Semantic Engagement Index (SEI)


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Strongly linking and influencing brand sales

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  • Semantic Engagement Index (SEI)

    1. 1. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMEmail : simon@bottomlineanalytics.comUK Office : 44 (0) 1398 320169US Office : (001) 770.485.0270www.bottomlineanalytics.comA BREAKTHROUGH APPROACH!INTRODUCINGTHE SEMANTIC ENGAGEMENT INDEXSEITMDRIVING INSIGHTS AND ROI THROUGH WORD OF MOUTH / SOCIAL CONVERSATIONS“Our Approach Focuses on the Meaning of Conversations…To Help Marketers Develop Content and Messaging That Create StrongEmotional Bonds with Their Customers”
    2. 2. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMIntroducing The Semantic Engagement Index• A unique metric that serves as a basis and standard of measurement for word of mouth and socialconversations that has been validated like nothing else (across a diverse set of companies withcollective sales of over £100 billion)• We capture the voice of the consumer across any digital conversation: Social Media, Transcripts,Call Centres, Focus Groups, and Online• Our social conversation metric is based on language and context (even understanding sarcasm!),not number of ‘likes’ or conventional word-counting sentiment• Based on Linguistics rules that have been academically published, peer reviewed & validated• Creates Predictive marketing models, to drive better business decisions and increase ROIStance-ShiftAnalysisUnobtrusiveSuperiorResearch &ModelingUnbiasedSocialConversations SEITMActionableInsightsUnmoderated“SEITMdirectly linking andinfluencing brand sales”
    3. 3. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMThe Linkage & Influence To Sales Over TimeShows That SEITMHas Predictive PowerProven Linking With Brand SalesCorrelation = 86.4% Correlation = 84%Correlation = 81.1%Correlation = 83%Correlation = 83%
    4. 4. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM4MarketingStrongly and directly linking specific conversations to sales enabling accurate predictive marketing modelsMarket ResearchFinds the answers to the questions by linking the conversations – being able to compare the past to the presentand predicting more accurate influencesCustomer InsightFinds the conversations which are providing genuine customer feedback into what is affecting and influencingcustomer engagementPublic Affairs & PRQuantifies and monetizes how relevant public issues affect your brand and the degree these issues areconnected to broader public concernsAdvertisingBeing able to link advertising to the conversations and then measure the impact of the advertising throughconversations to brand sales.Social MediaMeasuring and linking conversations to brand sales and providing actionable insightReal Conversations Means True Reflections= Monetized!Key Areas SEI™ Provides Actionable Insight For?
    5. 5. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM82.9%14.8%9.9%7.7%5.9%2.8%-3.2%-20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%SEMANTIC ENGAGEMENT INDEX POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 5 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 1 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 4 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 6 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 2 POS/NEG RATIOMETRIC 3 POS/NEG RATIOComparison of linking directly to salesversus six leading sentiment metricsSEITMcan show whichconversations are stronglylinking and influencing brandsales more than anycomparable metric acrossmultiple verticals and studies“SEITMdirectly linking andinfluencing brand sales”
    6. 6. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM• Our solution combines the best of Business Intelligence,Innovative Modeling Techniques and Superior LanguageModels, enabling us to generate better insights across manyareas of the client organization, such as consumer insights,media, marketing strategy and public relations.• A powerful tool for social media ROI measurementproviding deep insight into relevant issues of brandpositioning, brand reputation and brand image, theconsumer experience with your brand and what ideas andcontent are most relevant in creating and driving thepassion for your brand.• By uncovering what is really important to consumers in wordof mouth & social media conversations we can comparewhat really engages consumers versus competitors and whatparticular topics are driving the engagementUnderstanding The Semantic Engagement IndexThis is the foundation for understandingconsumer engagement with a brand!
    7. 7. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITM7Social MediaROIIn-MarketExecutionContentStrategy &InsightBrandReputationManagement1) Quantify the ROI ofyour social mediastrategy andcampaigns. Monetiseyour customerexperience3) Use a deepunderstanding ofconsumerconversations todevelop Contentand MarketingStrategy4) Monitor andManage consumerconversations thatare impacting yourbrand reputation.2) Enhance the in-market execution ofPromotions, SportsSponsorships andevents based onconsumer conversationsActionable Solutions
    8. 8. Simon BrockClient Services Director - EMEABottom-Line AnalyticsE : simon@bottomlineanalytics.comM : 44 (0) 7824 305325UK Office : 44 (0) 1398 320169US Office : (001)
    9. 9. Copyright Bottom Line Analytics, LLC - All Rights Reserved, 2013SEITMOUR TEAM’S EXPERIENCE