Copperbridge Foundation - Press Kit


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Press Kit for a cultural non profit. Copperbridge is a non political cultural organization with the mission of creating dialogue through the arts.

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Copperbridge Foundation - Press Kit

  1. 1. The Copperbridge Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission to promote cultural and educational exchange through the medium of artistic expression.
  2. 2. Copperbridge Foundation was founded in 2010 by Geo Darder, who also serves as the President. Darder’s vision was to create a foundation that would serve the public through the acquisition, conservation, exhibition and interpretation of significant works of art from a broad range of Caribbean, African, North and South American cultures; with a special emphasis on Cuba. Given the island nation's proximity to Florida, its incalculable impact as a cultural muse and its superlative artists, Copperbridge provides passage and furthers cross currents of cultural interchange between Cuba and the USA. Through it’s People to People license the foundation has been able to further act as a bridge of understanding by taking people to experience art and culture in Cuba. WHO WE ARE
  3. 3. By building a cultural bridge, art acts as a conduit between cultures, uniting people of different backgrounds, religions and beliefs in a myriad of ways. ! Art is our common language helping to create a dialogue between people who may have more in common than they suspect. Creating Dialogue Through the Arts Colonial Architecture Old Havana, Cuba
  4. 4. Copperbridge Foundation, is a 501 (c) 3 non- profit organization with a mission to promote cultural and educational exchange through the medium of artistic expression. We are a non-political organization and our belief is that through the arts we are able to build a bridge that moves people towards a better understanding of each other. ! As a non-profit, we depend on the financial and in-kind support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and our volunteers to bring important programs to life. Support Dialogue Through the Arts
  5. 5. • We curate and present art exhibits, dance, music, films and books. • Provide a platform for international artists, art scholars, and educators to share their works and knowledge in the USA. • Introduce our supporters to the arts, cultures, and peoples of Cuba, Brazil, and Argentina. • Create exchange programs with established arts organizations in the USA and organizations abroad. • Present ongoing programs like Cultural Evolution in the USA. • Through our People to People license, we act as a bridge of understanding by taking people to experience the art, culture and people of Cuba. What we do Havana | Harlem NY, NY
  7. 7. In 2013 we launched the Cultural Evolution series. Over 300 people attended our inaugural event in Miami on June 29. This event was free of charge for our Copperbridge members and select guests. The evening included food by celebrity chef, Douglas Rodriguez and performances by Cuban modern dance company DanzAbierta, Latin Grammy nominee Descemer Bueno, and an art exhibit by Noel Morera Cruz, Meme Ferré and Sounds Like Art, vinyl records painted by José Fuster and signed by Advisory Board Member Jackson Browne. ! In September, Havana | Harlem featured Cuban modern dance company Retazos and a screening of the documentary Detrás del muro followed by a Q&A with the artists. We finished the 2013 series in October with Havana Love Affair, an intimate evening at the home of Copperbridge founder Geo Darder featuring a performance by Retazos. Cultural Evolution 2013
  8. 8. What’s NEW for Cultural Evolution 2014? An impressive line up of artist, dance, music and cultural exchange
  9. 9. MalPaso Cultural Evolution 2014 Miami - Friday June 6, 2014 To kick off the 2014 season of Cultural Evolution, Cuban contemporary dance company MalPaso will perform Osnel Delgados’ 24 Hours and a Dog and a new dance piece especially created for MalPaso by renowned U.S. Choreographer, Ronald K. Brown, Porque Sigues (Why You Follow). Both Miami premieres will be at The Light Box Theater 404 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127 on Friday June 6, 2014 at 8:00 PM immediately followed by a reception.
  10. 10. Founded in 2013 under the artistic direction of Osnel Delgado, MalPaso Dance Company expresses the passion and uncertainties that define Cuban life and are embodied in the country’s rich dance tradition. For its New York debut, the company exhibits its trademark fresh contemporary spirit in Porque Sigues (Why You Follow). This piece fuses African, American and Cuban influences and was commissioned by The Joyce Theater for this 6 night engagement. In Miami, MalPaso will perform for one night, 24 Horas y un perro (24 hours and a dog) and . MalPaso MalPaso PERFORMANCEVIDEO
  11. 11. Sintesis Sintesis is an Afro-Cuban Rock Band based in Havana, Cuba. The band formed in the 80s and continues to win the hearts of music-lovers worldwide. They have created a beautiful mix of rock, pop, and Afro-Cuban religious music with a variety of instruments and breathtaking harmonies. PERFORMANCEVIDEO
