Chinese new year activities


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Lunar New Year language activities

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Chinese new year activities

  1. 1. The ZodiacPeople who celebrate Lunar New Year quite often follow the Chinesezodiac. Each year is represented by an animal. The twelve animalsrepresent qualities and characteristics for persons born under thatsign. rat ox tiger rabbit dragon snake horse goat monkey rooster dog pigHow did the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep,monkey, rooster, dog, and pig achieve their rank from first to twelfth?There are different versions of stories relating how the animals werechosen. Here is one story:Each zodiac sign and the order they follow was decided by the Jade Emperor and hisfavourite creature, the rat. When the Emperor was given the task of choosing the animals,he asked the rat to help him. The emperor, of course, chose the rat to be first. Theingenious rat decided that the best way would be to arrange a race across the river. Theorder in which the animals arrived would decide who would be second, third, fourth, andso on.The rat sent word across the kingdom, and the first creature to appear on the riverbankwas the cat. The pair enlisted the help of the ox, who was resting nearby, and asked himto ferry them across the river. A kind old soul, the ox agreed, but just as they set off, therat, mortal enemy of the cat, pushed the cat into the river. Hating water, the cat managedto get out and scurried away to dry off.So, the ox was the second creature to reach the opposite shore. The strong tiger camenext, followed by agile rabbit who hopped from stone to stone and floating log. Thedragon was hot on the rabbit’s heels, and only came in fifth because he stopped to makerain for a dust covered land and then help the rabbit with a gust of wind. The horse©2013 BoTree Learning
  2. 2. galloped across the river, but slipped to sixth place when the wily snake, which wascoiled around his hoof, slithered to fifth. The sheep, monkey, and rooster arrived togetheron a raft, taking eighth, ninth, and 10th places respectively. The dog was late because hehad stopped for a wash in the river, and the pig had been sleeping, so took 12th place.The poor cat finally dragged himself over to the other side, but he was too late. His angerat the rat has lasted through the ages, and they are mortal enemies to this day.* Year of the Snake Comprehension questions 1. Who came up with the method of deciding the order of the animals? __________________________________________________________________ 2. How did the rabbit get across the river? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. The dragon was very considerate. How do we know this? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4. Why is the snake described as “wily”? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 5. In this story, why did the cat miss becoming one of the chosen animals? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________©2013 BoTree Learning
  3. 3. Can you match the symbols? Draw a line from one column to the next.©2013 BoTree Learning
  4. 4. Make a paper lantern 1. Colour the picture. 2. Fold the paper in half, lengthwise (along the FOLD line). 3. Cut along the black lines through the fold line. Stop cutting before you reach the edge of the paper.HANDLE 4. Unfold the paper. Glue or staple the short edges of the paper together. 5. Now you need a handle. Cut out the strip of paper. Glue or staple this strip across one end of the lantern to make the handle. © 2013 BoTree Learning
  5. 5. FOLD ALONG THIS LINE© 2013 BoTree Learning
  6. 6. FOLD ALONG THIS LINE© 2013 BoTree Learning