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Volunteers of America


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Pitch for Volunteers of America partnership with The Weather Channel

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Volunteers of America

  1. 1. WHY weather
  2. 2. WEATHER connects everyone 2
  3. 3. Weather touches everyone’slife …… From hurricanes tohail, drought to thunderstormsThe weather affects our lifeeveryday.Our viewers rely onTWC, each day forinformation,Because the TWC brand ranksamongst the most trusted andcredible media brands. TRUST
  4. 4. Real-time, specific information that empowers people to plan their lives. Weather helps our audience live better and more balanced livesTHE WEATHERCONNECTION
  5. 5. Our audience connects on cable during the morning rush … online in the middle of the day for detailed information … in the afternoon on their mobile device of choice - on-the-go getting the answers to life’s most fundamental questions……. from TWCANSWERS All concepts for discussion purposes. Subject to change.
  6. 6. We see the opportunity for a partnershipusing our scale and reach to help theVolunteers of America spread their wordof hope and assistance.We believe the 360 million people weattract monthly on television and ourdigital properties can deeply influencethe call to volunteer - particularly as itpertains to the displaced – in all kinds ofweather. IDEA
  7. 7. I lived here At The Weather Channel, we LIVE the emotional connections to the weather across our television and digital properties. We see and experience first hand the devastation a big storm can bring ... how flooding, heavy rains, deep freezes, and extreme dry spells can have equally devastating effects and displace people. We UNDERSTAND that in todays world – homelessness is more prevalent than ever before. The causes are varied – the outcome is the same….. We are also about making change happen through ACTION. There’s a reason we are the first ones on the scene for major storms – it is our MISSION to inform and keep populations safe. It is the SPIRIT that pervades throughout the company.
  8. 8. The first rule of survival is shelter.The weather affects us all. And sometimes the connection to weather isn’t aspleasant as we’d like it to be. Together we can spread the word of hope.
  9. 9. TWC-ACTION is our HUB where you can watch and be a witness to VOAs success stories – about displacement – hope, perseverance and renewal. Ultimately these visual stories will serve one major purpose: to encourage people to join the VOA and help displaced Americans - veterans, elderly, homeless, or otherwise – by visiting, registering, and ultimately volunteering.Concept is for discussion purpose: TWC reserves the right to makechanges and modifications
  10. 10. Anyone who lives without a roof over their head – faces the weather each and every moment of the day — on a good day, finding shelter from the storm. Nothing is more impactful than being able to look back and tell viewers a story of how someone became homeless and what changed the course of their life - for better days. The VOC has amazing success stories to share, and we think this will draw in new volunteers who will want to be part of the VOA story.I Lived HERE
  11. 11. foI Lived HERE
  12. 12. Volunteers of America will work with TWC and provide 5 to 7 success stories – we will tell each story from both sides - the person affected and the person who helped them. We then travel to the location where that person was homeless - put a chair there and have the person say “this is where I lived…” telling their story of what it was like to live there... and at the same time we are cutting to the person who helped them… at the end, we bring the two together. A picture is worth a thousand words … and we feel that there is no better way to draw in more volunteers than to show how fulfilling it is to go through this process. I Lived HEREConcept is for discussion purpose: TWC reserves the right to make changes and modifications
  13. 13. TWC will produce custom 5 – 7, VOA storiesCreate custom :30 commercial for VOACABLEWill run twice a month in the following shows: :90 segments/stories which willrotate during the year, driving to VOA website and Weather ACTION HUB on digital.  Day Planner  Weather Center  Monthly sponsorship includes custom closing billboard and commercial adjacency.DIGITALThe Weather Channel will create a Weather ACTION Hub where videos and storieswill be highlighted. Additionally information on how to volunteer and links to VOAwebsite. We will drive traffic from homepage and local forecast.ADAPTOR – when the weather is cold, rainy or too hot – VOA message tovolunteer will appear – taking viewers directly to the VOA website. Summary