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Explorers Notebook


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A cross platform program, anchored primarily in webisodic content with broadcast compliments.

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Explorers Notebook

  2. 2. EXPLORERS NOTEBOOKFrom early explorers like Marco Polo, to the explorations of Lewis and Clark andthe discovery and continued exploration of space , exploration and discovery havefascinated human beings.EXPLORERS NOTEBOOK follows contemporary explorerBernice Notenboom AND recounts some of the mostFamous historical explorations throughout time….In the Spring follow a contemporary expedition to theNorth Pole, then in October 2013 join the eagerlyanticipated series “Tipping Points”.
  3. 3. BERENICE NOTENBOOM MODERN DAY EXPLORERAdventurer and explorer Berenice Notenboom is the first woman to walk to both poles andclimb Everest. In the spring she leads a ski expedition across the frozen Arctic Ocean, with ateam of polar explorers to the North Pole and attempt to ski across to Hunt Island in Canada.
  4. 4. EXPLORERS NOTEBOOKFollow the history of explorations throughout time and how weather impactedsome of the world’s most famous adventures. • Field Notes directly from explorers diaries and logs • Games – follow the adventurer
  5. 5. Expedition to the North Pole A science expedition webisodic seriesBernice Notenboom’s expedition to the North Pole covers one of the last skiexpeditions across the frozen Arctic Ocean. In the spring of 2013 when the sun returnsto the Arctic skies, a team of three veteran polar explorers will head out to the NorthPole and attempt to ski across to Hunt Island in Canada, on a grueling 800 km self-supported expedition lasting about 40 days.Along the way they will meet Canadian Inuit hunters who travel long distances to theremaining multi-year sea ice that has drifted and banked against the coast of Canadaand Greenland. This area is now the only refuge for seal, walrus and polar bear. TheExpedition will reveal the passion of three polar explorers for the North Pole and whythey return year after year but now struggle on their own final journey as the ice isdisappearing at an unprecedented rate. Record cold winters in Europe, jet streaminstability, droughts in Colorado and Utah are just some of the effects of losing the airconditioning region of our earth.
  6. 6. THE TIPPING POINT CRISIS A science expedition television series 6 x 1 hr episodesLeading climate scientists have identified 12 tipping elements which could have a profoundeffect on mankind and the eco system if they tip this century, accelerating climate change.Where are they? What are they? Can we create early warning systems for those Tipping Points.The Tipping Point Crisis a landmark series that takes a fresh look at climate change throughexpedition adventures, off the grid locations, leading science and cutting edge graphics. Thisseries takes us on six scientific expeditions around the globe where the stability of climate is atthe greatest risk of irreversible change. OCTOBER 2013 PREMIER