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Cloudstack collaboration conference Europe - SDN and Devops


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SDN and Devops

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Cloudstack collaboration conference Europe - SDN and Devops

  1. 1. The Network The Next Frontier for Devops ? John Willis Director ... Devops Strategy Dell Software (Enstratius) @botchagalupe Friday, November 22, 13 Emphasis the ? part of the title... I have been mostly an ops dude not a netops dude...although I am not unfamiliar ... devops strategy... this is not my title... ... was CSE for Enstratius prior .. twitter .. presentation link
  2. 2. Overview • SDN Overview • Devops Lessons Learned • SDN and Devops Friday, November 22, 13 How many ppl know what SDN is? Ok how many wouldn’t freak out if I was to ask you to stand up and explain what SDN is? Ok.. good we will do a quick walk through of SDN and all the hype and buz and confusion... We are already in the troff and most ppl don’t even know what it is yet... Then we will talk a little history lesson... if you read the abstract you know what this about. It about tying what we did in devops for systems operations and seeing if the same rules apply ... is this a redo? Lastly, we will look at what an SDN and Devops world could look like... All the network guys are begging for this... Almost every presentation I have seen over the past 3 months from the network dudes is “we need Devops” Let’s help them..we have seen this movie before...
  3. 3. Elephant in the Room Friday, November 22, 13 six blind men were asked to determine what an elephant looked like by feeling different parts who feels a leg is a pillar; ..tail says is like a rope ..feels the trunk says a tree branch; the ear is like a hand fan; SDN, NFV, OVS, Network overlays like VXLAN, GRE ...
  4. 4. Network as Code (NaC) • Software Defined Networking • Openflow • Openvswitch (OVS) • Network Overlays • Network Functions Virtulization • Linux Based Network OS Friday, November 22, 13 Network as code in some presentations.. not sure if need another abstract def to add to the primordial soup... but his point is resident... Over the next few minutes we can look at some of the enabled or forcing functions for why we might need new type of management abstractions for this mess.
  5. 5. SDN is the Decoupling of Control From the Data Plan Friday, November 22, 13 SDN is the decoupling of the control plane from the data plane... physically removing... Simple brilliant idea (os shit why didn’t think of that)... Network gear has traditionally been a black box w/coupled arch D,C,M plane (explain) ... data plan is the forwarding plane Data plan has had an abstraction ... OSI Model of layering .. DP has enabled independent innovation at each level... However, the control plane has had no abstraction .. not modular not reusable ... from scratch every time... Around 2008ish Martin Casado as his PHD defined openflow and this SDN ...started Nicira... in summer 2012 1.2B from vmware Look at the right hand side... clean abstraction .. a centralized control plane decoupled from the device ... allows a clean L4-L7 abstraction. Nicira Notes: Nicira Networks was acquired by VMware for $1.26B. (7/23/12) Posted 7/23/12 at 6:14pm via Nicira Networks added Alan Cohen as VP, Marketing. (10/1/11) Posted 10/21/11 at 4:42am Nicira Networks received $26M in Series C funding. (2/3/11) Posted 2/4/11 at 6:31pm via Nicira Networks added John Vrionis as Investor. (2/1/11) Posted 9/4/12 at 9:08am
  6. 6. Openflow Friday, November 22, 13 Rob Sherwood CTO at Bigswitch .. SDN is to Openflow as Web is to HTTP ... in other-words Openflow is not the only protocol but it is the most talked about... OpenFlow is not magic, just a low level primitive with momentum for FIB programming. Explain the flow table... Interesting thing this can be a device as ( a router, switch, firewall, Nat and even a Load Balancer). ... now it starts getting very interesting... The OpenFlow Switch and Controller can communicate via the OpenFlow protocol,
  7. 7. Openvswitch Friday, November 22, 13 An implementation of OpenFlow Support for VLANs, GRE tunnels and QOS User-space (controller and tools) is under the Apache license Kernel (datapath) is under the GPLv2 designed for more advanced isolation on hypervisors... mostly in cloud like infrastructures... Look at Cloud networking history... Cloud stack you had basic and OS (IPtables/Brtables) ... nova netwk you had bridge’s .. With OVS it acts like a switch on each hypervisor .. and all the ovs’ hook up to a an OVSDB management plan.. The ovs plugin is the default for Openstack and Cloudstack now.. ... also OVS allows you to create network overlays (GRE, VXLAN)
  8. 8. Network Overlays • GRE • STT • VXLAN Friday, November 22, 13 VLAN only support 4096 ... can run out quickly... especially in cloud architectures VXLAN support 16 million .. uses multicast and unicast... VXLAN Tunnel End Point (VTEP) . creates point to point connections... it’s a higher order abstraction. GRE and STT not supported in fabric ... VXLAN multicast issue - trombone vlan v2... GRE udp STT abuses TCP.. ignores syn/ack Notes: Nicira developed the Stateless Transport Tunneling (STT) protocol for tunneling between open source software switches in the Openvswitch project.
