Linkage Corporate Overview


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Describes Linkage and its global leadership development business

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Linkage Corporate Overview

  1. 1. About Linkage
  2. 2. The Worldwide Leader in Leadership Development.Linkage works with organizations worldwide to keep and strengthen leaders andleadership teams to enable them to produce superior results. For over 25 years,we have delivered on this promise by strategically developing leadership, talent,and culture within organizations globally. We do this by providing talent andleadership development consulting, customized leadership programs, tailoredassessment and coaching services, learning institutes, thought leader broadcasts,and leadership skills training.Linkage is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with operations in Atlanta,Boston, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis and outside the U.S. in Athens,Bangalore, Brussels, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Hamilton, Hong Kong, Istanbul,Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Mexico City, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul,Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Vilnius. Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 3
  3. 3. 21st Century Thinking. Broad Experience.• Founded in 1988• Senior consultants and coaches who have deep business experience• Connected to the world’s prominent thought leaders• One of the best renowned names in the industry for leadership development• Product development and design capabilities to customize client solutions Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 4
  4. 4. Global Capabilities. Locations Spanning 6 Continents. Vilnius Brussels BucharestAtlanta, Boston, IstanbulNew York, San Rome SeoulFrancisco, St. Louis Athens Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong Hamilton Mexico City Kuwait City Bangalore Sao Paulo Buenos Aires Johannesburg Sydney Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 5
  5. 5. Better Leaders. Better Results.At Linkage, we provide our clients with practical approaches that make positivechange a real part of day-to-day business. We bring together ideas and resourcesfrom across the world to help your people improve as leaders and managers. Noother company can bring you such a range of proven solutions.Linkage is a global organization made up of the best ideas and brightestminds in professional development—focused on making people andcompanies great. Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 6
  6. 6. Strategic Partners• William Bridges & Associates (Change and Transition Management)―Linkage is the exclusive partner and provider of William Bridges’ world-renowned program, Leading Organizational Transition: Train-the-Trainer Program• Stephen Shapiro (Innovation)―Linkage, in exclusive partnership with Stephen M. Shapiro, author of Best Practices are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition, offers Creating an Innovation-Capable Organization• Innosight (Innovation)―Linkage is the exclusive provider of Driving Innovation, in partnership with Innosight, a consulting company founded by Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School• DePaul University (Academic)―Linkage offers The Organization Development Certificate Program in cooperation with DePaul University in Chicago Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 7
  7. 7. Linkage. The Leader in Leadership Development.Ranked #1 Best Leadership Development Program, 2006-2011 Category: Large Consulting Groups 1. Linkage GILD 2. Results-Based Leadership 3. Accenture 4. Senn-Delaney Leadership 5. McKinsey/ LeadershipRanked as a Top 20 Training Company for three consecutive years byTraining Industry based on: • Thought leadership and influence on leadership training industry • Industry recognition and innovation • Delivery methods offered • Strength of clients • Geographic reach • Experience in serving the market Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 8
  8. 8. Global. Intelligent. Proven. Practical.Global experience―24 offices worldwide, 20+ years in the industry; Fortune1000 client list; experienced and knowledgeable talentLarge scope of impact―more than 500,000 leaders and managers haveattended a Linkage program since 1988Proven content and methodologies―development of mid-level up throughexecutive leaders is our core business. Facilitation techniques, thought leadercontent, and adult learning principles that workMulti-faceted approach―dedicated to creating world-class, integrated andcustomized development experiences that include assessments, coaching, actionlearning, and readily applicable toolsContent alliances―partner network of the best thought leaders in the worldProven track record―continual innovation in our programs, services, andsolutions Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 9
