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Spivet workflow33


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Spivet workflow33

  1. 1. Production: EPITHETE - 3D FILM: T.S. SPIVET Workflow by: Postproduction Shoot Backup’s 3D Rig Photograms to Monitoring DP’s Ipad Alexa M x 2 Quantum 2 x LTO V tapes Arri Raw Record. on Codex 4K film recording L+R SAN-Sync Fuji 3514 Film Lut DCP SAN Conform OPEN EXR files On location 3D screening of dailies Codex Vault 2 x DNx HD 115 Grading on set Mistika live Arri Raw Data wrangler Backup on set Optical fiber Server to server Arri Raw Server Quantum LTO V drives Dailies Mistika Quality check 3 D check Disparity check Grading Color Front 2 x DNx HD 115 Production 2D grading Sound synch by assistant EDL Avid Media Composer 6 Diagram  by  Philippe  Ros  (AFC)  for  Digimage   Broadcasting Broadcasting 3D grading 2D & 3D Disparity Depth grading VFX Editing Digital Screening 3D - 2K 16-Bit Lin Double stream DIT - 3D Film Screening Film Screening RENDER’s < Titles DCDM Blu-ray Blu-ray 2D & 3D DCP BROADCAST Legal Range MASTER 2D / 3D Full Range DVD Internet 2D & 3D