graves at the way that King mimics their voices; but again thats what failures do. They become so pissed off with themselves that run away from it and attempt to be somebody else. King has nothing to do with himself. He has wrapped a ton of fluff around him: fluffy fat, fluffy speeches, fluffy statistics and a fluffy voice mimicking others. Not only does he speak like Bro George, he also tries to walk like him. The fundamental difference was Brother George hated liars. For all his fluff and lies, he earned an F plus grade with an average score of under 2% over 5 years. He is condemned for not only flouting the laws of the country; but also for showing little concern for the safety of the people during a hurricane season by calling general elections in the middle of it!SPIDER MONTOUTE Failed Introduce school children to gambling badly machines. Shouting expletives from the political platform. He is the worst Minister of social Transformation we have known. People across Gros Islet (who are actually a true diaspora) are rallying strongly behind Emma. His has failed badly, perhaps because of bad company.
  5. 5. EZIEKEL JOSEPH D+ Passed the first year; showed some good signs at first; but allowed himself to be swayed by bad company. Showing signs of corruption.RUFUSBOUSQUET/BRUCE F One of the real bad apples in the pack.TUCKER Federal convict turned foreign minister; also guilty of breaking his own mothers arm; for his sins, God has afflicted him with two dreaded plagues but he has still not learned his lessons. In the 1992 elections, he registered and won the General Elections under a false name; he is now also serving a permanent ineligibility ban from the US for convictions for identify theft and grand theft auto. Rick Wayne wrote he may also be guilty of murder. Decision: unqualified for public Office. He broke the US laws and was rightly sent to prison; he broke our Laws of St. Lucia and was elected to parliament. Now, he is a wanted man in Choiseul/Saltibus for giving the people a 6 for a 9.KEITH MONDESIR F Multiple Convictions; a fraudster who defrauded the state. decision: unqualified for public office. Needs rehabilitation
  6. 6. ALAN CHASTENET F+ The appellate Court rendered him unfit for public office and he said the Court lied about him. But it is the people of Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques who will hand down the final judgment against him on November 28. I hope after that judgment they will allow him to catch a therapeutic Sulphur Springs bath to cleanse his lying tongue. The Might of Mose has him already cowering. He overall mark is F minusANDY DANIEL Failed As a magistrate, he was guilty of perverting the course of justice by conspiring with the UWP to set Marcus Nicholas and his brother (Estaphane) free. He deserves a good term, but at only Bordelais A clown by nature and teetotaler, he can do some weird things especially after a party. Not suitable for office.RICHARD FREDERICK Failed The TimeBomb will dropped on st. Lucia and we will know who he reall is. Guilty of customs fraud in st. Lucia and the USA; He had his diplomatic and personal visa revoked for what is believed to be narco-trafficking, money laundering and perhaps murder. It is reported that Immigration authorities recently caught him in Ruerto Rico with a brief case filled with US dollars. According to Bro Mose, St. Lucia cant afford to have another Escobar. He could not complete his term as a minister because he is wanted by the FBI. One corrupt turn does not deserve another. He failed the people of St. Lucia.GUY JOSEPH Failed Deprived hurricane victims of supplies; destroyed the Communications Ministry; too much double-standard; has no time to do his work assignments because he spends too much time in Mongouge pursuing nocturnal activities even on a Friday Night. Wanted for misappropriation of funds and illegal shares in A&M. He has demonstrated a hatred for professional women and also a strong disrespect for truth. He does not qualify to hold a Ministry.
  7. 7. GAIL RIGOBERT Fail Brilliant academics seldom cheat but she is guilty of cheating red-handed with Mr Chou; we thought she knew better but we caught her pushing her academic hands deep into Mr Chous grip (suitcase) and claiming that she has achieved in Micoud. As a lecturer, we thought she would be exemplary but she failed the initial test. I dont know if UWI will ever employ her again as she awaits her judgment.NANCY CHARLES Fail Known in Vieux Fort for cheating with Taiwanese money; A decision to expel her is pending until November 28 for supporting men who bash women like her.KARL DANIEL F Karl is St. Lucias best known political failure and we expect that trend to continue.ARSENE JAMES D Despite all his imperfections, he is heads and shoulders above the rest. He has shown some remorse his original political sin when he issued a direct award contract of $500,000 for a water sub-project in his constituency. But he neglected his constituency a whole ton and many people have mutinied against him. However, he is not pathologically corrupt and there is much room for him to rehabilitate; but he has left behind a legacy of mess in the education Ministry. He also failed to deliver on his promise to upgrade Sir Arthur to the University of St. Lucia
  8. 8. DODDY FRANCIS F+ He doesnt deserve the position of Governments chief legal advisor and he has not done anything to prove that he has the intellectual and moral capabilities. He has ill-advised the government on a number of issues ranging from CARICOM Airways to the Finance Act. He is in league with the criminal wing of the party and has given the impression that even he too has criminal propensities when he glorified the bad boy element in local politics. The Judgment against him has been made and will be delivered on November 28. From all indications, he will be condemned to "political jail" for life.Guy Mayers F- Formerly good Citizen now turned Rogue. Has totally lost his moral compass and also grown by leaps and bounds in dishonesty. A political imposter of the highest order pretending to be the District rep for Castries East. He has been pronounced guilty for the record homicide rates plaguing the country and not doing anything about it. In fact, he is well-poised for breaking his own record. The people of Castries east have given him an F minus.
