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Présentation des nouveautés Sony dédiées au cinéma et notamment la F5 et la F55 (disponibles en février 2013),

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  1. 1. Legal Embargo until Tuesday, October 30th 2012 07:00 CET1 Believe beyond HD
  2. 2. You are going to watch highly confidential content Legal Embargo until Tuesday, October 30th 2012 07:00 CET2 Believe beyond HD
  3. 3. Our corporate strategy3 Believe beyond HD
  4. 4. From the lens to the living room4 Believe beyond HD
  5. 5. Producing Professional 4K content for cinema5 Believe beyond HD
  6. 6. Sony„s innovations since 2000 in the cinema market... 2000 2006 2007 2008 2010 2011HDW-900 HDW-F900R F23 F35 PMW-F3 F656 Believe beyond HD
  7. 7. ... culminating with the best cinema camera in the world Ultimate imaging performance Ultra-reliable SRMemory Media Established & proven F65 RAW workflow7 Believe beyond HD
  8. 8. ... highly recognized by the industry Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 2011 Primetime Emmy® Award Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development Single Chip Digital Camera Technology Sony Corporation8 Believe beyond HD
  9. 9. ... with ever growing industry support9 Believe beyond HD
  10. 10. 10 Believe beyond HD
  11. 11. F65 : cinema (US) Oblivion (US) (US) DP: Peter Suschitzky, ASC DP: Claudio Miranda DP: Phil Meheux Evil Dead (US) (US) DP: Aaron Morton (FR) DP: Michael Barrett DP: Xavier Bru (TUR/FR/GER) (IND) DP: Florent Herry DP: Bobby Singh (IND) (BR) DP: Himman Dhamija / Yogesh Jani DP: Affonso Beato, ASC, ABC (JPN) (CN/TW) DP: Kurisu Naoki DP: WU,ZONG-DE11 Believe beyond HD
  12. 12. F65 : Drama, Shorts, Music & Commercials (Short film/UK) DP: David Procter (Music/USA) DP: Paul Laufer (Commercial/GER) (Commercial/NZ) DP: Volker May DP: Callan Green (TV Drama/AU) (Fiction/UK) DP: John Stokes DP: David Procter (Music/UK) (Commercial/JPN) DP: Ed Moore DP: Hideyuki Takahashi12 Believe beyond HD
  13. 13. “The F65 feels like a great leap forward. As soon as I did testing, I was immensely impressed by the amount of detail it captures, by its incredible flexibility, from low lights to high lights, and its great contrast range. It really is a camera for the future and I‟m going to use it again on a number of films”13 Believe beyond HD
  14. 14. “With the real 4K camera, a new cinematography age begins. The movie industry spent 15 years trying to simulate film through various digital formats. The struggle now belongs to history”14 Believe beyond HD
  15. 15. “We were surprised we could get such rich exposures evenat low light levels of less than one foot candle”.15 Believe beyond HD
  16. 16. “The tonal gradation in the middle is really beautiful and it has delicacy there which is a joy to use. You can be quite subtle with the camera, and subtle nuances really do photograph and do end up on the screen”.16 Believe beyond HD
  17. 17. “We worked at Colorworks and got to see it in Sony‟s screening room on a massive screen in true 4K and Taylor was blown away”.17 Believe beyond HD
  18. 18. “ACES was the main reason post went so smoothly at Light Iron. Thanks to ACES, the digital grading process has never been as easy for Cinematographers”.18 Believe beyond HD
  19. 19. 2013 Sony brings the future to the market19 Believe beyond HD
  20. 20. 20 Believe Beyond HD
  21. 21. F65 – unleashing even more power Advanced de-mosaicing at 6K or 8K even with RAW files captured to-date 120P 8K capture, totally unique feature New digital OLED viewfinder21 Believe beyond HD And a lot more...