  9. 9. Partial Client List by IndustryBusiness Services Health Care Manufacturing Technology RetailErnst & Young Allergan British American Tobacco ABB AT&TFederal Express Blue Cross Blue Shield BAE Systems Coca Cola Cisco SystemsJeppesen Sanderson CIGNA Cooper Tire Colgate Palmolive Computer SciencesShawmut Design and Genentech Daimler Chrysler Efes CorporationConstruction Johnson & Johnson McKesson Ford Motor Company Dell Kraft Foods Pfizer General Motors HPEnergy & Utilities Kellogg Roche Diagnostics GlaxoSmithKline IBMAlstom Macy’s Solvay Pharmaceuticals Harley-Davidson Intel Mark Anthony GroupExxon Mobil Sanofi Hyundai Motor Group Lucent Technologies McDonald’sGeneral Electric Schering-Plough John Deere Motorola Nestlé SC Johnson Linde PepsiFinancial Services Nokia Wyeth Corporation Lockheed Martin Tetra PakAllstate Insurance Samsung Petronas SonyAmerican Express Travel & Leisure Samsung Electronics Mentor GraphicsARC Financial Avis Budget Group Solvay Telia SoneraBank of China Orbitz Toyota XilinxCharles Schwab Priceline UnileverCitizens Bank Wyndham Worldwide US SteelHSBCMayBankMorgan StanleyNew York LifePrudentialVisa International Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 10
  10. 10. Partial Client List Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 11
  11. 11. Linkage Offerings
  12. 12. Developing Leaders Worldwide Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 13
  13. 13. Organizational Development ConsultingLinkage works with organizations to ensure that their talent is capable of achievingstrategic business objectives. We partner with senior leaders, HR, and talentexecutives to determine the competencies needed to achieve goals; assess thecurrent work force proficiency against those competencies; and design customizedsolutions to develop the right talent to achieve the desired results. Linkage’ssystems approach to performance excellence includes: building tools andprocesses to drive measurable improvements in performance, generatingcommitment to foster engagement, and working with teams to increaseperformance and cross functional collaboration.We offer consulting services in the following areas: • Organizational performance effectiveness • Competency modeling • Talent auditing • Succession planning • Talent development strategy • Change management consulting Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 14
  14. 14. Customized Leadership Development SolutionsLinkage creates and delivers customized, innovative, and dynamic experiencesthat are thought-provoking and transformative. Our customized leadershipdevelopment solutions combine leadership and assessment tools with applicablecontent and master facilitators to deliver an in-depth business experience thatgenerates positive, lasting, and measurable results.We help clients: • Build individual and organizational bench strength • Accelerate senior, emerging, and high-potential leadership growth • Drive growth through innovation and talent • Create and sustain an inclusive learning culture for greater results Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 15
  15. 15. Customized Leadership Development SolutionsExpertise & Flexibility in Design and ImplementationLearning Modalities: • Individual and 360-degree Assessment • Professional Coaching • Peer Coaching • Residential Programs • Action Learning Application • E-Learning • Performance Support Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 16
  16. 16. Customized Leadership Development SolutionsThe Linkage Leadership Academy * • Four-day immersion learning experience • Designed to prepare high-potentials for next-generation leadership • Integration of: − Assessments − World class facilitation − Experiential activities (case studies, activities, simulations, role plays, etc.) − Skill-building − Reflection and application − Guided coaching − Networking*Offered as open enrollment or customized on-site workshop Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 17
  17. 17. Assessment SolutionsLinkage equips leaders, teams, and organizations with insights to achievebreakthrough business results. Our assessment tools, in combination with world-class coaching, facilitation, and leadership development experiences help youachieve bottom line results. By providing specific, actionable, and measurementbased feedback, we give you the tools to address all aspects of leadership andorganization development. Our combination of analytical rigor backed by anunderstanding of real world strategic imperatives provides a productive ground inwhich assessments are a cornerstone to building a capable, committed, andaligned workforce.We help clients: • Understand and accelerate development of top talent • Identify, assess, and on-board C-level leaders and directors • Build leadership teams and leadership team effectiveness • Steer large scale technology or process changes • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of leadership development systems • Explore and improve engagement throughout departments and divisions Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 18
  18. 18. Return on Leadership Development (ROLD) AssessmentThe Return on Leadership Development (ROLD) assessment is designed to helpcompanies evaluate their future leadership development needs, as well as theimpact on business results of any existing formal and informal leadershipdevelopment needs.Key benefits: • Ensures that development initiatives are closely tied to strategic objectives • Assesses leadership needs and gaps, and uncovers ways to address them • Measures the impact that development efforts are having on bottom line results • Diagnoses talent pipeline requirements and creates a leadership development system that will meet and exceed these needs • Benchmarks leadership development practices against other leading organizations Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 19