  9. 9. Letter from the Political Leader 3Foreword by the Party Chairman 4Our Mission Statement 51. Economic Growth and Sustainable Development 6 The Economy 8 Agriculture 10 The Environment 12 Tourism 13 Trade, Industry and Commerce 15 Science and Technology 16 Communications, Works,Transport,Utilities 17 Unemployment 18 Labour and Industrial Relations 192. Human, Social and Cultural Development 20 Education 21 Health and Wellness 23 Cultural Development 27 Heritage Protection 28 Youth 29 The Elderly 30 Persons with Disabilities 31 Inter-Generational Networking 32 Gender 33 Housing 34 Pension and Social Security 35 Poverty Reduction 36 Sports 37 Social Development 383. Good Governance and Civil Society Law, Order and Justice 39 National Security and the Justice System 40 Standards for Public Officials 41 Local Government 43 Constitutional and Legislative Reform 444. Regional and International Issues 45 Foreign Policy 46 The CARICOM Single Market and Economy 47 (CSME)
  10. 10. foreword by the party chai.rmanEver since the electorate voted The enthusiasm with which ourin the General Elections in several thousand persons gatherDecember 2001, the United at our Rallies, the personalWorkersPartyhas been preparing . sacrifices which they make to beitself for victory and governance present and the relentless pushwhenever the new General that they give to the CandidatesElections are called. and the Partys administration are all testimony of their support.During that period 2001 to 2006crucial administrative issues have Our Party, confident, capablehad to be addressed by the Party, under the guiding hands of ourincluding its two outgoing Political renowned PoliticalLeaderSir JohnLeaders, as efforts were made to G.M. Compton; seventeen Our Party is conscious that, by itsregenerate the morale of the actions and policies, the Labour constituencies mobilized by ourPartys supporters, as well as the Government has caused social highly qualified Candidates; theefficiency and the democratization strangulation. Never before has goodwill of the electorate; - allof the Party. A key person in there been such desperation and these poise us for imminentvictoryguiding the Party, maintaining disintegration in our society. The in the upcomingGeneral Electionsstability during that period, was farmers, once a proud lot, have and a return to the "glory days ofthe Party Chairman been displaced and the youth the UWP".Mr. Stephenson King. have been marginalized by theMr. King, however, proceeded on problems of unemployment. Undoubtedly the eternal flame ofleave in July 2006 in order to the UWP will bring back the Jightcontest the seat in the Castries The Manifesto seeks to address and a bright future for Saint Lucia.North Constituency. We wish to such social dislocation. It is a dis-acknowledge Mr. Kings vast tillation of the generously givencontributions to date. ideas of innumerable per- sons. Several Party retreats, re-The Party wishes to acknowledge view of countless papers submit-the considerable efforts made by ted by interested individuals, themembers of the Partys governing untiring work of the Policy Com-bodies, namely the Island Council, mittee, the Manifesto Committeethe National Council and the and the Management CommitteeNational Executive including the - all these efforts have generatedvarious Standing and ad hoc Dr. Nicholas Frederick this blue-print for the governance Party Chairman (Ag)Committees. Particular mention of this country by the UnitedWork-must also be made of the valuable ers Party.contributions of the seventeenConstituency Branches and of theAuxiliary Bodies, namely theWomens Arm and the Youth Arm. lf~ ..
  11. 11. . . ml5510n st at emen t Nine years of Saint Lucia Labour Party governance have left Saint Lucia adrift. The mission of the There is atotal absence of accountability and trans- United Workers Party parency and the publics concerns over massive is to foster national financial mismanagement such as NCA, Rochamel, economic development cost overruns on infrastructural projects, awarding based on the inclusion of contracts to a select few, are totally ignored andIII stonewalled. of all socia-economic I sectors and geographic Crime, decay in values and attitudes, and intolerance I locations, so that all I have become pervasive; the people live in fe~r. Saint Lucians can live Unemployment is prevalent among the youth, and I peaceful and self- . poverty has gripped even the once proud and sufficient liveL prosperous farmer. Meanwhile a few prosper from favouritism, nepotism and patronage. A United Workers Party will change the social landscape. Crime, in all its manifestations, will be Vigorously fought by a United Workers Party I I government. The Party will provide a safe and secure environment so as to permit citizens to direct their I energies and resources towards meaningful 1- -- achievement. 1-- No longer will just a few persons and a few select communities be-nefit from the reported economic growth. Farmers, manufacturing workers, the youth, persons in rural communities, will be among those who will be able to take care of their needs and that of their families.