  22. 22. Recording interface unit 3G HD-SDI input 4K RAW Data output Records to AXS-R522 Believe beyond HD
  23. 23. 23 Believe Beyond HD
  24. 24. 24 Believe beyond HD
  25. 25. XAVC, widening 4K and HFR production MXF OP-1a Common Wrapper Mastering Quality • Visually lossless compression Program exchange and delivery • 220/440/880 Mbps TV Movies, Dramas • 16Ch Audio • Modest & flexible data payload HD High Frame Rate & 4K • Intra Frame & Long GOP Sports, TV Commercial Production • 8 / 10 bit color sampling • 1080 / 50P infrastructure 1080/50i • Everyday TV format News gathering • Best balance: Quality vs. Efficiency Mainstream HDTV production • Professional Disc & SxS Memory25 Believe beyond HD
  26. 26. XAVC, widening 4K and HFR production • Modest & flexible data payload HD High Frame Rate & 4K • Intra Frame & Long GOP Sports, TV Commercial Production • 8 / 10 bit color sampling • 1080 / 50P infrastructure26 Believe beyond HD
  27. 27. …completing Sony„s codec range FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 Camera RAW MPEG – 4 SStP XAVC INTRA 422:8bit 50M/420:35M MPEG - 2 420:8bit 60i:24M, 60p:28M AVC HD SD 411:25M DV27 Believe beyond HD
  28. 28. Different formats for different applications HD Beyond HD Mastering & Delivery Ultimate post production MPEG4 SStP (444) RAW Mainstream 4K TV 10 bit Production XAVC (4K) XAVC (HD) 1080p HDTV XAVC (50p) Creativity within reach Mainstream HDTV XAVC (HFR) MPEG2 HD42228 Believe beyond HD
  29. 29. Different formats for different applications SStP XAVC 4K RAW XAVC HD XAVC 50p MPEG2 HD422 XAVC HD HFR29 Believe beyond HD
  30. 30. 30 Believe beyond HD
  31. 31. 2013 : Large sensor line-up31 Believe beyond HD
  32. 32. A modular approach on the inside... SStP XAVC 4K RAW XAVC HD XAVC 50p MPEG2 HD422 XAVC HD HFR32 Believe beyond HD
  33. 33. …and outside33 Believe beyond HD
  34. 34. S35mm 4K CMOS Imager PL mount (with PL/FZ mount adapter) Multi CODEC High Frame Rates – 120p Modular Design – Professional Viewfinder34 Believe beyond HD
  35. 35. PMW-F5 core features added: Internal 4K recording Global Shutter & wide color gamut High Frame Rates –180fps, 240fps35 Believe beyond HD
  36. 36. …introducing new recording media 32GB/64GB 64GB/128GB 2,4Gbps (512GB capacity) 10 bit HDTV Mastering & Delivery 4K RAW up to 60P 2K RAW Up to 240P XAVC HD SStP Mainstream HDTV Mainstream 4K TV Ultimate post production MPEG2 HD422 XAVC 4K RAW 1080p HDTV Creativity within reach XAVC 50p RAW HFR Creativity within reach XAVC HD HFR36 Believe beyond HD
  37. 37. F-series, internal recording 32GB/64GB 64GB/128GB 10 bit HDTV Mastering & Delivery XAVC HD SStP Mainstream HDTV Mainstream 4K TV MPEG2 HD422 XAVC 4K 1080p HDTV XAVC 50p Creativity within reach XAVC HD HFR37 Believe beyond HD
  38. 38. F-series, dedicated external recording AXS-R5 2,4Gbps (512GB capacity) 4K RAW up to 60P 2K RAW Up to 240P Ultimate post production RAW Creativity within reach RAW HFR38 Believe beyond HD
  39. 39. New add-ins to extend the limits of creativity Compact cardreader for AXS media USB 3.0 interface Direct attachment to F5/55 without cable 2K & 4K RAW recorder (16bit linear) Up to 60P (4K) & 240P (2K) Low cost RAW media Usage of new AXS media card 2,4Gbps (512GB capacity) 4K RAW up to 60P 2K RAW Up to 240P39 Believe beyond HD
  40. 40. Where Sony does make the difference40 Believe beyond HD
  41. 41. Simultaneous recording internally (PMW- F55) On-line XAVC 4K/ QFHD XAVC 4K/ QFHD MPEG2 HD 422 MPEG2 HD 422 Off-line41 Believe beyond HD
  42. 42. A dedicated professional viewfinder 1st OLED viewfinder for F5/F55/F65 0.7“ / 1280 x 720 pixels Focus Display Maximum contrast MAG (ON/OFF) Outstanding clarity42 Believe beyond HD