  12. 12. DanzAbierta DanzAbierta is a Cuban pioneer company on the Avant Garde of the contemporary dance. It was created in 1988 by the renowned dancer and choreographer Marianela Boan, who decided to change the dance scene, turning the choreographic process into a dominated art by the use of the Cuban cultural memory, adopting positions unforeseen by the Cuban artists that preceded her. PERFORMANCEVIDEO
  13. 13. La Madre de todos los cubanos This art exhibit dedicated to La Caridad del Cobre will feature the artwork of: ! Noel Morera (Matanzas, Cuba) Morera is a painter, draftsman, engraver, gold-silversmith, ceramist, and set designer. He has always shown himself to be a noncoformist, ready for change but without renouncing his own style, a very peculiar poetry. ! Nicomedes Diaz Gijon (Holguin, Cuba) Diaz’s work demonstrates his mastery of many disciplines with an emphasis on painting, ceramics, work with precious metals, polychromatic wood sculptures, and restoartions. He focuses on religious themes and has dedicated the majority of his time to creating images of La Caridad del Cobre. ! Alan Manuel Gonzalez (Havana, Cuba) Gonzalez aims to “savor the simplicity of truth” with his artwork. Through difficiult times in Cuba, Gonzalez believes people want to rest in a piece of artwork that is sincere and calm.
  14. 14. Retazos The Retazos Dance Theater Company was created in Havana City in January of 1987 by the choreographer and professor Isabel Bustos Romoleroux. ! This artistic initiative was born of the necessity to find, through a natural and daily gesture, a language able to express contradictions and good and bad decisions of our times. Bustos invents an intimate language from a creative Avant Garde and a singular scenic projection. ! Retazos expresses in a reflective dance, unpredictable and vital that with its images and gestures reveals a path into the Latin American spirituality. PERFORMANCEVIDEO
  15. 15. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Carlos Alberto Rodríguez is a professor of drawing and ceramics at the Institute of Superior Arts in Havana, Cuba. Copperbridge Foundation is working to bring him to Miami, Florida to participate in a Ceramics Exhibition for a Cultural Evolution event.
  16. 16. Detrás del muro Detrás del muro (Behind the Wall) is a documentary film inspired by the largest art installation of the 11th Havana Biennial, Detrás del muro. This large scale installation was composed of works by 25 artists, under the direction of Juan Delgado and the support of CBF, along the Havana Malecón (seaside). The Malecón is the most democratic stage of the Cuban capital: it is there that lust and contemplation, commotion and retreat, dissidence and affirmation, flight and refuge, death and civic resurrection are accepted within view of the local, tourist and police. Everything openly and crudely, without an infrastructure to favor those escapes of utopian violence.
  17. 17. Oshuns 11 11 Americans fly from Miami to Havana to learn about the spiritual relgion of the Orishas. At first strangers, this sacred journey transforms them and creates a life- long bond of friendship. Oshuns 11 is a spiritual pilgrimage that could only take place on the mysterious and beautiful island of Cuba, amongst her incredible people.
  18. 18. DECEMBER 2015 MARCH 4, 2014 OCTOBER 11, 2013 SEPTEMBER 4, 2013 SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 JULY 2, 2013 APRIL 8, 2013 NOVEMBER 24, 2012 AUGUST 8, 2012 AUGUST 8, 2012 JUNE 11, 2012 MAY 6, 2012 APRIL 16, 2012 NOVEMBER 25, 2011 SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 JULY 20, 2010 Some of our Projects Havana Urban Design Havana, Cuba
  19. 19. A Bridge of People Through it’s People-to-People license, the foundation has been able to create travel programs that create a bridge of understanding by taking people to experience the people of Cuba. Additionally, the foundation is active in Brazil and Argentina. ! By visiting grassroots organizations like La Colmenita, Narciso Medina Dance Company Community Project, Museo de Guanabacoa, artists’ studios and scholars we help to create an open and honest dialogue between people.
  20. 20. La Colmenita Havana, Cuba People to People Travel Copperbridge Foundation provides one-of-a-kind People-to-People* trips to Cuba creating dialogue through the arts. *Copperbridge Foundation conducts legal People-to-People travel programs to Cuba under the auspices of our OFAC license.
  21. 21. “My wife and I participated in one of your People-to-People programs in Cuba this past May. It was one of the most memorable trips we have ever been on! …….The work you do foster interaction and better understanding between the people of both countries is outstanding! Keep up the good work! ! Thank you for the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.” ! Joe and Ann Hitter People to People Travel
  22. 22. “When we visited the Art School we were hosted by “Oz” a former student and now teacher. After our tour, he and I talked a bit. I gave him a gift of photograph notecards that I make and sell in the US … he insisted on giving me a gift of one of his prints. I recognized it as a head that reflected a map of Havana. He was pleased that I knew what he wanted to convey; I was touched that he wanted to give me a gift. “The universal language of the Arts” touched us both.” ! Rosalyn Pachter What do People Say?
  23. 23. Narciso Medina Dance Company and Community Project Havana, Cuba People to People Travel
  24. 24. Contact: Geo Darder - President & Founder Maria Botta - Executive Director FOR MORE INFORMATION