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Way Point Services

  1. 1. A Guide to WayPoint Services WayPoint Technologies
  2. 2. WayPoint Technologies Services Overview Our Services provide the needed expertise and deliverables to help you get work done. Supported by WayPoint's Predictive Methodology, you can assure that project tasks and activities are completed with the highest quality and targeted to your specific business needs. Services Accelerate Adoption Time to market is usually a critical component with any initiative or project. Therefore, the time it takes to ramp up resources and become proficient with a specific technology can impact your ability to meet critical deadlines. This is one of the reasons why WayPoint Services are a smart choice. We have seasoned professionals on staff versed in a variety of disciplines and experienced in producing quality deliverables on time and within budget. In This Guide 1. Business Process Consulting and Services 2. Software Development and Custom Integration 3. Total Document Solutions 4. Predictive IT Contact Us • Visit us on the web at: http://www.mywaypoint.com • Contact us by Phone: (602) 635-1050 • Email us at: info@mywaypoint.com
  3. 3. Business Process Consulting and Services Overview Business Process Modeling enables clear communication of mission critical workflows while providing key insights into process inefficiencies. Quite simply, it proves invaluable when identifying opportunities for process improvements, conducting business process re-engineering, and driving key project initiatives. WayPoint offers a suite of business process consulting and services to help your organization strategically implement a Process Engineering Group or carry out business process activities. Either way, you can be assured that you are receiving the right guidance and assistance. Business Process Consulting Companies that adopt, document, and champion standard processes, supported by an internal Process Engineering Group, gain competitive advantages at every level of the business. WayPoint has extensive experience in this area and offers consulting services targeted to define, document, and develop a Processing Engineering Group strategic to your organization. Key Highlights • Strategic Planning for Developing and Introducing Process Engineering or a Process Engineering Group into Your Organization • Identification, Customization, and Documentation of a Corporate Methodology • Comprehensive Scope Covering Business, Project Management, and Technology Activities • Knowledge Transfer Via Train-the-Trainer Instruction Business Process Services WayPoint offers a suite of Business Process Services that target the execution of business modeling and documentation efforts for your project or the enterprise. We work directly with your organization to solicit, formalize, and document your quot;as-isquot; and quot;to-bequot; business processes and work as an extended member of your team. Key Highlights • Business Process Modeling and Documentation • Facilitation of Process Modeling Workshops • Classroom Training and Mentoring • Standards Compliant Leveraging BPM and BPMN • Enterprise or Project Level Focus
  4. 4. Software Development and Custom Integration Overview Let's face it. Rarely do you find an application that does everything you need it to do and if you're lucky enough to find one then chances are it doesn't integrate out of the box with your existing systems. That is where WayPoint can help. We have expertise building business applications and developing custom integrations. Plus, our Project Managers, Business Analyst, Architects, Developers, and Testers are highly trained in WayPoint's Predictive Project Methodology. Business Applications WayPoint seeks to understand your business and identify how technology can best serve your needs. We pride ourselves on building the right product, with the highest quality, that directly impacts your bottom line. In many situations, we leverage our own in-house Business Process Experts to help guide and define our targeted efforts. This ensures everyone is on the same page and understands the solution in context with your business. The result is a well built business solution that not only fits your business but drives productivity. Key Highlights • Built Specifically to Meet Your Business Needs • Seasoned Team of Process Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects, and Designers • Specialization in Client and Web Applications • User Centric Design, Extensibility, Scalability, and Security Built In • Hosted or Delivered. It's Your Choice! Custom Integration Leverage your existing investment and improve overall business process velocity by integrating two or more systems. At WayPoint, we understand this better than anyone else because we focus on the big picture and end-to-end business process. Removing bottle necks and manual activities from your current workflow is one of the best reasons to invest in integration. It ensures that your current users and systems are minimally impacted while improving efficiency, quality, and turnaround time of business workflow activities. Key Highlights • Targeted to Streamline Business Process Execution and Efficiency • Seasoned Team of Process Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects, and Designers • Service Oriented Architectures, Web Services • Enables Workflow Automation • Complete Project and Product Documentation
  5. 5. Total Document Solutions Overview Going paperless, or “paper-lite?” The benefits of WayPoint’s document scanning and enterprise document/content management solutions are immediate. Did you know that going paperless can save 70-80% over traditional paper document management? A McKinsey study suggested that at least 40% of new project time is spent re-creating knowledge already possessed by the company. Administrative and information workers spend 30% of their time looking for information to complete their tasks. Compelling arguments for implementing a comprehensive document management strategy. Document/Content Management Applications Document management is the first step toward establishing a knowledge base. WayPoint Total Document solutions give you the tools to manage information. Across the organization, data and information can be secured, arranged, developed and delivered for instant access. You need to manage at the speed of your customers. You need to continually refresh and enrich your interactions. Collaborate with confidence. WayPoint’s web-based document solutions will enhance your productivity, and enhance customer delivery. With the rapid growth of mobile and distributed workforces, web-based access and workflows ensure connectivity and keep tasks on track. Our Solution can be tailored to your unique business needs and fully integrated with your customers and stakeholders.. Key Highlights • A secure collaboration platform • Available both as an internal software platform and as Software as a Services (SaaS) • Rich workflow engine automates business processes • Electronic forms replace paper based processes • User Centric Design, Extensibility, Scalability, and Security Built In • Hosted or Delivered. It's Your Choice! WayPoint Document Scanning Services WayPoint is proud to offer the most competitive and straight forward pricing in the industry, and we’re able to provide this pricing without sacrificing quality and service. We put the focus on the customer, not on fancy facilities or unnecessary equipment. By operating in a single, highly efficient location, we can offer an all-inclusive pricing structure that costs much less than our competitors. Our staff is committed to helping your business make a painless transition to the paperless future. Key Highlights • Pick up packed documents, secure the lids and apply the shipping labels • Deliver to processing plant, prepare documents, scan in specified format • Index documents and quality check, 99.99% accuracy rate • Deliver documents and electronic content • Use the WayPoint hosted document solutions for greater efficiency and savings
  6. 6. Predictive IT Overview Companies that embrace and invest in technology increase their competitive advantage. However, managing your corporate technology infrastructure and complexity can be a daunting task. That is where WayPoint can help. We offer a range of services from enterprise network design and implementation to server configuration and deployment. Plus, WayPoint maintains a skilled staff of IT Architects and System Administrators coupled with state of the art computer and hosting facilities all at your disposal. Let WayPoint manage your IT and get back to business! Enterprise Network Design, Implementation, and Monitoring Global communications, data, and availability are critical for today's businesses. Designing and implementing your company network infrastructure is one of our strongest competencies. Our services ensure your company's electronic assets are dependable, available, and secure. Key Highlights • Connect Your Offices and/or People Around the Globe • Seasoned Team of Architects, Network Engineers, and System Administrators • Availability, Extensibility, Security, Maintenance, and Monitoring • Option to Host Your IT Infrastructure in WayPoint's Cutting Edge Data Center IT Infrastructure Ensuring you have the right hardware, operating systems, and supporting applications in place is critical for maintaining the dependability of your technology infrastructure. WayPoint's Network Engineers and System Administrators are highly skilled in this discipline and focus on the overall health of your systems. Key Highlights • Server Specifications, Configuration, and Deployment • Seasoned Team of Architects, Engineers, and System Administrators • Optimized Environments for Business Systems, Email, Workgroups, File Sharing, Web Applications, and Web Sites • Windows, Unix, and Linux Configurations and Expertise