  12. 12. economic growth sustain~ble development UNDERTHE LABOURGOVERNMENT THEILLS · Unemployment has skyrocketed UNDER LABOUR especially among the youth · Crime is threatening the lives and livelihoods of Saint Lucians It is lamentable, that instead of further strengthening the tri-pod structure on · Massive cost overruns and waste of which our economy was being developed, taxpayers money the Labour government has refused to recognizethe vital imperativeof agriculture, · Gross mismanagement of public funds (Rochamel, West Coast Road, claiming that our economy has now transitioned into the service sector. NCA, Helenites) Leading world economies such as the · Lack of accountability in statutory U.S.A.and Europe,as well as the emerging organisations, ignoring the statutory ones such as India, China and Brazil, responsibility of submitting annual continue to recognize the importance of reports their agricultural industries. Indeed, even · From 12,000 farmers, the agricultural some of our Caribbean neighbours would sector has declined to under 2,000 have liked to have the fertile soils and other favorable conditions for agricultural · EU funding earmprked to assist developmentthat we have, but Labour has farmers in new skills and alternative paid little attention to the expansion of the employment has not reached them agricultural sector. It is a pity that a Labour · Farmers now forced to become Ministers wish is "that only a heavy fall on a banana peel will convince farmers that indentured labourers for short-term. bananas is dead". This is a far cry from work oversees the 1997 Labour promise that their firsti priority would be to restore trust and · Self employedfarmersare now forced to provide unskilled labour in the confidence in the industry. This is after construction sector they had orchestrated the mayhem that took place in the banana belts, hiding · Saint Lucians have no accessto their beneath the dark cloak of the Banana beaches Salvation Committee. · The manufacturing sector sutters Over the last nine years our farmers and continuous declines~I their family have lost faith in agriculture because of the failure of the Labour Party · The national debt has skyrocketed Government to transform the challenges to an alarming $2 billion making us of globalizationand trade liberalizationinto one of the most indebted nations in opportunities for alternative livelihoods. the Caribbean
  13. 13. SOLUTIONS NDER U UWPThe United Workers Party believes We must place greater emphasis onin the development of an economic and urgently revitalize our agriculturalpolicy that is sustainable, in which industry and broaden the involvementcontinuous programmes will be of our people in the tourism industry.developed so that Saint Lucians can The application of science andbenefitand thereby improvetheir quality technology alongside the best of ourof life. human efforts will give fundamentalSuch policies will take into account our support to the UWPs economic development thrust and thereby furthermain resource base, having regard to promote the drive to economicour specific needs and circumstances. sustainability.We will therefore, with utmost urgency,utilise researchand technology so that Avenues ,will be created so thatwe can more effectively and efficiently vulnerable, neglected groups will findmanage our resources, as we pursue an enabling economic environment toour goals of enhanced economic devel- participate fully in the proposed UWPopment and better quality of life for all. economic growth and sustainableA UWP Government will maintainfiscal development programmes."prudence, increased productivity, We will provide support to the localreduction in unemployment, and private sector through programmesthatcirculation of a vibrant cash flow in strengthen their capacities andgoods and services through enhanced competitiveness, so that they canopportunities for equity within an open assume an even greater role in nationaleconomic system. development.Economicsustainabilityremainsas one A UWP government will establish aof our main goals as a small developing profit-oriented limited liability companynation.The UWP will employ strategies which will facilitate savings andto utilize our scarce resources in a investment by the general publicmanner that will maximize the benefits. through various avenues. One such avenue is the creation of a Unit TrustSuch an approachwill help to determinehow well we can compete and prosper company which will provide an instrumentfor investment by small localin todays world of large economic companies and individuals.groupings and free trade areas thatrespect no national boundaries. ..
  14. 14. SOLUTIONS NDER U UWP I I , · We shall re-establish a Development Bank as one of the main instruments of econdmic development. It will benefit the farmers, persons in the lower income bracket, individuals pursuing higher education, and small entrepreneurs. · The role of small funding agencies such as the James Belgrave Memorial Fund, the Poverty Reduction Fund, the National Community Foundation (NCF) and the National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) will be reviewed side-by- side with the new Development Bank. · We shall reduce the national debt. The present national debt is approximately two billion dollars ($2.0b) which is about five times the . national debt in 1997when the U.W.P was in power. The debt reduction will be brought about through increased productivity particularly in agriculture, increased activity by s_mallentrepreneurs, prudent fiscal management, less borrowing, reduction of waste, and improved trade balance through increase in exports. · We will establish a public debt management division within the Ministryof Financewhose sole responsibilityis to identifyand implement measures to reduce on the public debt.I~ ..
  15. 15. [jJ SOLUTIONS NDER U UWP I II... - ., ( : , I J · We shall re-establish a Development Bank as one of the main instruments of econdmic development. It will benefit the farmers, persons in the lower income bracket, individuals pursuing higtier education, and small entrepreneurs. · The role of small funding agencies such as the James Belgrave Memorial Fund, the Poverty Reduction Fund, the National Community Foundation (NCF) and the National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) will be reviewed side-by- side with the new Development Bank. · We shall reduce the national debt. The present national debt is approximately two billion dollars ($2.0b) which is about five times the . national debt in 1997when the U.W.P was in power. The debt reduction will be brought about through increased productivity particularly ini agriculture, increased activity by s.mallentrepreneurs, prudent fiscal management, less borrowing, reduction of waste, and improved trade balance through increase in exports. · We will establish a public debt management division within the Ministryof Financewhose sole responsibilityis to identifyand implement measures to reduce on the public debt. ..