  43. 43. Unleashing High Frame Rate creativity 120fps XAVC HD, internal recording on SxS Pro+ 180fps XAVC HD internal recording on SxS Pro+ 240fps 2K RAW External recording AXS-R543 Believe beyond HD
  44. 44. 44 Believe beyond HD
  45. 45. A new range of outstanding viewfinders 3,5“ LCD Viewfinder 7“ LCD Monitor 960 x 540 pixels Full HD resolution (1920x1080) High contrast (1000:1) High contrast (1000:1) Flip up mechanism High brightness (1000cd/m²) Parallel usage of 3.5“ VF and 7“ display45 Believe beyond HD
  46. 46. New battery system for F-series New technology : 2x longer lifetime 2 slot charger 1hour operation of F5/55 & AXS-R5 2x fast as normal battery charger Designed for perfect integration with F-series 70min to charge BP-FL75 Compatible with other SONY V-Mount batteries46 Believe Beyond HD
  47. 47. PL mount T2.0 Focus ring with 240° Metal housing47 Believe beyond HD
  48. 48. PL mount lens kit - ideal for private owners48 Believe beyond HD
  49. 49. LCD 30” 4096x2160 resolution49 Believe beyond HD
  50. 50. Ensure piece of mind of our end-users50 Believe beyond HD
  51. 51. XDCAM Alliance & Partners Is the De facto HDTV standard for News & Mainstream Production Best interoperability alliance in the industry Open Platform - Sony share technical documentation with all engineering teams
  52. 52. F-Series workflow : an established workflow from the start (RAW + XAVC support)52 Believe beyond HD
  53. 53. F-series world: more than just a camera 4K RAW up to 60p 0.7” OLED 2K RAW HFR up to 240p MPG2 4:2:2 3.5” QHD XAVC 7” FHD LCD SStp RAW 6x PL Lens set SxS PRO+ for XAVC HD HFR & 4K 3x PL Lens set AXSM for 4K/2K RAW XAVC & RAW workflow SBAC-US20 for SxS PRO+ NLE vendor support AXS-CR1 for AXSM New Sony RAW Viewer Economical Faster Transfer to PC 4K 30” LCD monitor New Olivine battery For On-Set and Post Longer Life 2x High speed charging Easy to carry the camera Built-in ARRI rosette53 Believe beyond HD
  54. 54. Activation plan54 Believe beyond HD
  55. 55. Teasing Campaign : rumours and excitement Since October 15th Via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) and European Websites More than 1000 clics after one day After 3 days, 400 contacts already registered55 Believe beyond HD
  56. 56. Advertising CineAlta range advertisement in key European paper and on-line magazines Featuring F65 as the outstanding 8K-sensor camera for feature film56 Believe beyond HD
  57. 57. Social Media New European Cinealta twitter channel opened! Facebook chat on October 30th and December 4th Constant information posted on Sony Professional Facebook page57 Believe beyond HD
  58. 58. Hands-on Experience CineAlta range displayed Seminar on each location: The Future ahead of Schedule Product Specialist available for demonstrations58 Believe beyond HD
  59. 59. Hands-on Experience International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography Sony„s Sponsorship F65 screening followed by PMW-F5 and -F55 demo footages59 Believe beyond HD
  60. 60. Screenings and key DMC events all over Europe Screening of F65 followed by F55 & F5 content In 10 European capital cities Gathering the digital cinematography community New CineAlta products displayed Screening sessions depending on location60 Believe beyond HD
  61. 61. Keeping in mind… Targeted date : Mid/End of November61 Believe beyond HD
  62. 62. Keeping in mind… 1xPMW-F5 and -F55 on the Sony Roadshow with the F65 Pre-Launch pack - sent today per email Launch pack – sent by mid-november available from October 30th on the training portal62 Believe beyond HD
  63. 63. Wrap-Up F65 with new v3.0 New F5 & F55 Full System FS700 with new 4K workflow New 4K format63 Believe beyond HD New 4K 30‟‟ Monitor
  64. 64. 64 Believe beyond HD
  65. 65. Thank you65 Believe beyond HD