  9. 9. Network Functions Virtualization • Servers • Switches • Routers • Load Balancers • Firewall Servers • Content Delivery Friday, November 22, 13 Came out of SDN "Network Functions Virtualisation".[1] was formed under the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). In a cloud world it get very interesting ... ... Self service infra .. workflow->catalog compnents->create cloud resources->invoke api’s for converged infra-> compute (kvm), Storage (nas), Network (SDN Nicira)
  10. 10. Linux Based Network OS • Juniper (JunOS) • Arista (EOS) • Cumulus • Bare Metal Switches (Big Switch & Pica8) Friday, November 22, 13 JuniperOS built XM abstractions to interface w/hidden processes - Chef/Puppet have to be compiled ...Jeremy Schulman later wrote a ruby gem called Netdev that Puppet and Chef are using... Arisata EOS - Python sysdb abstraction .. pretty much closed... . Chef/Puppet have to be compiled Cumulus - basically the first pure Network OS. No hardware... Debian .. ... install chef/puppet, apt-get install collectd.. run graphite... Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are not buying Cisco, HP hardware anymore... they are buying Asian manufacturers Quanta ........ODM Original Design Manufacturer ... Cumulus wants to be the redhat of networking .. Will we start seeing switch turnover cycle times like what we now see in servers. New switch hardware every 3 years. BMS are really disruptive in that that allow basically are wide open.. different chips different os different virtulzation... ODM Original Design Manufacturer Facebook-led Open Compute Project lends itself to ODM market Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) Cumulus - Debian Linux 7.0 Wheezy release CumulusNetworksASneakPreviewOfOneOfMyFavoriteStartups.aspx
  11. 11. Friday, November 22, 13 This is what disruption looks like - this is in Kennesaw 5 miles from my house... much better prices if I wanted to buy in bulk ... You can create an openflow switch on your own ...
  12. 12. Late Breaking - Game Changer Friday, November 22, 13 Brent Salisbury quote...alternatives to Broadcom will be healthy :)
  13. 13. SDN Summary • A lot “software” based opportunity • Network’s are becoming more “open” • Network Virtualization is a disrupter • Openstack/Cloudstack are driving a lot of new opportunities Friday, November 22, 13
  14. 14. Devops Lessons Learned 10 Year Cycles • Software 1990‘s - OOP & Agile • Compute 2000‘s - Virt & IAC & Cloud • Network 2010‘s - SDN Friday, November 22, 13 Software revolution really happened in the 1990 decade.. OOP object oriented, java & C++ exploded in 90’s, ... agile XP and SCRUM ... 2001 Agile Manifesto.. Compute in 2000’s .. virtulization on fire, cloud .. sources drove then hell out of compute.. starting w/linux, then middleware, then systems tools .. infrastructure as code (what I like to call Scnd Gen CFGM (cfengine was around for a while universities and web scale .. and used at amazon, facebook .. ...but Luke put a face to IAC w/puppet 2006/7ish ..the IAC revolution.... ... now with Chef.. Network... 2010 & 2011 Nicira gets things cranking... 2012 Vmware buys Nicira. SDN, Network virtualization... (as we already discussed)...
  15. 15. We Friday, November 22, 13 Obviously.. “we” won the war... Devops ... Devopsdays... ... I was a late arrival to the war; however, I got in when it really started to get interesting... ... I met Luke in 2007 at a OSCON..... tell the groundworks story and Luke’s session. ... The next month I got to hang out with luke at a barcamp nashville and I wrote tis blog article called Infr 2.0 .... about this consulting company in Seattle using puppet that took ilike from 400k to 6 million users in one week (all bare metal)... anyone know who that consulting comp was? ( I wrote a blog article) .. ... Then Adam wrote a blog post about me... ... I became a profit for IAC... mostly puppet until 2009 (Chef announced) What did all of us early evangelize do... (The ABC’s of Operations) First principles, Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? Abstract-->Source Control --> Unit test --> Integration test --> Behavior testing -- .. .. We told ops they needed to be more like Dev .. They needed to use abstractions for infrastructure.. CFE, Puppet, Chef .. They needed to store it in src control svn & git .. We suggested that they create unit and integration tests for this new abstraction.. .. We suggested that we should delivery continuously... .... However, most (not all) ppl looked at us like we were crazy... until... ... early 2000 sysadmin to server ratios were 1 to 100 for most companies (enterprises no IAC based) ... 80 percent in the muck 20 bus value Notes: When iLike created one of the first Facebook applications, it grew from about ½ million
  16. 16. What Were the Objections • Bob’s scripts • Doit 5 ... ssh’ing things • I don’t trust this thing • You don’t understand my application • You can never “ever ever ever” break my application • I am afraid I will lose my job Friday, November 22, 13 What if it does something really bad. My application will lose millions... We all know that’s bullshit... .. you don’t understand my application. if it goes down the world will end... .. we learned that accepting things breaking was a paradigm shift .. antifragile
  17. 17. What Changed • Commodity Infrastructure • Linux • X86 Hardware • Cloud Infrastructure • Elastic - (East - West Traffic) • Fast Provisioning/Ephemeral Friday, November 22, 13 Commodity infra... ... vendor decoupling.. instead of buying AIX and Sun you bought your own hardware and Redhat/Ubuntu ... Server hardware turnover faster... shorter cycle times (3 years) Cloud Infra ... east west ... 6 days became 6 minutes Applications started going east and west Tell the playing golf story... Even if you weren’t buying the rest of the stories... ephemeral was the kicker..