  16. 16. . OURGOALA United Workers Party government willseek to develop an economic environmentsuch that the optimum welfare of all citizensis sustained. The society must be a just and · Develop the private sector and industriesequitable one in which each citizen is allowed with emphasis on agriculture, agro,processing,to achieve his/her goals within the law. tourism, manufacturing, IT and services asWe will achieve economic growth and ensure well as research in non, traditional areasthat the benefits of economic growth are not · Seek avenues to reduce the level of interestadversely affected by inflation. rates on borrowing for productive purposesThe Party will seek to ensure that employmentopportunities permit the entire workforce to · Develop appropriate policies placing limits on the volume of credit or growth in thecontribute to economic growth and that the level of creditcountrys productivity and export earnings arenot offset by negative trade balances. · Promote development of domestic manufacrur,Saint Lucia must become an investment centre ing industries to stimulate the domesticof choice in the region. economy · Control inflation through effective policies of cost containment in production and consumption of goods and services · Adjust the level of expenditure in our economy in order to increase national income· Achieve significant economic growth and modernisation · Aggressively identify and penetrate new· Control inflation markets for our goods and services· Maximise employment · Provide incentives to encourage investment· Improve the balance of payment situations for Saint Lucia in production and marketing of goods and services . OURPLANS AND PROGRAMMES CAN BE JUDGEDA United Workers Party government is · The fluctuating rate of growth per capitacommitted to the following mix of monetary, GDP will be reversed and a steady growthfiscal and external trade policy in an attempt to rate is maintainedachieve its immediate and ultimate economicobjectives: · The present unemployment rate will be reduced· Review the cost of capital inputs source · The balance of payments will be narrowed cheaper materials and equipment and offer more stable prices · The inflation rate will be reduced ..
  17. 17. . rlcu ure · The UWP will encourage farmers back to agriculture and banana cultivation. We will do this by encouraging the formation of Farmers Cooperatives so as to encourage pooling of resources among farmers for greater economies of scale. We will also seek local and foreign markets for agricultural produce.· The UWP will ensure that agricultural land is properly utilized and not divertedto otheruses. -· We will promote agriculture through encouraging research and by establishingCentres of Excellence which demonstrate successful agricultural practices. OURGOALAU. W.P Government will revitalise the · Revitalize the agricultural sector by agricultural industry as one of the pillars of encouraging greater investments in farming, economic growth and sustainable development; fisheries and agro~processing industriesand will highlight the importance of thisindustryas one of the main contributors · Review the incentives required to stimulat~ activity across the sectorto Saint Lucias economy.The Government of the United Workers · Increase agricultural production through ir.nproved technology, economies of scaleParty will provide the legislative and regula..tory environment for the flourishing of a and better support systemsfarmer..led private sector. Such a sector will · Improve the linkage of agriculture withbe more organized and capable of responding tourism, manufacturing and other sectorsin a harmonious and profitable way to the of the economydemands for food in the domestic and foreignmarkets. · Create a more favourable trade balance through increased exports of agriculturalThe UWP will also promote agriculture productsthrough encouraging research and by the · Initiate programmes to attract skilledcreation of ~Centres of Excellence in part.. professionals into agriculture, fisheries andnership with the Division of Agriculture at livestockthe Sir Arthur Lewis Community Collegeand with Farmers Organizations. ..
  18. 18. OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMES· Increase banana production and yield per · Provide incentives for fishermen to enter acre into larger scale fishing· Encourage the amalgamation of the various · Set up a proper land use policy to clearly banana Companies into a single Company demarcate areas to be reserved for farming in order to create efficiencies and bring and other agricultural activities better financial returns to farmers · Seek niche markets for our bananas and· Provide more accessible avenues for farmers other produce. to access capital, inputs, experimental and · Provide organizational support, using the research data at reasonable cost and interest concept of the marketing board - for farmers rate for the progressive development of this to contract with hotels for the proper sector. A credit scheme is essential organization of the local market and for· Re~establish a financial institution that is export more responsive to the spedal needs of farmers and the farming community · Encourage Cottage Industries within this sector· Encourage agricultural diversification with · Introduce a system whereby produce will the introduction of value added products, be graded, standardized and attractively aggressive marketing and guaranteed packaged for the supermarkets and other markets markets· Introduce new and improved technologies · Utilize existing reception depots for where applicable and provide other packaging and distribution of fruits and technical measures such as tractor services produce to reduce the cost of production· Construct community abattoirs to facilitate · Explore ways for farmers to be included under the National Insurance in order to livestock farmers and a major abbatoir for receive social security benefits the export of meat " ... .~ .. , . J.., . CANBEJUDGED· Bythe income generatingand economic · The positive change of approaches to doing activitiescreated by this sector things within the sector as well as the· The increasein the amount offoreign change of attitudes with regard to the exchange generated and the cash flow importance of this sector to the economic among the producerswithin this sector in growth and sustainable development of particular Saint Lucia.· The increasein production at a cheaper rate .
  19. 19. environment OURGOAL OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMESThe pressures of economic development in a · Establish an Evironmental Commission tosmall nation such as ours often lead to practices manage the environmentthat can bring destruction to our vital natural · Introduce programmes to utilize our naturalresources. resources on a sustainable basisSaint Lucia is experiencing problems with defor,estation, pollution, beach and social erosion and · Support programmes that encourage Biodiversity while maintaining the ecologythe possible extinction of several species of water of our environmentbirds and other rare animals. The UWP willpursue a development strategy that strongly · Preserve our environment, keeping it as freepromotes the preservation of the environment. as possible from pollutants · Set up a water management control system · Provide incentives to the productive sector to reduce energy use and water supply requirements· Create a positive impact on the improvement · Promote recycling and use of bio,degradable and sustenance of the environment products· Prevent further environmental abuse · Establish ongoing environmental education in schools ..
