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G-Checks : A holistic strategic planning framework


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A simple, practical framework for assessing how well your organisation has thought through all aspects of their BAU work and change projects.

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G-Checks : A holistic strategic planning framework

  1. 1. Cordelta 1Cordelta 1 Introduction to G-CHECKS A holistic strategic planning framework Stephen Bounds Executive, Information Management
  2. 2. Cordelta 2Cordelta 2 G-CHECKS methodology • Holistically examines projects, initiatives or systems • Maps a logical path from design choices to outcomes • Ensures that value is justified separately from implementation • Establishes common ground • Simplifies and enhances targeting of messages to the right stakeholders
  3. 3. Cordelta 3Cordelta 3 DESIGN ACT MEASURE Principles Objectives Norms Roles & Responsibilitie s Goals Strategies Benefits
  4. 4. Cordelta 4Cordelta 4 APPROACHAIMSPEOPLE Principles Objectives Norms Roles & Responsibilitie s Goals Strategies Benefits
  5. 5. Cordelta 5Cordelta 5 A. Define aims of initiative/project • Objectives (why?) • eg improved customer service satisfaction • Goals (what?) • eg self-service online portal • Benefits (how measured?) • eg 20% reduction in client complaints AIMS Objectives Goals Benefits
  6. 6. Cordelta 6Cordelta 6 B. Agree on approach • Principles (consensus on value) • eg single point of truth for corporate records • Strategies (consensus on effort) • eg implement an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) APPROACH Principles Strategies
  7. 7. Cordelta 7Cordelta 7 C. Identify cultural/people factors • Norms (how things are done) • eg teams prefer to operate independently • Roles & Responsibilities (who does what) • eg information curator to identify important assets for central cataloguing • Misalignment of principles & strategies with organisational culture can derail a project PEOPLE Norms Roles & Responsibilitie s
  8. 8. Cordelta 8Cordelta 8 Want to know more? Contact