  19. 19. Assessment Instruments Linkage Assessment Solutions offers comprehensive services to measure, drive, and evaluate your organization’s needs. Our proven instruments include: The HiPlay™ The Leadership Assessment REAL Strength of Leadership Team Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Engagement™ Organizational Assessment™ The Essential Coach™ The Assessment Instrument Communication Styles & Abilities The Compleat for Managers™ (AIM) Inventory for Leaders (C-SAIL) Consultant™ Models Commitment Empowers Practices Others Inquiry BuildsPartnerships Communicates THE Champions Candidly ESSENTIAL Learning COACH Establishes Fosters Presence Change Maximizes Pursues Growth Results Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 20
  20. 20. Leadership Coaching SolutionsLinkage works with leaders at all levels of the organization to drive personalbehavioral change against the backdrop of the business strategy. We help leadersdevelop their talent and culture to achieve key business objectives. We also coachteams to be able to execute key organizational initiatives. Our Master Coachesoffer powerful insights to help individuals clarify their vision and focus, so they canproduce greater results with and through others.We help clients: • Develop current and next-generation leaders • Increase individual and team productivity and leadership • Nurture and retain top talent • Increase employee satisfaction and financial performance Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 21
  21. 21. Change and Transition SolutionsOur consultants have a proven track record helping organizations from around theworld improve their change management success rates and lower their cost ofimplementation. We work with your leaders to clarify the business case forchange, effectively communicate key messages about the change, and identify thecritical variables for success. Linkage has helped clients save millions of dollars,develop new business ideas, and improve the functioning of their organization andteams.We help clients: • Establish leaders who serve as a visible anchor for others in times of change • Direct or resolve team breakdowns resulting from change • Communicate the need for change, making the connection to critical organizational objectives • Develop behaviors to adapt to constant and sometimes turbulent change • Recognize and remedy barriers to the implementation of change Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 22
  22. 22. Innovation SolutionsLinkage works with organizations to identify and change areas to support innovation—creating a roadmap of actions to close the gap between where your leaders are todayand where your leaders need to be in the future. Our approach identifies marketopportunities and generates innovative ideas to take advantage of them. Through ourpartnerships with leading innovation consultants, Linkage helps organizations sustainthe capability to innovate and “out-innovate” the competition. Using our easy-to-applytools and techniques, your leaders and leadership teams can implement innovationprocesses that increase the speed of innovation with less risk.We help clients: • Develop leaders that drive innovation • Find new innovation opportunities for growth and exploit potential new markets • Out-innovate your competition • Create operational excellence through innovation • Exceed customer expectations • Re-engage employees to drive necessary change Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 23
  23. 23. The Linkage Suite of InstitutesAs the nation’s most respected diversity program, our Institute Now in its 16th year, The Global Institute for Leadershipfor Leading Diversity & Inclusion™ plays a critical role in Development™ (GILD) is a leadership development programcreating and sustaining inclusive work environments. The that combines the depth of an immersion learning workshop, theprogram brings together a dedicated community of top D&I reliability and prestige of a university executive educationpractitioners and line leaders to exchange best practices and program, and the pace and scale of a world-class conference tostrategies for success. provide accelerated, transformational leadership Linkage’s Talent & Organization Development Institute™The Women in Leadership Institute™ is a high impact, immersive develops the practitioner’s capacity to manage complexity andlearning experience designed to accelerate the succession and drive results in order to maximize their organization’sdevelopment of high-potential emerging women leaders through effectiveness and the talent within.skills-based learning, peer connection, and focused ongoing The event boasts more than 5,500 alumni and hundredsof world-renowned Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 24
  24. 24. Facilitation & Training SolutionsLinkage’s training offerings include: 1. Skill-Building Programs Targeted training to develop critical skills and abilities 2. Certificate Programs Integrated courses of study for professional development such as: − The Organization Development Certificate Program − The Leadership Development Certificate Program − The Coaching Leaders Certification Program 3. Train-The-Trainer Programs Courses that certify your facilitators to deliver our programs including: − The Leading Organizational Transition: Train-the-Trainer Program – Offered in exclusive partnership with William Bridges & Associates Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 25