  20. 20. tourism· The UWP will encourage the development of a mix in thetype of hotels on the Island. This will spread the benefits oftourismto moreSaintLucians.At presentthere isan imbalancebetweenall-inclusive and traditionalhoteltypes. More smallersized hotels must be owned by Saint Lucians.· Saint Lucians must be employed at the highest level ofmanagementin the hotelsin Saint Lucia.· We shallupgradethe seaportsparticularly those in Castriesand Vieux-Fortto promotecommercialactivityin the country.Also we shall promotefurther commercialuse of the Cul-de-Sac Valley. The Cityof Castrieswill be upgradedto becomeahub for commercialand tourist activity. OURGOAL In this regard UWP will work hand in hand with the private sector and labour unions to fonn partThe strategies we employ and the manner in nerships in order to maintain a climate of stability,which we utilize our scarce resources are the key tranquility and greater competitiveness. A UWPfactorswhich willdetermine how well we compete government will address the main economic issuesand prosper in todays world of large economic within this context as it seeks to support the mostgrouping and free trade areas that respect no valuable groups and create an enabling environ,national boundaries. ment for the promotion and growth of tourism.
  21. 21. · Establish a fully equipped hotel training school of international standard · Provide incentives for expansion of the · Encourage greater local investment and yachting industry ownership with the tourism industry · Ensure easier access to all beaches · Enhance the relationship between tourism · Improve the Castries~Vieux Fort Highway and other social and economic sectors of the and, in particular, pay special attention to society upgrading or realigning the Barre de Lisle section of that route · Provide clear guidelines for the orderly growth and development of the industry · Recognize and support the eco~tourism · Provide a proper mix in types of hotels sector by encouraging greater participation accommodation to ensure that all sectors by Saint Lucians in the use and preservation receive some of the benefits of our national assets · Provide a better access for investment · Maintain a balance between all~inclusive funding to small entrepreneurs and traditional hotel types as well as pursue niche marketing to ensure expansion for the industry OURPLANS I ANDPROGRAMMES · Maintain an outgoing system of public education relating to tourism , · · Improve the road network island~wideto . . i I Maintaina balancebetween all~inclusivenda traditionalhotel typesaswellaspursueniche enhance the travelling experience of both nationals and visitors, and give consideration marketingto ensureexpansionforthe industry to reintroducing coastal sea transportation ~ · Create a financial window that is more as a means of local travel responsiveto the special needs of small entrepreneurs in the areas of Tourism, · Institute a cruise policy that enhances the contribution of the sector to economic Agriculture, Manufacturing and other small enterprises development · O:mtinue upgrading the seaports,examine · Allocate sufficient resources to tourism promotion and marketing while ensuring further commercial use of the Cul~de~SacBay, that these are used in the most effective and and upgrade the City of Castries as a shopping efficient manner centre and a hub for tourist activity · Develop and upgrade facilitiesin the various l.lll.11 J~I;.j villagesand communities to enhance their unique historical and cultural attributes,thereby CANBEJUDGED attracting visitors and generating income · Provideincentives to Saint Lucian entrepreneurs · Existence of a national physical plan for tourism development to become involved in ancillary serviceswhich support the tourism industry · Greater local investment and ownership in the tourism sector · Review and harmonize the operation of the Ministry ofT ourism and the Saint Lucia · Stronger linkages between tourism and Tourist Board to achieve greater efficiency other sectors and effectiveness · Greater economic impact of tourism on the · Institute standards in all areas of the tourism national economy productIII .
  22. 22. trade commerce OURGOAL · Provide a special package of incentives to attract international IT businesses, such as data and software development companies, to operate in St. Lucia independently or throughA United Workers Party government will local joint venturesprovide the requisite support and operatingenvironment to make industry more compet~ · Establish minimum standards for productitive and responsive to both the local and the quality and company certification in theexport market. manufacturing sector · Aggressively pursue an export development OURAIMS strategy in support of manufacturing and ANDOBJECTIVES earning of foreign exchange · Provide support to small and micro businesses· Provide access to concessionary financing for through the establishment of business incu~ the development and expansion of industry bators under the restructured National through the proposed National Development Development Corporation Bank and the Unit Trust Company · Incentivise the Distrib~tive trade to purchase· Encourage the use of technology to improve more locally produced goods efficiency and competitiveness · Encourage nationals to buy local in support· Engender a greater entrepreneurial culture of local enterprise through the provision of training, technical and business support services · Provide nationals with the education, skillsand . work ethic for enhancing productivity· Provide more timely decision making in the public sector in support of private enterprise I. [11,1.1 J~I ill ~ CAN BE JUDGED OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMES · Quicker facilitation of investment and a larger, more viable local business sectorA United Workers Partygovernment iscommitted · The increase in the number ofIT /softwareto implementing the following programmes to businessesestablishedensure that our country can compete fully in theglobal market and take advantage of the opportu~ · Increased foreign exchange from export salesnities that present themselves:· Restructure the National Development Corporation to be more responsive and capable of attracting and nurturing both local and foreign investment
  23. 23. - . sCience technology · The UWP will invest in science and technology in order to drive production and economic development - we will make Saint Lucia a leading light in Information Technology. OURGOAL · Enhancing the technical capacity of existing workers in the IT sector · Nurture an appreciation of and affinity with The United Workers Party r~cognises that science and technology by introducing science and technology is at the foundation of programmes at the school level,including creative thinking, innovation and development. providing full access to computers at all In the case of Saint Lucia with the absence of vast schools amounts of natural resources, science and tech, nology must be an integral part of knowledge · Provide a system of incentives, assistance and based industries and the successof businesses in financing to support small and medium sized- enterprises (SMEs) in technological processing general. of products I .. The Party will facilitate the use of technology to · Offer incentives for private sector investment enhance the deliveryofservices,expand production and development of IT products and services. of goods and promote new industries. · At the business level, promote research and business incubators · At the national level, develop IT as a sector · Establish an IT park · Make science and technology an integral · Expand the use of computers in the public part of education and business sector to provide more cost effective and · Identify available resources and the techno, timely service to citizensI I logical requirements of the economy, in terms of human resources and plant machinery and · Work with service providers to make available internet access in all communities equipment, to achieve sustainable develop, ment · Invest in science and technology to achieve ~ CANBEJUDGED a critical mass of technological capacity to drive production and development · Growth of IT businesses · Use science and technology as an employ · Increased utilisation of IT in business ment generation tool · Increase in employment OURPLANS · Increase in the number of persons trained ANDPROGRAMMES and qualified in technology · Create an agency to provide market intelli, · Increase in profitability of local enterprises gence on the requirements of consumers in · Increase in the level of skills of the work the market place force · Establish an agency to provide R&D, and support and incentives to S&T providers .