  18. 18. SDN and Devops Friday, November 22, 13 Enter the Network.. redo... ... early 2013 sysadmin to switch ratios are 1 to 120 for most companies ... Sometimes 6 months to get a network change... ... 80 percent in the muck 20 bus value
  19. 19. What are the New Objections • Bill’s scripts • Expect scripts/ TCL • I don’t trust this thing • You don’t understand the network • Never “ever ever ever” break my network • I am afraid I will lose my job Friday, November 22, 13 Expect scripts, TCL and spreadsheets... really? You are so 1990... It’s a redo... push rewind and hit play...
  20. 20. Friday, November 22, 13 I’ll talk more about Brent later.. but he is the prototype for what net ops needs to look like moving forward...
  21. 21. Some Faces of SDN & Devops Brent Salisbury @networkstatic Jerry Schulman @nwkautomaniac Rob Sherwood @capveg Friday, November 22, 13 Brent (UK) is a commiter on ODL, is a polyglot (java, python and C), Building TDD w/mininet Jerry (Juniper) wrote netdev rubygem and wrote the Puppet module for Junos integration Rob (CTO Big Switch) Was one of Openflow boys at Stanford ... smart mofo...
  22. 22. Friday, November 22, 13 The Illumianti... Arjan Eriks Harm Boertien Hugo Trippaers Funs Kessen Roeland Kuipers Arjen Wolfs
  23. 23. Devops Fundamentals Friday, November 22, 13 First and foremost.. don’t forget the devops fundamentals Culture ... first we need to be cultural anthropologist & Physiologist .. why are they different .. tribes. ..understand the tribal semantics. Deming Theory of Phycology (SoPK) Gene Kim... The Three ways of Devops... L2R - Understand flow, muda, value stream mapping, TOC -bottlenecks, global optima over local optima R2L - Adonn cord, move the pain forward Control Loop - Kiazen, Kata
  24. 24. What are the Opportunities • Abstraction (Network as Code) • Source Control • Polyglotism • Unit Testing • Integration Testing • Behavior Testing Friday, November 22, 13 Polyglot - roll up our selves .. ODL, a lot of open source projects... be a user and commiter.. Lint, vlans names, port standards... reject non local changes... ... cucumber for network as code? Mininet (containers) can we stub out network requests like we did with java modules Network emulation might be necessary to go deeper with testing Underlays ... fat fast and flat... L3 Overlays ... everything overlays.... The big switch guys are doing some cool stuff here. Could networking someday do dark releases, feature flags, canary releases (see Frenetic) cutting and pasting the wrong data can... NVP is now NSX (vmware)
  25. 25. Abstraction: Low Hanging Fruit • Interface Configuration • VLAN Creation • VLAN to Port Mapping • Link Aggregation Groups Friday, November 22, 13 Really low hanging fruit.... Keeping state of where things live... vlan bookeeping issues with overlaps....
  26. 26. Puppet Netdev Module Friday, November 22, 13
  27. 27. Chef Netdev LWRP Friday, November 22, 13
  28. 28. Abstraction: A Little Higher • BGP • OSPF • RIP Friday, November 22, 13
  29. 29. Puppet Quagga/Bird Friday, November 22, 13
  30. 30. Chef Quagga Cookbook Friday, November 22, 13
  31. 31. What’s Next ( How High Can We Go? ) • OVS/OVSDB NaC Abstractions • Openflow NaC Abstractions • VXLAN NaC Abstractions • OpenDaylight NaC • More Tooling Friday, November 22, 13 How far can we go? I don’t know Has anyone looked at Openstack network even with the simple ovs plugin? There’s a lot of crap there to me managed.... surely we can chef it up a bit... ovs ... talks to fabric if its vendor or kernel if linux (tap)
  32. 32. Very Interesting Friday, November 22, 13 Frenetic is an abstraction for openflow... It uses functional programming framework along with CEP to build a cool abstraction for building flow tables (predicate based) The flow table is very low level.. for example it is very hard to program a basic LB/packet forwarding/monitor app by creating low level match definitions. Frenetic create higher order abstractions as policies. Then mininet... Pyretic is a pyhton based on version of frenetic and it has a nice mininet testbed implementation built in. Networking invariants.. .. Forwarding loops ... packet blackholes Frenetic project.. a low level abstraction for openflow...
  33. 33. Presentation Summary • Please call bullshit • CAMS not AMS • Always the Flow - (Aim, Goal, Why) • Devops can help We’ve seen this movie before Friday, November 22, 13 Aim=Deming, Goal=Goldratt, Sinek=Why
  34. 34. John Willis Director, Devops Stuff Dell (Enstratius) @botchagalupe Some Images licensed under Friday, November 22, 13
  35. 35. KaChing Operations Software Development InfoSec Networking Friday, November 22, 13 Aim=Deming, Goal=Goldratt, Sinek=Why