  25. 25. Linkage Training Programs*On-site workshops Leadership & management development Change & transitionAchieving Results: Winning Through Alignment Creating an Innovation-Capable managementand Flawless Execution Organization Change Leadership: HowCoaching for Business Leaders Designing and Implementing Leadership Leaders Drive Organizational Development Systems ChangeDecisive Leadership: Using Creativity,Experimentation and Data in Decision Making Designing and Implementing Succession Leading Organizational Management Systems Transition: Train- The-TrainerEnhancing Your Management Skills ProgramHow Leaders Connect: Crafting and Delivering Strategic ThinkingImpactful Presentations Systems Thinking Organization developmentIndividual Transition in Organizations The Coaching Leaders Certification Program Becoming a Strategic BusinessLeadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Partner: An Introduction to ODCertification Program The Leadership Development Certificate Program Consulting SkillsLeading Teams Organizational Analysis andLeading Across Organizational Boundaries: DesignFinding Common Ground Virtual & blended learning solutions The Organization DevelopmentLinkage’s Change Master Certification Program Change Leadership Online Certificate ProgramManaging Organizational Transition Connecting as a Leader: Communicating The OD Lab for ExperiencedMaximizing Your Influence: A Program for Impact PractitionersDesigned for Women Leadership Assessment Instrument™ (LAI) Today’s HR: Designs forPowerful Conversations for Building Online Certification Program Strategic PartnershipsCommitment Management Skills OnlineThe Linkage Leadership Academy *All programs can be customized and most include licensable content. Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 26
  26. 26. Facilitation & Training SolutionsResults-focused, hands-on learning solutions… • Customized learning programs that provide crucial skill development for better business results • Practical Train-the-Trainer programs tailored and facilitated by master trainers • Extensive library of curricula that includes skill-based certificate programs and leading-edge workshops Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 27
  27. 27. Thought Leader BroadcastsEach broadcast in Linkage’s Thought Leader Series features world-class faculty and invaluableleadership insight aligned to Linkage’s High Impact Leadership Model™ to help maximize yourROI and the practical application of learning back on the job.2012 broadcasts • Walter Isaacson on Timeless Leadership: Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin – September 18, 2012 • Eric Olson on Teambuilding and Leadership in the 21st Century – October 10, 2012 • Mark Samuel on Unleash the Power of an Accountable Organization – November 14, 2012 • Sylvia Hewlett on Top Talent: How to Reengage and Reenergize your Workforce – December 13, 2012On-demand broadcasts (over 80 broadcasts available) • Dan Heath on How to Change when Change is Hard • Malcolm Gladwell on Why People are Successful • John Kotter on Leading Change • Benazir Bhutto on Diversity Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 28
  28. 28. Linkage Thought Leader Broadcasts (library) Dr. Warren Phil Ken Madeleine Bennis Harkins Blanchard Albright World’s foremost CEO and founder Management expert; Former US authority on of Linkage; author, author, The One Secretary leadership In Search of Minute Manager of State Leadership Gen. Thomas Meg Marcus Malcolm Kolditz Wheatley Buckingham Gladwell Former Head of Author, Leadership Author, Go Put Author, Leadership at West and the New Science Your Strengths Outliers Point; author, In to Work Extremis Leadership Tom Peters David Doris Kearns Bill The “ur-guru” of Goodwin Allen George management as Pulitzer Prize- Author, Getting Former CEO labeled by Fortune; winning author; Things Done of Medtronic Best-selling author, world-renowned Re-Imagine historian Thomas Howard Patrick Steven Friedman Schultz Lencioni Shapiro Chairman and Author, Best Author, The Best-selling CEO of Starbucks Practices are World Is Flat author of The Five Stupid; Exclusive Dysfunctions Linkage Partner of a Team Charlene Li Marshall Robert E. Author, Open Goldsmith Knowling, Jr. Leadership: How Author, What Got Chairman, Eagles Social Technology You Here Won’t Landing Partners Can Transform the Get You There Way You Lead Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 29
  29. 29. Industry Leading Research & Measurement Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 30
  30. 30. About LinkageLinkage works with leaders and leadership teams worldwide to build organizations thatproduce superior results. For over 25 years, we have delivered on this promise bystrategically aligning leadership, talent, and culture within organizations globally. We dothis by providing strategic consulting on leadership development and talentmanagement topics and through our learning institutes, skill-building workshops,tailored assessment services, and executive coaching.Linkage is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with operations in Atlanta,Boston, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis and outside the U.S. in Athens, Bangalore,Brussels, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Hamilton, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg,Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Mexico City, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai,Singapore, Sydney, Vilnius.Linkage200 Wheeler RoadBurlington, MA Copyright © Linkage. All rights reserved. 31