  24. 24. · Review the levy on used vehiclescommunications, . Address the needs of the minibus drivers to ks . ensure a more efficient transport system Provide continuous training to minibus drivers wor t . to enhance their driving abilities Increase the viability of the Hewannorra andtransPO~tilities . George F. L. Charles Airports Establish a strategy and budget to attract international air services in support of trade OUR GOAL . and tourism Improve the system of Post Offices to make them more suitable for postal deliveriesThe United Workers Party views the commu~ . . including E~Commerce Work with telecommunications providers tonications and transport sector as a vehicle forspurring economic development. The Party will . develop a programme of universal accessbuild on its previous successes in constructing Ensure that a fair share of governmentthe East Coast, the West Coast and the Millen~ contracts is reserved for small localnium Highways, as well as its extensive secondaryroad network. . construction contractors Provide specific measures which willThe United Workers Party will also increase the encourage large foreign contractors to utilizeviability of the Hewannorra and the George F. the services of local equipment, trucking andL. Charles Airports by instituting an air servicespolicy conducive to attracting more international . other providersair lift. Develop a framework for the Ministry of Communications and Works to facilitate theCentral to the communications system must be conduct of work within the stipulatedan improvement in the postal services and the tendering process, cost and timeframesability to improve postal delivery resulting fromE~Commerce. · Introduce efficiency in the management of the water systemThe United Workers Party recognises the im~portance of telecommunications in our develop~ · Ensure that government maintains generalment thrust. Hence we will promote policies control over the water sector to provide fullthat will strengthen and advance the sector and access to all citizens at a reasonable priceits performance. Furthermore we will ensure that Itelecommunications and related technology isaccessible to all Saint Lucians. CANBEJUDGEDWe will introduce measures to ensure cost effec~ · A more efficient road maintenancetive and efficient implementation of all govern~ment infrastructural works. programme · A more extensive tertiary road construction OURPLANS programme AND PROGRAMMES · A more organized transport system · Increased viability of Hewannorra and· Seek alternative sources of energy through George F. L. Charles Airports wind and geothermal explorations · Improve efficiency at the Post Offices· Provide greater incentives to encourage · Increased access to telecommunications reduction in energy comsumption services· Develop a comprehensive and efficient road · Improved efficiency in government infra~ maintenance programme structural expenditure· Develop a comprehensive tertiary road pro~ · Better water supply gramme to meet the needs of the smaller communities and the agricultural sector · Greater use of local contractors and suppliers· Rationalize the transport system by construct~ ing central bus terminals in the cities and towns ..
  25. 25. unemployment OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMESApproximately 20% of theworkforce is unemployed. A · Increase employment by expanding theUWP Government will reduce sectors of agriculture and agroprocessing, manufacturing, information and servicesu nem ployment particu larly · Encourage the workforce to return toamong the youth by expanding agriculture and agroprocessing by providing the necessary technical and other resourceeconomic activity and upgrading supportthe skills and productive capacity · Implement the minimum wage legislationof our human resource base. · Conduct research into non,traditional areas so as to identify potential sources of employment · Develop the attitudinal and skill base to enable workers to fill tourism related jobs at OUR GOAL all levels · Establish human resource development Unemployment is a root cause of a wide range policies to provide and upgrade skills training of social ills.A United Workers Party government thereby creating a more employable work will seek to create a social and economic environ~ force ment in which the great majority of the workforce · Support continuing education programmes is employed and contribute to national develop~ offered by Sir Arthur L~wisCommunity ment. At present approximately twenty College and other private training institutions percent (20%) of the workforce is unemployed. · Provide an intensive job placement It is particularly high among young people who programme/agency to enable trained persons have completed secondary level schooling. to find suitable employment Sustainable jobs, instead of STEP work will be · Ensure that training programmes incorporate created,through economic stimulation and growth. elements to improve work ethic · Ensure that the Development Bank provides soft loans and advisory support to small businesses and the self employed · Ensure that the workforce is employed at the [Il!all JII ill optimum level CANBEJUDGED · Ensure that education and human resource development programmes support the em, · A reduction in the percentage of ployment drive Saint Lucians, particularly young people, who · Instill a positive work ethic in our workforce are unemployed in the labour force ..
  26. 26. relationsThis initiative started under the OURGOALUnit~d Workers Party workingtogether with the International A United Workers Party will seek to provide a stable industrial environment in order to en,Labour Organisation. The goal hance investment and employment opportuni,was to put in place legislation ties.which protected workers rights as OURPLANSwell as the concerns of employers ANDPROGRAMMESon an equitable and harmonious · Engage the Labour Unions and employersbasis. In order to score cheap in the private sector in tripartite discussionspolitical points, the Kenny Anthony to promote good industrial relationsadmjnistration has rushed through · Establish an equitable work permit systemthe enactment of the code and · Modernize Labour laws to maintain a balance between the interest of government,created an "atmosphere of mistrust workers and employersbetween Government and · Establisha National Productivity Council made up of representatives of Government,employers which can only work q"ade unions and employersto the detriment of workers, andcause concern to potential CANBEJUDGEDinvestors. The UWP will · A stable industrial climateimmediately review the Labour · An equitable work permits systemCode, giving trade unions, · Modern labour lawsemployers and th? general publica further opportunity to examinethose contentious provisions andproduce a bill which is acceptableto all parties:
  27. 27. chapter human, ocial s and development In 1997, one of Labours slogan was, Saint Lucia for Saint THEILLS Lucians. This slogan has become a farce. Our personal UNDERLABOUR experiences since 1997 are marginalization, victimization and nepotism.IIII.; SOLUTIONSNDER U UWP Developments aboutpeople. i challenge their imagination and help them We must developa climateof National to adjust as well-balanced and socially Cohesion. If we are to survive as a conscious individuals. Our society must small nation, it is imperative that we encourage and reinforcethe notion that · harness all our resources and energies, each citizen is a valuable member of the and work together in pursuit of our community and has a special role in the national goals. nations development. We must harness the skills,talents and We shall purposefully pursue programmes energies of all citizens irrespective of which will equip our people with the gender, age, ethnicity, religious and necessary skills to function in this new political persuasion, in our march technology driven and globally competitive towards enhancing the physical, social environment. and cultural well-being of our people. We shall ensure that individuals rights and Our focus will remain on policies which freedoms and indeed, all areas of our recognize the importance of our citizens human development, are safeguarded. as our most valuable resource. We will provide opportunities to nurture their talents, .
  28. 28. education· The UWP will seek to improve · Training at SALCC will be greatlydiscipline in schools so that expanded.childrens energies can be · We shall restore thechannelled into creative transportation subsidy for needypursuits. secondary school children.· We shall inject resources into · The UWP will develop a meritphysical education and sports in system for the promotion oforder to instill discipline among teachers.the youth. · We shall equip all public libraries· We shall return to the system of with the technology and literatureproviding financial support to to support the new informationprofessionalsundergoing training. ageo. OURGOAL The United Workers Party will give education The education system will: top priority. It will provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective participation · Develop the necessary knowledge, skills and in national.development and to meet the attitudes necessary for promoting sustainable challenges of an ever changing society. development of our country · Promote the physical, social, cultural and In the poorly conceived manner with which spiritual well~being of our citizens universal secondary education was implemented, little regard was paid to the readiness of some of · Promote a culture of positive work ethic the students to receive optimal benefit. The among our citizens UWP Government will seek to prevent a resulting · Ensure that the school plays a greater role in sense of failure and frustration, which can only social cont!ol and discipline have negative social and economic implications. It will therefore introduce a system of remedial · Devek?p in citizens the values and attitudes which help to eliminate injustice education which can be fullyaccessedby all those in need. · Provide all citizens an opportunity to live an acceptable quality of life · Develop a sense of national cohesion among citizens · Provide opportunities for continuous learning irrespective of gender, religion or ability to pay · Require educators to be accountable for their performance
  29. 29. OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMES · Set up an inter-Ministerial Committee for · Review the Education Act to allow for greater Human and Social Development, including discipline and control at the school level Education, to formulate social policy · Increase the number of persons accessing · Set up a review commission to assessperform- tertiary education and restructure SALCC ance of educators to achieve this objective · Provide education to meet the needs of · Upgrade SALCC to a full-fledged university special children using mainstream schools wherever possible · Provide financial support to students to pursue tertiary education · Provide early childhood education programmes · Continue training of teachers and school to supply the physical, social and intellectual administrators development required for the child to enter the formal school system · Expand training of nurses and give the necessary financial support to trainees · Enhance the quality of primary education and eliminate drop-outs · Expand continuing education to increase · Provide remedial education so that all students skills and reduce illiteracy throughout the adult populationI attain the required level of proficiency in english and mathematics . · Provide adequate technical and financiali support for special needs education1 · Introduce special programmes to meet the needs of gifted children · Assist needy students with school trans- portation and text book loans · Establish a National Service to serve schools · Improve the quality of secondary education · Reactivate the school feeding programme and make it available to all · Equip public libraries with computers · Diversify and enrichen the school curriculum I to meet the needs of diverse students, utilising CAN BE JUDGED the expertise of guidance counsellors in the school system · Support curriculum development efforts by · A comprehensiverestructuringof Sir Arthur LewisCommunity College revitalising the work of CAMDU · Support and encourage the formation of · Elimination of illiteracy student councils in all schools · Greater disciplineat the school level · Provide low interest loan for courses of study · The CARICOM goalof0fferingtertiarylevel through the proposed Development Bank education to 15percent of the population level isachieved · Support private institutions that provide specializedvocational training and rehabilation · Technical and vocationaleducation provided programmes for secondary school students at everysecondaryschool "
  30. 30. The UWP will: OURGOAL· Initiate community programmes to helpprevent critical health problems e.g. Aids,cancer, diabetes, etc. The United Workers Party willoptimisethe Health Care Servicesavailableto Saint Lucians· Provide safe facilities for recreational and by improvingboth primaryand secondaryhealthhealthy activity such as jogging. services.· The UWP will restorethe NationalSchoolFeeding Programme.· Implementa NationalHealthServicewhichdoes notadd an additionalburdenon needy · Educate the population about healthypersons. living · Reduce and prevent the high incidences of HIVjAIDS, cancer, diabetes, hypertension tension and other preventable diseases · Increase the resources allocated to public health care and wellness · Increase the number of trained professionals in the health care sector OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMES · Ensure that the new national hospital has adequate staffing, equipment, supplies and medicines to deliver the quality of service required by the population · Provide better emergency medical services and in particular increase ambulance services to cover all communities · Upgrade Soufriere, Dennery and Vieux Fort hospitals
  31. 31. · Establish an Interministerial Committee products and help industrialize these as for Human and Social Development to alternatives to imported products formulate and implement a national health · Establish programmes that will foster plan and social policy preventative measures through the media, · Undertake a survey to ascertain adequacy schools, chU1:chesand other N.G.Os of medical and paraprofessional staff · Strengthen the system of hospitals, poly · Develop an efficient health information clinics, health centres, nursing homes and system that highlights critical health centres for terminal illnesses problems in the country e.g. aids, cancer, diabetes and incorporate these into the mainstream health care system · Implement a school feeding programme utilizing primarily local foods in order to · Distribute health service throughout the ensure a balanced diet for the young among island by establishing a central body with us and to promote nutrition as an integral set standards and finances for the health part of preventative health care care system especially our hospitals and health centres · Reactivate the Environmental Health Protection programme for pest control and · Establish local and overseas training pollutants removal programmes for health care professionals · Establish research units to evaluate in order to maintain dedicated, highly adequacy of pharmaceuticals, medical and - qualified and motivated staff paraprofessional staff · Determine and provide information on the nutritional and medicinal value of local CANBEJUDGED · Reduced cost of medical care to individuals · Improved health facilitiesand improvement in the delivery of medical services · Primary Health facilit:.ieswithin the reach of every citizen · Implementation of a National Health Service · Greater use of local products in the food and health sector that creates demand within the agricultural sector ~ - ~ t;:.;~ .V"r "f"~ """" , t. . " . , . ,~~~~ ~" . ~~ d - ~ ..i""~". ,~.~~-.. . . " .:);Y. -O.!ii.8.. . .~1~. . ,~, I ~ _ ~...~., . , """" ","r;,;!"o" .. ..0"; -.;.:~:.,. ."" :...,: .. ~::,~ ~4 .~ " .:J;" " # . ,", .:...,..~.vr~...~ If -~ ._ ,._,,>C~ ,~~" . ---=- H . " I~ I f" . Ii: ~ ,... " I--~"" I .
  32. 32. OURGOAL · The UWP will instil in Saint LuciansA United Workers Party will promote culture a sense of national pride by promotingas a vehiclefor the cultivation of a goodvalue the countrys rich and diverse culturalsystem. heritage. · We willdevelop culture as an industry in order to broaden employment opportunities.· To re~establish indigenous cultural activities · We shall effectsignificantinvolvement especially those that promote ethnical values of schoolsin nationalculturalfestivalsand and good citizens celebrations.· To create a local cultural industry to genet:ate · Wewill builda modernNationalCultural income for producers Centre.· To encourage a diversity of cultures in Saint · The UWPwillstrengthen Department the Lucia in recognition of the countrys diverse of Culture, for the advancementof our heritage cultural goals. OURPLANS ANDPROGRAMMES · Organize more structured cultural programmes· Rejuvenate La Rose, La Maguerite, Quadrille, grammes and competitions in schools and Bellair; Conte, and other aspects of our folk communities to promote greater participation culture and a senseof national pride· Encourage the national media to provide · Provide incentives to promote our culture more national and cultural heritage regionally and internationally programmes· Make Independence Day programmes a true I representation of our national achievements CAN BE JUDGED and identity· Implement programmes to recognize the · Citiz~ns are proud to be Saint Lucians true cultural icons of Saint Lucia and to · Greater participation by citizens in local reward them accordingly cultural activities· Review the mandate of the Cultural · Increase in the number of Saint Lucians who Development Foundation (CDF) to make venture into the field of culture performing it more relevant to the cultural development on the international scene of Saint Lucia especially the promotion of local cultural activities · Increase in the number of established cultural groups· Reintroduce traditional sporting activities · Significant involvement of schools in as a vehicle for promoting and advancing national cultural festivals and celebrations national pride· Promote pride in our national symbols· Support and fund initiatives to promote and strengthen the music industry in Saint Lucia If .~ II